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With Cape Town very narrowly escaping Day Zero over the weekend (for this year, but obviously the problem is not going away), water scarcity is back in the spotlight and for a familiar reason: Someone wants to tow an iceberg from Antarctica again.  This time, it’s gonna wear clothes.

Harebrained iceberg-towing schemes are something of a meme in maritime history, as explained in a great piece from The Atlantic:

Every few years for the past couple centuries, even before the large-scale cultivation of marijuana, this idea occurs to someone: What if we towed an iceberg from the poles, where there are no people, to some dry, populous place and then melted it into freshwater?

In some cases, that person has ginned up a company to try to make it happen. In others, they’ve written reports for the RAND Corporation or turned the idea into the basis for a thriller mass market paperback. 

Skeptical hippo may not think much of the South African idea, but proponents point to many reasons to take this idea seriously: The guy who has been proposing to tow a kilometer-length ice island thousands of miles has some serious cred to his name, there is no doubt that textile insulation has come a long, long way since the previous schemes, and the costs to build enough desalination plants for the area is eye watering.  Sloane promises that “if they tell us to go now, we can have it here by Easter.”

No word yet on how much it’ll cost to get your company logo on that iceberg’s sweater.

July 3rd, 2018 by admin

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No, it ain’t sailing, and no, we don’t care.  Kevin Langeree further blurs the line between kiter and hanglider in this video from Cape Town.  30 meters in the air and almost 10 seconds of flying time…

December 18th, 2017 by admin

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Tired of the NFL?  Looking for something to replace 3 hours of Formula 1?  Or just looking for some sailing to share with your family?  Have we got a Sunday for you!

Goodi Again!

The softspoken ginger Brit smacked up the world’s fastest sailors enroute to his Moth world title earlier this year, so how the hell does he go from that to a title in one of the slowest boats out there?  Watch Paul Goodison take his first Star Sailors League World Title in an exciting day of knockout racing from our friends at the SSL.

The Reviewers

Before watching any of today’s Volvo action, get the full pro review of the Leg 2 on-board content from Matt Knighton and Mr. Clean along with a good discussion of the Scallywag controversy and ‘Dial-A-Pro’ with Sander Van Der Borch on Episode 2 of The Boatfeed.

Drivin’ On 9

What makes a great driver below 40 degrees South?  Watch and learn.

Walk It Off

Not the best Dock Walk in the world, but we do get a little bit of Martine Grael, so we’ll take it.

Send It Off

Short and sweet with gorgeous visuals, as the Cape Doctor sends the fleet off quick and live earlier this morning.  Track ’em here.

December 10th, 2017 by admin

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Clean Report

The last time the supremely badass RTW’er Dee Caffari and I shared an on-screen moment was during the 2012 Vendee Globe, when we sat in a TV studio together for about six hours commentating on the start of the race.  I fell in love with her incisive wit, open nature, and vast knowledge then, and knowing how much she longed for the sea when we were sat in our booth, it’s great to see her joining Team SCA for Leg 2 of the Volvo Ocean Race.  I grabbed Dee yesterday on the satellite camera for 17 minutes of open discussion about her training for the leg, the dynamics aboard the boat, what it’s like to come through the same spot she has multiple times – but with a crew this time – and most importantly to their fans, just where the girls are bleeding miles and where they’re strong.  Worth a listen for any fan of ocean racing, and required for anyone already as absorbed with the one-design VOR as we are.


November 24th, 2014 by admin

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Clean Report

We’ve got far too many videos from my ten-day stop in Cape Town to put them all up here, but despite the fact that they’re all shaky ‘Clean Cam’ clips, the interviews finally get you sailors what you really want:  In-depth discussions of what’s working and what’s not, what’s fast and what’s not, and what their real problems and advantages are.  So enjoy, and be sure to head over to our Youtube playlist for the stopover, don’t forget there are a few more (including an exceptional chat with VOR sail loft manager Nathan Quirk) over on Facebook, and of course you all owe it to yourselves to catch up with the latest and greatest on the Leg 2 thread, though you might want to skip to Page 6…

The Big Show

Mark Covell and play-by-play guy Niall Myant have started feeling their oats in the broadcast booth and I’ll be taking over Knut’s spot on the chase boat along with the incredible Skip Novak for color, but here’s what you really want to know:  It will be BLOWING DOGS OFF CHAINS.  In fact, it already is.  In double fact, it hasn’t stopped since I got off the plane.

Please stay tuned for the team-by-team form guide that’s on its way to you as soon as I can get off the water, and keep your eyes out for the (far too lengthy) analysis of pretty much everything you could want to know about the VOR; 30 hours of air travel on Friday should be just enough time to finish that one.  Live Stream begins at 1750 local time/1550 UTC/1050 EST/0750 PST, and we’ll be online for at least an hour; longer if the near-gale conditions and possibly huge seas will allow.  I can guarantee you one thing: It’s gonna be a hoot.  We’ll change this link to the replay when it’s available, usually a few hours after the end of the broadcast.

The Crush Goes On

Team SCA Skipper Sam Davies may be a  couple of years older than the last time she enthralled me with her brains and skills, but she’s still as open and interesting as ever to chat with.

Pit Boss

At 37 years old, Nick Bice has spent the better part of his adult life on the Volvo, first as a racer and then as a shore manager.  Now he’s running the Boatyard, perhaps the most important piece of the puzzle in the Volvo’s quest for sustainability.  This is an awesome 18 minutes with one of the most charismatic dudes in the game.  Enjoy it.

Race Boss

Grizzled ocean racing and race admin vet Jack Lloyd has already lost part of a finger to this race, but he’s not about to lose any of his teams to pirates.  We get the full story on how the Exclusion Zones work, what military support is available to the fleet, and much more in yet another good chat with yet another guy boiling over with character.

Language Gap

With Iker Martinez heading off to deal with business back home, the French press was left to sort out what happened during MAPFRE’s first-leg implosion.  We grabbed Iker in a romantic spot to get the real deal from him, and as usual, he was an open book. Find out whether Iker and Mich Dej came to blows on the run down the African Coast (spoiler alert- they didn’t).


November 18th, 2014 by admin

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Will Ian Walker get back on form and run away with the Cape Town In-Port Race? When Bouwe told the press that he didn’t take the in-port seriously, was he serious? Will the girls start showing their talent? What happens when you sail a VO65 with just 7 crew? And most importantly, will Knut Frostad throw Mr. Clean in the water during their on-water commentary together?

Find all this out and more with a couple of hours of beautiful racing in the shadow of Table Mountain.  And don’t forget about the Leg 2 Start this coming Wednesday, when you can listen to Clean and the team once again as the fleet heads off for some Soouthern Ocean fun. That’s 19 November at 1750 local/1550 GMT/1050 EST/0750 PST.

UPDATE: Thanks for your patience. We’re not happy with this delay at all and we can say confidently it’ll be a lot faster next time. I’ll have my thoughts on the race and some more inside news and gossip over the next few days as the Leg 2 Start approaches. Thread or Facebook for it.

November 15th, 2014 by admin

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The start of the bi-annual Cape Town-Rio De Janeiro Race may have been warm and ultra-light as the Maserati Turbo Volvo 70’s video shows, but the 34-boat fleet knew it was in for a major hammering from a deep cold front and its associated low pressure system at the start.  No one chose to sit out the start and delay a day or two, though many of the boats chose to sail North rather than West into less breeze and easier seas; amongst those that didn’t was the Bavaria 54 Bille, which paid the ultimate price; one unnamed crew was killed, the skipper and another crew injured, and all crew have now been taken off onto South African rescue vessel Islawana.  

Various other boats have sustained major damage; rudders, engines, flooding, and we’re sure there’s plenty more, but at the moment, everyone is accounted for and most of the fleet continues on its way to South America.  As a CAT 1 classified ocean race of thousands of miles, the fleet needs to be able to weather this kind of storm, but questions are already arising about the Royal Cape and whether, with the well-forecast front, they should have postponed the start, as we increasingly see in even the most hardcore of offshore races.  We’re still on the fence; a delay can easily turn into a budget-busting, month-long drama like the Mini Transat fleet saw in November and can make skippers complacent about their ultimate responsibility, but it’s hard to argue that a human life is worth more than all that.  One thing is for certain:  This race is yet another reinforcement that robust trackers like the Xtra-Link stuff used by much of the commercial shipping industry is no longer an option, but an absolute necessity for any major race; only thanks to the highly accurate GPS info coming off the yachts that Bille could be quickly located in the 8 meter seas that would otherwise make her almost invisible from the water until a mile or so away.

Get in the thread for more info, and hit the tracker for the fleet position or to replay some of the bad parts.  The Cape2Rio Facebook page is the best source for the latest news from the event organizer.


January 6th, 2014 by admin

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Recife bit off more than it could chew when announcing a race team and stopover for the 2013-14 VOR, and both the Brazilian team and first South American stopover are now history (though the much later Itajai stop remains).  Historic and perfectly situated Cape Town will instead replace Recife, meaning more of those sailor/wildlife pics we dig so much…

Meanwhile, with only two teams announced so far, it seems there is a game of chicken going on; team bosses are waiting for t he best possible deal from Frostad and friends, hoping they don’t literally miss the boat…the thread is where it all happens – update yourself here.

September 12th, 2013 by admin