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Oracle, Softbank, and Big Ben have now all splashed their AC50s this week, but it’s the throwback bicycle grinders that has set the mainstream’s tongues wagging all over the world.  Will bicycle power make the difference to help ETNZ overcome the obstacles they face in just a few months’ time, and if so, will Oracle or another team have time to catch up to a system the Kiwis have been working on for more than a year?  And will Franck Cammas – well experienced with leg-powered racing yachts – uncover his own spinning class on Groupama Team France?

As the unveilings begin, we’re finding ourselves interested again.  Watch the excellent launch video above for a look at New Zealand, head over here to listen to Glenn Ashby discuss the new systems with RAdioSportNZ’s D’arcy Waldegrave, and click the player below for Mr. Clean’s take on what is finally an interesting week in AC land, also with RadioSport’s Waldegrave.

The America’s Cup Anarchy forum is heating up as well…chat about any of your favorite teams right over here.

February 17th, 2017 by admin

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Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 4.29.13 PMThey may have already been disproved and denied, but rumors of UK royalty Kate Middleton and Ben Ainslie’s flirt-fest (and Kate’s impending divorce because of it) have once again resurfaced after some puppy-dog-eyed photos surfaced of Kate’s sail with Team BAR in Portsmouth last month.  We include this story not to perpetuate a false rumor, but to point out how cool it is that any sailor is enough of a celebrity in Britain to find himself in a tabloid rumor with a princess not once, but twice…

Our own sources confirm that Big Ben and Gorgeous Georgie are just fine, thank you (and they just had their first kid last month – a gorgeous girl with the gorgeous name Bellatrix); you can check her out on the ACWS pregame show on BT Sport; unfortunately, Americans without a hack are stuck with the same ol’ white boys.  Tim Rooke pic from the forums.


August 11th, 2016 by admin

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America’s Cup organizers continue to face the karmic consequences of the theft of the event from American shores, with the latest face slap coming from New York City’s weather.  Sunny and bright last week turned to torrential and winter-like this one, with more rain and temps in the 50s on call for the big ACWS show this weekend.

America’s leading sports commentator and long time NBC Olympic anchor Bob Costas made headlines during an otherwise quiet press conference when he summed up America’s understanding of yacht racing in a question to French skipper Franck Cammas, “Does the French team have plenty of wine and cheese onboard?”

Page six said there were ‘gasps from the audience’ who wondered whether Costas would next ask if Sir Ben had Yorkshire Pudding aboard his boat, not understanding that Americans don’t know what Yorkshire Pudding is, and that the latest Louis Vuitton mess has only made the public’s perception of yachting worse – an almost impossible accomplishment.

For your own slice of pudding, watch the full presser here, with thanks to Nic the Sailor Girl.  We’d send you over to watch the racing if we thought it would be worth it.  Spend your time (and not your money) here instead.


May 6th, 2016 by admin