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UPDATE: Dario’s partner Silvia tells us in response to our story that “a desalinator was aboard, but unfortunately it broke during a storm, probably taking a very strong blow.  If Dario wanted to die, he would never have come to the coast, albeit in such a daring way.  But he did it, and we thank you for your attention. See you next adventure!”

As lovers of insane, quixotic voyages we were stoked to see Italian asthete Dario Noseda take a beautiful old Star across the Atlantic, though many Anarchists were quick to note back in November that Darwin was probably aboard.  While the evolutionary chain may have been cheated of Dario’s sacrifice, the Star boat wasn’t so lucky; forced to seek refuge or die of dehydration when his destination changed from the Bahamas to ‘wherever I can reach’, Dario wrecked his star on St. Lucia.

Check Facebook for lots of stories about this nutter.  We hope he tries again without the death wish – in other words, who the hell crosses oceans without at least a hand-powered watermaker?

January 3rd, 2018 by admin

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Bruno Sroka is a bit of a kiteboarding legend; the French-born sailor was the first (and still only) person to round Cape Horn on a kiteboard, he’s the holder of the English Channel kiteboard record, and winner of some big championships in the early and disorganized world of kiteboard racing.

All those pale in comparison to his latest feat; a 16-hour, 240 NM hatefest from the Brittany Coast all the way to Cork, Ireland.  Of course Sroka had the luxury of waiting for the perfect weather window; something the support of title sponsor Tourism Ireland made possible.  But even so, that’s one hell of a long and uncomfortable ride, and we think it’s a real accomplishment.  Next up:  Transatlantic on a kiteboard?  We’ll find out.

Rubber Ducky, You’re The One

Meanwhile, while Sroka was screaming across the mouth of La Manche, a (presumably drunken) American tried to set his own record for stupidity by rowing and sailing a 6-foot Wal-mart dinghy from Weymouth to Bournemouth in the UK.  It’s only a 36 mile trip – that should have been a piece of cake with two plastic oars and a tarp for a sail.  For better or worse Darwin was cheated of an award when a dive boat called it in to HM Coastguard – they picked him up, took him in, and treated him for burns suffered during the 15-hour tour.

A Coastguard spokesman took advantage of the opportunity to make the world a safer place. “Blow up boats and other inflatables aren’t suitable for use at the seaside, as they can easily be blown far out to sea.”

Thanks, Captain Obvious!




July 24th, 2013 by admin


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