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The buzz in Bermuda is that the Kiwis are not just ready; they’ve rebuilt their boat stronger than before, and both Emirates Team New Zealand and Softbank Team Japan sit on 3-1 scores going into a busy day on the Great Sound.  12-16 knots will greet the four teams at 1 PM East Coast time, and Barker and Burling can both wrap things up by taking two of the three races scheduled today.  For a great look at how the team came together to handle a huge ‘fix-it’ list to be ready for yesterday’s called-off racing, watch this Vodafone vid.

With Barker sailing a stellar regatta, ETNZ’s decision to take on Big Ben before the BAR team figured out how to get rid of their case of ‘The Slows‘ is looking smart indeed, and if Outteridge and Percy can’t get their shit together, the storyline for the Louis Vuitton Cup is compelling, indeed.  The upstart Japanese with the legendary Kiwi skipper taking on the behemoth he once bled for, and which canned him after the debacle in San Fran.

Will the pretty blue boat make it a match?  Will Burling get manhandled again on the start line?  We don’t know, but the racing is damned good and we’re certainly gonna watch.  You can, too.

June 8th, 2017 by admin

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Expect plenty of fireworks between ‘bash ’em Ben’ and the Kiwi biker gang when the AC Challenger Playoffs begins in earnest today.  20 knots of breeze and 40+ knots of boat speed are on call if you can manage to watch an event that isn’t even broadcast on television in North America.  Fortunately, the modern internet has ways of making things free and easy even when event owners don’t want them to be; follow along the Live Racing Thread for updates, and go here to find out how to watch it all live.

UPDATE: After losing the start to Burling, Ben Ainslie Racing has retired from the opening race with the first major breakdown of the AC.  Paul Campbell-James said ‘the camber arm is broken’ on the race audio feed – a custom part that’s not easily replaced, and potentially costing the British team not just the point for the race they DNF’d, but another point for the second race scheduled for today.  With two more GBR vs. NZ races scheduled for tomorrow, Ben’s 35th America’s Cup hopes are now down to the skill of his engineers and shore team.


June 5th, 2017 by admin

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New Zealand again looked unassailable in 14 knots of breeze yesterday, blowing out Barker and Cammas and mathematically eliminating the French from competition regardless of Saturday’s action.  Artemis also showed she’s not done just yet, holding out Spithill at the start and camping on him all the way around the course.  Oracle was hampered by sheering off the end of their rudder shortly before their race was scheduled to begin, and it seemed they never quite got the settings on the replacement rudder right, but Outerridge looked quick when it mattered.

The final races today are all irrelevant, except of course for the opening heavyweight brawl – Burling(NZ)/Ashby(AUS) vs. Spithill (AUS)/Slingsby(AUS), and in breeze.  If the Kiwis take it, they’ll carry a 1-point advantage over the Defender when they face off in a couple of weeks.  Should Oracle win, she’ll take the same advantage into the Only Match That Counts.

In more sobering news, the first on-the-water casualties of the 2017 AC season in Bermuda aren’t on the foilers at all; Kiwi tourist Mary Elizabeth McKee, her 69-year-old husband Arthur, and a 26-year-old British tourist were flung from an inflatable in a collision with a powerboat returning to shore in Hamilton.  McKee died from her injuries, while the other two people are in hospital.  According to BDA police, “the male operator of one of the vessels involved has been arrested on suspicion of operating a vessel while impaired.”

Watch the racing at 1:00 PM (ET) today on your major TV networks if you can make one of the geoexclusionary, restricted, poorly-rated, cobbled-together digital solutions work.  In the US, watch out for the commercials!

How to watch thread.  Replay thread.

June 3rd, 2017 by admin

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The Kiwis finally lifted their skirts yesterday to absolutely destroy Ben Ainslie Racing in light Bermuda breeze, foiling their way around the course easily while Ainslie wallowed his way to a DNF.  Even Oracle looked weak in their win against Barker compared to ETNZ, and if light air reigns – as it should around half the time in Bermuda in June – we may have just seen the ascent of the next America’s Cup Defender, thanks in part at least to the Verdier-led design team that came up with the slick gull wing foil that allowed them to foil so much easier than the rest of the fleet in the light.

Meanwhile, Ainslie and Groupama Team France continue their race to the bottom; just two days to go with Artemis, Softbank, and Cammas all fighting to avoid elimination.  Our money is on France to go down, but after seeing Ainslie’s morale fall apart on camera and Artemis’ sudden issues, don’t count a meltdown out amongst either of them!

Talk about all of it in the buzzing AC Anarchy Forum, and check your ‘local listings’ for plenty of ways to watch the AC, even if the powers that be haven’t deigned you with any racing footage at all.



June 2nd, 2017 by admin

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Massive shoutout to sharp-eyed crew of Volvo 60 Esprit De Corps IV Charlotte Rousellot, who gets the second Sailor Chick of the Week award this week for her part in the rescue of the crew of the Bermudian racer Monterey when they abandoned their 56 footer during the recent Antigua Bermuda Race. “After five days sailing day and night, the 60-foot monohull had just crossed a long and frustrating zone of weak winds when an orange glow appeared on the horizon,” writes Tristan Peloquin, who says that Rousselot first thought the first flare she saw was a burning ship before realizing what it was and waking the rest of the crew.  Amazingly the V60 had a journalist from Canada’s La Presse aboard, and the result is some of the best boat-on-boat rescue footage we’ve ever seen, as you’ll note in the video above.

We think (but we’re not positive) that this is Charlotte’s Facebook Page if you want to give her some props…if we’re wrong, apologies to the good looking sailing chick at the link.  Thanks to our friend Francois Silvestre for the heads up, and thanks to E.B. White for one of the world’s best childrens’ stories (and a great treatment for juvenile epilepsy).


May 31st, 2017 by admin

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For the few that seem able to easily watch them, the AC broadcasts are providing excellent racing, but the female talent – on the water or on the air – is almost nonexistent.  That’s why we were stoked to see Bermuda’s Royal Gazette with a stunning and bright new face doing their ‘Cup Corner’ update amongst the rest of their rarely watched videos on Youtube.  We’ve been waiting with bated breath to see the return of Rachel Sawden, but it seems she’s been replaced by a chubby Bermudian?

Maybe the fact that Rachel’s great little video has half the views of a newer Gazette video on the Bermuda Day Parade has contributed to her disappearance?  Maybe all that Bermudian interest in the Cup ain’t what we’ve been told?

May 30th, 2017 by admin

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Good things come to those who wait, and if you’ve been waiting for someone to finally unravel the mystery of the 35th America’s Cup, have we got something for you!

Recorded earlier in the week, the 2 hours of audio above will give you the analysis and breakdown you’ve been expecting for the entire fleet in Bermuda.  First we spoke with Rio Olympian and former Luna Rossa driver and foiling star Bora Gulari, and then with Match Race World Champ and former BMW Oracle trimmer Hayden Goodrick.  Along with Mr. Clean, they share the kind of info on these teams that only real pro racers have, and that only guys who’ve been at this level can glean.  If you want to put money down on one of these teams or you want to wow your sailing friends with your deep, inside knowledge of what will happen in Bermuda, you can ditch the World Sailing preview guide, Alt-F4 on every other publications’ dumb picks, and enjoy yet another Sailing Anarchy Podcast with the best AC35 preview in the world.

You can all stop sending emails to us about how shitty the AC coverage is; we understand that you probably can’t watch it where you are, how you want to, or without shit tons of action breaks for no reason at all.  If you’re having trouble finding a suitable way to watch what has so far been reasonably exciting racing, be sure to check out the ‘How Do I Watch?” Thread here for the official, legal channels as well as more ‘creative’ options…

If you want some reality-show interviews and blondestyle stuff from our old friend Nic the Sailor Girl, click on her Bermuda HQ page here. For the old timers looking to relive the 20th century, Lester and Tasker are doing a free audio-only commentary feed over here with Voda.  For a look at how to run a shitty press conference, watch this.  And of course, any questions you have are probably already asked and answered somewhere in AC Anarchy.

May 28th, 2017 by admin

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Day One of the America’s Cup Qualifiers went more or less as expected by observant watchers.

France got crushed 0-2.

Oracle demoralized a quicker Team New Zealand, with Spithill abusing young Burling at a top mark, to go 2-0.

Artemis, BAR, Softbank Team Japan, and ETNZ are all on 1-1 records, and Ben Ainslie continued his smashing, crashing ways with a nasty impact and two holed boats.  Watch the full video of the crash and aftermath here, and the SA postmortem from Steve Clark should explain it even to those of you with zero understanding of cats, match races, or the new face of the AC (from the Ben Is A Dangerous Motherf&*$ker thread):

You will notice that these boats will fly their leeward hulls when they round up and or come to a stop. This is because the AOA of the foil increases as you head up.  As the hull flies, the foil also loses most of it’s side force. So if you watch the replay, BAR puts the helm down to respond to SBTJ’s luff. The leeward hull goes up and the bot skids sideways into SBTJ.  I suspect that this was the intent of setting up the move as Barker did, but the altitude achieved by BAR was greater than anticipated.  The stern beam of SBTJ is what popped the hull.  Fortunately both dagger boards and Japan’s shrouds limited BAR’s incursion into SBTJ’S air space.

People are giving Ben some unnecessary shit. I don’t have a problem with the collision, shit happens when you race and as the boats get faster and more finely engineered, the consequences can be more dramatic. I find fault with not putting the boat on the beach immediately after damage was known to have even sustainedMy shore boss would have reamed me a new asshole for continuing to race. The damage got worse as the firehouse played havoc on the honeycomb carbon bond, and plies of carbon started peeling away.  Ainsley put the whole program on the line because the hull could have broken in half.  He has two points in hand, so could have burned one and ended up in the same place with a less badly damaged boat.  These guys get their blood up and fight on when it would have been better to retire and fight another day.


May 28th, 2017 by admin

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As expected, in any breeze at all, the Bermuda America’s Cup will be sailed entirely above the water if Emirates Team New Zealand’s most recent practice is any indication.  Watch the 11:30 mark of this video from AC junkie MyIslandHomeBermuda for an incredible sequence of foiling tack/foiling rounding/foiling gybe and note the stability on the Kiwi AC50; is ETNZ once again too stable for speed, or do they finally have it right?


April 24th, 2017 by admin

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Screenshot 2017-04-18 13.18.55

With just a few short months left until the America’s Cup circus is over, the PR and publicity flacks and the sponsors who pay them are getting a little crazy, at least going by the latest endeavor promoted by Ben Ainslie Racing and their sponsors at 11th Hour.  We’re talking about what we’re calling the Lionfish Roomba, a new underwater robotic vehicle designed to vacuum up the invasive fish from the depths around Bermuda.  Chris Clarey’s NY Times profile of the new robot points out that the company behind it – RSE – was actually founded by the guy who invented the Roomba.  And the chances of it actually making a dent in the exploding lionfish population?  Somewhere between slim and fuck all.

The designers of the underwater Roomba say the robot will “enable the mass capture of lionfish below depths reachable by sport divers, where the population expands unchecked. At the same time, RSE will launch a crowdfunding campaign to support the final development of the robot as well as resources to bring it to market in scale.”  In other words, they don’t have the money to actually create it, so they’re trying to gin up some support from wealthy sailing aficionados (while their eyes are on Bermuda) to help pay to develop it.

The problems with the new toy are numerous: First, they believe it needs to be under $1000 to be successful.  Considering what a good drone costs, we’d be shocked if they can get the costs down to double that for what is essentially an underwater drone – with camera, suction, and shock treatment included – that can deal with the pressure at 400 feet below the surface.  Second, their hypothesis – that the lack of predators has made lionfish easy to catch with the robot – ignores the speed with which populations adjust to new predators.  Third, the numbers just don’t add up: Lionfish breed like rabbits and reach sexual maturity quickly, so you’d need an army of these suckers to accomplish anything.  And an army will simply teach the fish to avoid them even more quickly.  Lionfish will disappear only when fishermen have an inventive to destroy them, either through the bounties already existing in some places or via government and private subsidies.  A robot vacuum ain’t gonna do it.

There’s something of a launch on April 19th in Bermuda, though we think they should have waited one more day before they splash the fish Roomba.  As an idea that must have been dreamt up after a big bong rip, a 4/20 introduction would’ve been perfect!

That ends today’s biology section of Sailing Anarchy!

April 18th, 2017 by admin