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When normally consistent summer weather turns shitty for days on end, when your Race Officer has a heart attack two weeks before the biggest event in club history, when the breeze you do get seems to always line up directly against the biggest tide of the month, and when a major international news team runs over the double world champion in a RIB, what the hell do you do?

You thank your lucky stars you have this guy running the show.  Meet retired Royal Australian Navy Commander Peter Osbourne, and listen to how an expert talks to the press when things go wrong.  Seriously – everyone in race management or event PR should watch this video, and learn.

Nice work from Petey Crawford on the two-cam shoot.


January 14th, 2015 by admin

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Powertools-a-grindin’, pain pills-a-poppin’, and 160 wide-eyed Mothies recounting the highs and lows of a truly gnarly day on the water. That’s the scene at the Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club after day two of qualifying for the 2015 Moth Worlds in Australia. After four days of dead to light air during the pre-Worlds and day one of qualifying, beautiful Port Phillip provided in a big way today with breeze that built into the low-20’s with gusts approaching 30 knots; enough to toss the World’s best into the piss on a regular basis. With carnage all over the fleet, both in terms of broken boats and broken egos, Super Sunday at the 2015 Moth Worlds was one for the ages.

15_003005_MothWorlds2015Perhaps the world’s best racer under 25, New Zealand (and ETNZ’s) Pete Burling proved his unflappability in the big stuff, aided by blistering downwind speed and control that allowed him to score an absolutely incredible four straight bullets, and the top spot on the leaderboard entering the finals. When a 2nd place finish in an 80-boat fleet ends up as one of your drops, you know you’ve got it going on. Defending world champ, Artemis skipper Nathan Outteridge added a bullet of his own in the Yellow fleet and stayed consistent throughout the day to sit just one point back of his America’s Cup rival to assure the fleet that he isn’t ready to give up his world title without a fight. With close racing all over the fleet, a metric shitton of wipeouts, tight mark roundings and nuking downwind speeds, Sorrento is serving up an unforgettable Moth Worlds as the cream has risen to the top in this massively stacked fleet to set up a battle of epic proportions now that Gold and Silver have split.

15_001801_MothWorlds2015Two hours after the day’s racing had ended, at least one mothie was still unaccounted for, one boat was ditched a few kilometers down the beach where it will spend the night and the rest of the carnage throughout the fleet is simply too long to list. But the real story of the Moth Worlds isn’t just carnage, big names and close racing; it’s fun. When multi-time World Champions, Olympic medalists and AC sailors rock up to the bar with ear-to-ear grins on their faces, excitedly sharing stories with their on-water rivals, you know you’re onto something special. Around the world, small and fast boats are becoming all the rage attracting big, enthusiastic fleets and with the Moth being both the smallest and fastest of them all, it’s no surprise to see a venue packed beyond capacity create so many happy sailors that are more than likely to come back. And that’s always a good thing.

Day 1 of the finals starts in just a few hours, and we’ll of course continue to bring you all of the action live to your browser with Clean alongside the lovely and ultra-talented Sailor Girl Nic Douglass on the mic. Check out Clean’s call of the day here, peep on more of Sander van der Borch’s incredible photos in SA’s Facebook gallery, view a never-ending supply of skipper interviews here, and of course, follow along in the always-active SA forums.  Sperry Top-Sider makes it all happen – don’t forget about ’em – we won’t!


January 11th, 2015 by admin

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There’s nothing quite like low-riding in a foiling Moth, but at least it wasn’t all like that for day one of the Moth Worlds.  Watch for yourself as Nath Outteridge throws down the gauntlet for this incredible fleet after three qualifying races.  It’s all Aussies and Kiwis in the top 4, with Luna Rossa’s Chris Draper mixing it up with the 5th place in 4-9 knots of breeze on Port Philip Bay.  Detroit’s finest sits in seventh, with one more day of qualifying ahead.

Our first On-The-Water Anarchy/Perpetual Shit Show Production coverage in quite some time was about as we expected for day 1; technical issues, low framerate, and grey backdrops didn’t subtract from the fact that we have finally been able to bring you our favorite event in sailing, live and in (mostly) HD resolution.  And we promise to keep getting better, so long as you keep watching.  Start with the player above – all four hours of it (we won’t get mad if you skip forward, we promise), with big thanks to our 14-year old Optimist-sailing first-time cameraman Charlie Hiam, everyone at the Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club, Line Honors Yacht Racing Outfitters, and of course the fun-loving folks at Sperry.

G.Love brings you some title love.


January 10th, 2015 by admin

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Ronnie Simpson, our resident writer, war/shipwreck vet, singlehanded racer, and now engineless cruiser landed in Melbourne just 3 hours ago, and he’s already hit the ground running in SA’s quest to bring every bit of the Moth Worlds to you.  If you’re as stoked as we are to watch this epic event, go and thank our new mystery sponsor Sperry Top-Sider; who asked us a few months back: ‘if you could cover any event, which would it be?’  Here’s Ronnie to explain as only he can, and photo credit to Petey Crawford/Penalty Box Productions.

I feel a little like I’ve stepped into a Hunter S. Thompson novel. Clean’s the lawyer, (no, seriously, the dude’s passed the bar), I’m the wiry journalist nursing a tumbler full of Jim Beam behind a typewriter, and we’re headed out West to cover a bunch of guys going really, really fast in a big, important race.  There’ll be plenty of cocktails involved, loads of pranks and secrets and laughter, and someone may even get hurt. Only one thing’s for sure; the next week and a half are going to be chock full of some of the most interesting, technical, and straight up insane boats and sailors, and the only place to see it all unfold live is right here on Sailing Anarchy.

IMG_8323Australia.  Originally settled by the English to house an overgrown convict population, it’s a land so rugged that merely existing without dying proved a struggle for generations. An isolated island continent so full of land-and-water borne dangers that they’ve literally named a city after Darwin himself. A place where the average teenage girl can drink you under the table and the c-word can be a term of endearment, it’s no wonder that Australians have earned a reputation as being a hearty bunch. Get in the water with the Aussies and engage in battle and they’re nearly unstoppable, no matter the discipline. Home to professional surfing’s first world champion, the first group of sailors outside the US to win the America’s Cup and more foiling moths than anywhere else on the planet (including the defending world champion), it’s only fitting that when the Moths decided to go off with their biggest Worlds ever, it would be held down under.

IMG_8313The Moth got its start more than eight decades ago in nearby Inverloch, based on the very ethos of being an open, box-rule 11-foot dinghy, and has since seen constant development across three different continents to become the foiling monsters that they are today, and the fastest dinghy in the world. With the America’s Cup switching to foiling just two years ago and an unprecedented amount of resources being dumped into foiling-development, the class has surged in poularity to become the single most important dinghy class in the world, and as a result, everybody’s here. Well, almost. Staying true to its roots of open development, we’ll be seeing everything from beautiful homemade boats to bone-stock production moths to highly customized hulls, foils, control systems, aero, and rigs on the very cutting edge of technology.

With enough Olympic Gold present to fill Fort Knox, somewhere north of 160 entries and the deepest fleet of any moth race in history, the 2015 McDougall + McConaghy Moth Worlds are set to go off in a big way, and we’re coming locked and loaded with video interviews, daily write-ups, sit-down talk shows, tech profiles, live racing feeds, kick-ass photos and more. Post your questions and feedback in the forums and we’ll take it from there.  And don’t forget about Sperry, where Odysseys Await.  Also a big thanks to Line Honors Yacht Racing Outfitters for supplying us with some last-minute shirts and hats – no one does it better and faster than Bobby, give ’em a call!


January 6th, 2015 by admin