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Former Oracle team member and 2017 Wild Oats XI crew Matt Mason turned the trash talking volume up to 11 in a recent interview with Auckland radio leader Newstalk ZB. He told host Matiu Workman that “Jimmy’s getting a little bit desperate for a win and he’s got it. But anyway, he can take that. That’s cool.”

Mason, who has a history of…let’s say… “creative” rules interpretation and has been dinged for breaking rules before, also was ‘dumbfounded’ by the same one-hour penalty that most of the world thinks was way too small.  Dumbfounded, or just dumb?

Never one to back down from a war of words or otherwise, Spithill fired back in this 10 minute interview just before the New Year, and he had some choice words for Mason and the amateur-hour tactics aboard the mighty WOXI.  Listen to the full interview above, and if you know where the actual link is on ZB give us a shout so we can send you there.


January 3rd, 2018 by admin

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Clean Report

It’s been a busy day over in Hobart, even for an island with ‘mania’ in its name.  First, Race Organizer the CYCA finally managed to get Youtube to release the Sydney Harbour race start video that had been in copyright limbo since the start of the race, more than two days ago.  If you weren’t watching, that means you could only see it while it was live – after which point the feed disappeared completely until just a few hours ago.  We withdraw all the props we gave them…

…and give a whole new set of props to the Hobart Jury, who did what most competent juries would have this morning when faced with a blatant port/starboard foul and an unrepentant offender in Mark Richards: They hit the offender hard with a 1-hour penalty, taking away their overall race record time and giving the line honors win and the all-important course record to Comanche. All this despite Richards and team sailing a blinder up the Derwent, using Oats’ light air prowess to grind down Spithill and the almost all-pro Comanche crew and beat them over the line by 18 minutes. Watch Sailor Girl’s coverage of the finish here and her interview with Comanche owner Jim Cooney here.

If you’ve been on an eggnog bender for the past few days you may have missed the moment when Mark Richards and WOXI tactician Ian Murray got caught pulling the full Cat 1 move on live TV with the poorest supermaxi lee bow in history. We’ve pre-set the Yahoo7 coverage video above to the moment of the foul, and what is shocking is not necessarily Ricko’s screwup – after all, it’s been a dog’s life since he’s competed at high level match racing, and without his tatician getting him set up for the situation, he was clearly a bit overloaded before the crash tack.  The real surprise comes from that fact that such an experienced crew, anchored by the guy who developed the foiling America’s Cup penalty system –  wouldn’t just do their 720 and be on their way!  For fuck’s sake they’ve got POWERED WINCHES.  Do your turns and don’t leave the results of a 600+ mile race and an all-important legacy win and outright race record up to the freaking jury at the finish line.  WOXI won by 27 minutes – does anyone think a 720 would have taken that long?

To reiterate our opinion: It wasn’t the foul that hurt WOXI.  It was the failure to take their turns, combined with the idiotic comments of their skipper in both written and TV interviews. To wit, Ricko told ABC: “If that was a blatant infringement then obviously we would do our turn but it actually wasn’t,” 

“In our minds we were clear ahead and we’ve got video footage to prove it.”

“If you read the rule book we did the right thing and that’s all there is to it.”

Maybe not.  And maybe it’s time Ricko did a couple of Grade 3 match races to remind himself how the rules work.

As you’d expect, the Hobart thread on Ocean Racing Anarchy has gone insane, with 500 new posts (from Aussies who hate Kiwis, Kiwis who hate Aussies, and Americans who hate everyone) in just a few hours.  Check in here.

Title shout to a recently dead legend.

UPDATE: Richo and Sandy O respond to their penalty:

December 28th, 2017 by admin

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Despite what looks to us like a pretty clear foul at the start from WOXI, Comanche has jumped out to a big lead on the fleet in the Sydney to Hobart Race and it looks like she’s closing in on the race record! Jump over there for the latest.

We take back all the nice things we said about the CYCA, who apparently got everything all sorted out for their Youtube stream of the start – except forgetting about the copyright-protected ads for the PGA Tour that ran on their Channel 7-sourced feed.  Youtube killed the video, and somehow the CYCA has not been able to solve the problem, leaving us with the no-sound Livesaildie video of the port/starboard incident above.


December 25th, 2017 by admin

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SA n00b Graceful Lady caught sight of the old Comanche while cruising up the Brisbane River in Queensland this past weekend, and while forum posters in the ever-popular annual Sydney Hobart thread would have known more than two weeks ago that Jim and Kristy Clark’s Hobart winner has been chartered out to Neville ‘Croaky’ Crichton of Alfa Romeo fame, few will know that Nic Douglass reported today that Brindabella owner Jim Cooney is the new owner of the fastest offshore monohull on the planet!

Occasional shitposter Lonely Boy 15 has his own snarky take on the harbor gossip for the 2017 Sydney Hobart.  None of the opinions in the following are accurate, true, or ours:

Wow. Just got the skinny from the Sydney dock rats. You won’t believe this…

Harberg has bought the big Indian and it is to be renamed ‘Red Jack’. It and BJ 100 will race fully funded, head to head in the Hobart with the winner getting to challenge for the Americas cup. Crews for each boat yet to be announced.

Sid is out of retirement and has teamed up with Sean and bought the old Loyal. It is to be renamed ‘Raga-zena’ and is having a canting mast and deck fitted.

The Oatleys have commissioned a new boat to be designed jointly by Juan K and the Farr office. Wild Oats XII will be the first FarrK 100 and will be launched in time for the race.

Ragamuffin 100 has gone to Arlie beach where the operator believes the wide beam will give more room for back packers to root each other than on the old 80 foot Maxi Ragamuffin. 

CQS has had its entry rejected by the CYC for being too stupid looking.

And Erin Molan has bought WOXI and is entering an all girl crew in this years race. Skippered by Alan Jones the crew includes Kristy Hinze Clark, Kelly Landry, Mercedes Corby and Sophie Monk and is to be named ‘2UE Sewn Oats’

Well at least that is what I have heard.

More classic Aussie banter in the best thread of the coming northern winter.



October 3rd, 2017 by admin

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screen-shot-2016-09-09-at-8-59-50-amLet’s get one thing out of the way: We have quite a bit of respect for both Jim Clark and his smokeshow of a wife: Jim funded “The Cove” and had the balls to build (and occasionally sail) on the baddest monohull on the planet.  Kristy is a competitive equestrian athlete, a mother of two, a huge supporter of conservation and the environment, and had the even bigger balls to race on the mighty Native American without her husband. 

And while we hope we and the Aussie media are misreading the situation, but we absolutely hate the signs that they’re on their way out of the sport, regardless of the reason.  Given the couple’s real estate moves over the past few months, their marriage could be in trouble as well.  The Sydney Morning Herald reports on the Clark’s ‘interesting’ year:

It was only a few months ago that Australian-born glamazon Kristy Hinze and her billionaire American husband Jim Clark were basking in the glory of their super maxi Comanche’s Sydney to Hobart win, feted across Australia as the new king and queen of the sailing world.

However it appears their reign will be short-lived, with word from the sailing community that Clark will not be bringing his wife or his high-tech multi-million-dollar yacht back to Sydney to defend the title.

Indeed 2016 has been an interesting year for the couple, who PS first revealed were dating nearly a decade ago and tied the knot in 2009, with a few eyebrows being raised at their age difference: Clark is 36 years older than his former model wife, Kristy, who turns 37 next month.

It is barely five months since Clark went public to debunk reports claiming his Australian model wife was at the centre of a stoush he reportedly had with his best friend and the captain of his Sydney to Hobart-winning super maxi Comanche, Ken Read…However during last week’s Audi Hamilton Island Race Week, several witnesses to the Caribbean fracas recounted what they had seen, backing up the initial reports despite Clark’s later reassurances that he remains good friends with Read.

Now it appears Clark and his fourth wife will not be returning to Australia to defend his title at this year’s Sydney to Hobart, with part of the reason rumoured to be a desire to avoid any further media scrutiny following the sensational claims published nationally back in April.

Earlier this year Hinze and Clark offloaded their Point Piper home [in Oz -ed], and this week listed their vast Palm Beach, Florida, estate for sale with an equally vast price tag for the Ill Palmetto mansion, a whopping $181 million.

The full article’s here.

September 9th, 2016 by admin

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Indian Givers

We went straight to the horse’s mouth on this one, and to his credit, Jim Clark was quick with a firm debunking of the rumors we posted of the end of the Comanche program.  The rumors are still coming fast and hard, but with no one willing to go on the record, it’s a non-story and Clark ends the speculation for good.  Our apologies to the Comanche program – our bad.  Here’s Clark’s note:

I was told you have reported that the Comanche program is being discontinued. You have bad information.

Kristy and I are enjoying racing Comanche in St. Barts at the Voile de St Barts. Our next race is Bermuda, followed by a trans-Atlantic record attempt in August, then more racing through the end of the year — maybe even the Sydney-Hobart again this year. However, Kenny and the team are beginning to also focus on Hanuman and the J-class regatta in Bermuda in 2017 and the J-Class World Championships in Newport in late Summer. Following that, it’s Comanche in 2017 for the Trans-pac and another Sydney-Hobart.

Ken Read has been and continues to be instrumental to both programs. Kristy and I consider Ken, his wife and his daughter to be great friends.

I hope this helps clarify the status of the program and our relationship with it and the team.

All the best,
Jim Clark

Flippin’ Out

The “French Fried” piece about Nicholas Jarossay was out of date 24 hours after the start, when the French nutter capsized his paddle rig. News here, and thanks to SA’er “Volodiaja” for the heads up.


April 14th, 2016 by admin

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Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 12.08.55 PMThe world’s biggest sailboat pulled out of St. Barth’s Bucket after just one day of racing, and we now hear that owner Jim Clark’s other boat – the world’s fastest monohull Comanche – is currently in second-to-last place at what we think may be her last regatta…ever.

Considering the ultra-high profile nature of the Comanche campaign run by North Sails President Kenny Read, and the fact that the big VPLP maxi is likely to be one of the last, if not the last purpose-designed record breaking monohull ever built, everyone in the sport seems interested in the reasons behind the sudden and mysterious end of an era barely begun. There are some rumors….

We’ve got emails out to the crew (some of whom are allegedly quite angry that they’re out of a job) and will let you know when we get more info.  Know more about this multi-source rumor?  Send us a note or post up in the thread. Photo © RORC/Emma Louise Wyn Jones


April 13th, 2016 by admin

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Bang! goes the gun for the Caribbean 600; is anything quite as pretty as a big fleet of big boats racing into the tropical blue sea? Nice editing work from the RORC guys on this start video from yesterday; track ’em and watch the rolling leaderboard here. Argue about the race, monohulls and multihulls, and what an asshole Mr. Clean is here.

For bonus coverage, check out Comanche bowman Shannon Falcone, publishing short vids during the race on Instagram.


February 23rd, 2016 by admin

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Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 8.18.23 PMIf 500 miles a day isn’t cruisey enough for you, how about a metre-long barracuda coming over the stern?  Shannon Falcone posts this pretty pre-sashimi shot from the Charleston to Antigua delivery on the eve of the already-a-legend RORC Caribbean 600. Go to Instagram to find the usual advice from the ciguaphobic.

While the RORC’s only major fuckup – a useless registration system that makes it tough to find anything but an overall entry list – makes it hard to give you exact links, the quality of the fleet and the stories that abound make it worth watching:

Biggest fleet ever?  Check.

MOD70 match race featuring the most successful British sailing recordbreaker ever against France’s most-revered shorthanded sailor? Check.

Dozens of schooner sailors flinging 200-footers around like massive wooden dinghies?  Check.

Two of America’s newest maxi canters, one of them with a serious fishing pedigree? Check.

Race starts tomorrow morning.  What’s not to love?  Track here.

February 21st, 2016 by admin

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We’re still not sure if Jim Clark’s monster-maxi logo is a Comanche or Keith Richards, but with her never-say-die ingenuity overcoming major appendage damage, Kenny Read and the big indian’s crew made mincemeat of the previously all-conquering Wild Oats XI. This despite a decade of design and redesign from the Oatley’s skinny recordholder specifically for this race – and only this race – and we remain confused and slightly shocked that the all-star crew of they Sydney boat was defeated by something as pedestrian as the failure of her $200,000 3DI mainsail.  Was it a brand new sail, and if not, why wasn’t it?  Was it poor crew work?  A ‘white squall’?

We already know that Comanche

We’d tell you more, but there ain’t much – and of course the best place in the world for all the news is right here on our forums.  Sailor Girl’s live feed from Constitution Dock ain’t bad either – here’s her interview with Ken Read and the rest of the Comanche crew earlier this morning.  Thanks entirely to Nic, we know Comanche’s victory was far from easy even with the silver arrow crawling home with her tail between her legs.  Ken explained that Comanche broke her board near the hull, hanging on the uphaul and banging around threatening the hull.  They cut the board free, but it collected the rudder on its way back, and after the shunt, the steering system was broken with the rudder facing backward.  Toolboxes came out, the steering was repaired, and they decided it was safe to continue.  For the rest of the story, hit Nic’s link above.

Pretty pictures of Comanche’s domination above from Crosbie Lorimer.


December 28th, 2015 by admin


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