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SA Regatta

rum dum

Oh yeah, the Ed is pretty ecstatic here, and for good reason – he was about to drink rum – served by these babes! One of the fun things we did at the Sailing Anarchy ISAF regatta at Coronado Yacht Club was have the folks from Blind Squirrel Rum not only provide gallons of free rum, but they had the Squirrel Girls pouring it! the Ed thinks the one on his left digs him, but notice her leaning away from him…Nice try, old man.

The regatta was a major success on all front, but we could not have done it without our sponsors West Marine, Ullman Sails, Open Sailing, Rondar Raceboats & the Viper 640, Velocitek,, Sunglass & Optical Warehouse, Driscoll Marine,

that’s a wrap!

While we still expect to have some good stuff bubbling over from the Sailing Anarchy ISAF Regatta, this story will wrap up the coverage of our little ol’ redneck regatta that’s rapidly becoming something much, much more. The highlights of the regatta were many: Super-tight racing with bigger mixed fleets that most everyone is used to; great competition for both World Champs and newbies in the one-design fleets; near-perfect weather all weekend; attitude-free ambience on the docks, with free or cheap booze constantly flowing; rocking party and killer band (Styletones), tons of chicks, some crazy dudes, and a much younger average age than any regatta in recent memory; a great charity event to start things off; thousands of dollars in prizes and awesome non-pickle-dish trophies thanks to title sponsor West Marine; and most importantly, no handicap, protest, yacht club or RC drama. Can you believe it? A regatta devoted to racing and having fun that accomplishes exactly what it set out to. Sacrilege! Whatever – just put it on your calendar for next year.

We owe a great deal of gratitude to the sailors that made the trek down to the South Bay for this fun event, and we hope every one of you comes back in 2011. Just as importantly, we owe a huge ‘thanks!’ to the folks at West Marine for taking on the title sponsorship of the event and doing such a great job of supporting it and sailing in general. Also a huge thanks to Ullman Sails, Open Sailing, Rondar Raceboats & the Viper 640, Velocitek, Blind Squirrel Rum, Sunglass & Optical Warehouse, Driscoll Marine, and of course the Coronado Yacht Club
who really are the ones who make it happen. A special shoutout has to go to Sunny Chamblee for stepping in and helping with scoring when we really need it. What a star!

Check out a great report from San Francisco correspondent Ronnie Simpson below this excellent video from Ullman Sails Team Members and Viper 640 Class winners Chris Winnard, Keith Magnussen and Holly Davis. A good bit of ‘reality TV’ from the U/S folks.

And here’s Ronnie’s report:

It must be that time of year again, because I find myself returning to San Francisco with an empty wallet, a deep sunburn, a sore body and a massive hangover. Yes, the World Championships of the World, er, International Sportboat Anarchy Festival took place this past weekend in sunny San Diego. I found myself racing a Viper 640 in a 28 boat mixed design fleet that included 14 Vipers. We had our ups and down throughout the weekend, but the weather was great, the racing close and the parties lively.

After winning the Ultimate 20 class at ISAF last year, Ullman sailmaker Ben Lakin and I decided to team up and see what we could do in the Viper class. With an old borrowed boat and Viperette Stacey Loula, we saw ourselves as somewhat of a dark horse coming into the weekend. With Chris Winnard entering the Viper class and long-time Rondar reps Drew Harper and Tim Carter in the class, plus a slew of other quick boats from all over the West Coast and Arizona, it would appear to be anyone’s regatta. A productive day of practice on Thursday would allow us to fix some issues with the boat, work on boat handling and gel as a team.

Friday’s regatta consisted of 3 races, which would be scored separately from the ISAF regatta. When the dust settled after a long day of racing, Chris Winnard proved to be the class of the field, dominating to take 3 bullets, while we worked our way to 2nd Viper overall. The first two races were standard windward- leewards, while the 3rd was a modified pursuit race, which saw 70 boats race around South Bay, finishing just off the club house. With everything from 505’s and Moth’s to J-125’s and one design sportboats, the race was dubbed the “Beer Can Worlds”, and it succeeded in bringing new meaning to racing back to the bar.

Scot’s vision of bringing Anarchy to Coronado YC for a weekend was in full swing. Chris Winnard’s Viper gybed in front of the dock at the finish. We were just seconds behind when one of the J/125’s rolled us at the finish. Securing 3rd in the Beer Can Worlds, we were awarded a bottle of rum for our efforts, which was much appreciated. CYC once again stepped up huge providing cheap booze and an awesome venue to party at. That’s Snap, Stacey, Scot and Yours Truly pictured above.

Saturday wasn’t so good to our boat, “The Snake”. We straight blew it out our ass, with the exception of a 2nd in the first race. We were one of only two aluminum-rigged Vipers in the fleet, and in light air, we just couldn’t get the boat up to speed. On Sunday in more breeze, we once again had boat speed and good crew work, managing a couple of good finishes. Our result in the regatta wasn’t quite what we had hoped for after Friday’s great result but as with any truly great regatta, I don’t think I saw a single person who would consider the weekend as anything less than a great time; our boat included. The racing was extremely competitive. Winnard remained the front runner, taking nearly every bullet, but with positions 2-7 changing nearly every leg, things never got dull. Nearly every boat had brief stints in the top 3 and near DFL’s. I love close racing.

Love him or hate him, Scot pulled off another great regatta. I’ve been fortunate enough to race in the first two ISAF’s and i’m already marking next year’s on the calendar. After racing and sailing mostly solo offshore stuff in the past year, I had almost forgotten how much fun racing small sporties in big one design fleets can be. And the Viper fleet is absolutely awesome. I want one. With 14 boats at ISAF, 11 racing in Texas and close to 40 next week in New York, big fleets and reagattas are popping up all over the country. And for good reason. The builder, Rondar Sportboats, actually flew a rep out from England to check out the ISAF regatta, coach drivers in the fleet and help support the class. ISAF sponsor Ullman Sails also supported the class, with sailmakers on 2 of the boats, including the overall winner. Drew Harper from Spinnaker Sailing, the West Coast Viper distributor, took second in class. He is pushing the boat hard and if things go his way, we’ll have 20+ on the line next year. Definitely sold on Vipers… 740 pounds of fucking fun. Who needs crew for Charleston next year? Seriously…

The sportboat revolution is in full swing. This was the most fun regatta i’ve been to since last year’s ISAF, and after an introduction to “big boat politics” at the previous weekend’s abortion of a Big Boat Series, I had forgotten that sailing is supposed to be about fun. This regatta should be a model for every race organizer to follow. Big sport boat fleets, good close racing, cheap booze, fun parties and great weather…. See you next year!

isaf sailing instructions and more

Here are the SI’s for the ISAF. Should be very straight forward. You’ll notice we made a very special effort to make it clear we don’t want any protests. Handle your issues on the water. Or maybe the parking lot. We can think of a couple a chumps we’d love to meet there. Oh well, that’s for another time and place!

We have a really good slate of on shore activities for the weekend. After Friday’s racing, we’ll have a free Beer Fest sponsored by Ullman Sails, a BBQ for you for $10 each, with proceeds benefiting the CYC Junior Sailing program. Plus comedian Russ T Nailz starts at 7 pm. He jokes, he sings and you’ll dig it. We’ll hand out daily awards and prizes, and it will indeed be a fun evening.

Saturday will have a skipper’s meeting at 9 am with racing at noon. Afterwards, we’ll have a killer street taco bar for you. If you want the local cuisine, this is it. The Blind Squirrel Rum Girls will be there with some tasty samples, we’ll give out a ton of swag for prizes, Nick Hayes will open your eyes at 6:30, and one of the most killer bands we’ve ever seen, the Styletones, will bring it from 7:30 onward.

Also, some of you have asked about lunches for the regatta – click for the order form – enjoy!

Here is the schedule for the entire regatta, and don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail with any comments or questions.

days of our lives

The ISAF, brought to you by West Marine is now officially two days (instead of the planned three), as a lot of people have trouble sailing Friday. However, we’re still racing Friday as a separate regatta – three races that day in fact – but the actual ISAF will be Saturday and Sunday only. So those of you who can’t race Friday can still get your ass to Dago for this weekend. We have 77 boats entered and if a few more of you want to come racing in the best venue in all of San Diego this weekend, come on down!

Thursday afternoon we are hosting a fun race for Camp Reach for the Skies Pediatric Cancer patients and their families. West Marine is providing shirts and PFD’s for the participants, we’ll have food and fun for everyone and it all starts at 4PM Thursday. If you’d like to take a few kids out sailing that evening, please let us know. It is a good cause and a good way to get involved with the community.

Plus, Nick Hayes, who will be speaking at our regatta Saturday evening, will also be doing a presentation and book signing at the San Diego West Marine store Friday, Sept 24 at 6:00 PM. So for those who can’t make it to Coronado for our event, you can see nick’s compelling take on the state of our sport. Check it.

Here is the schedule for the entire regatta, and don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail with any comments or questions!

sportlight on san diego

There’s just over a week left before the outrageousness begins at the Sailing Anarchy ISAF regatta, and with 72 boats registered in two mixed sportboat classes and one-design – Viper 640, Open 5.7, Flying Tiger 10m and 7.5m, 5O5, Moths, and Weta trimaran fleets, the beat is most definitely ON. We don’t care if you register ten minutes before the warning – just get your ass down here for some great dinghy action as well as the largest-ever mixed sportboat fleets in US history. Check the entry list here to see where you fit in, and drop us a line if you need to know more. If it’s remotely sporty, we want you here!

Our schedule and NOR are finalized, with Thursday providing a great charity regatta and barbecue, Friday offering up the ‘Beer Can Worlds’ as a separate three-race regatta (for the sporties only) with prizes, free beer, and hilarious comedian Russ T. Nailz onstage after the racing, and Saturday and Sunday hosting the main ISAF event with up to 8 races for all fleets. Saturday night is the main off-the-water event, thanks to an awesome SoCal band and the presence of the legendary Blind Squirrel Rum girls, who we hear like to dance almost as much as they enjoy pouring shots down sailors’ gullets.

sa worlds


So here are the new ISAF 2010 regatta shirts! They are the latest in pro-fit technical material – they perform, keep you cool and dry and comfortable and they look good. Like really good. Pre-order ’em now – $35 for long sleeve. Sizes are xs-xxl and will have a few sponsor logos on the right sleeve…Order now as we didn’t print a lot of them and if you are sailing at our sportboat regatta we’ll have your order there and ready. Go!

sa worlds

a blind squirrel finds the blind squirrel sometimes

So as we were looking around to get a fun booze company involved in the nearly legendary Sailing Anarchy ISAF Regatta, through sheer luck (and a hot chick named Sunny) we found a perfect one – Blind Squirrel Rum. The brain-child of some crazy rum-swilling sailors, these guys have the right attitude, dig SA and most importantly, have some pretty nice tasting rum. Your Ed was over-served Blind Squirrel this weekend in fact. He’s considering filing a lawsuit as his sterling reputation has been damaged by those rum-pushers!

Anyway, we are working to not only have Blind Squirrel rum-a-plenty at the regatta, but look for the Squirrel Girls to appear to make your yachting experience even more enjoyable..

sa worlds

So our big ISAF sportboat bash is growing closer! We have 62 boats signed up so far, with a bundle more coming. From J/125’s to Wetas, it is shaping up quite nicely. We’ll have the NOR on line next week, SI’s to follow. The main event is three days – Sept 24-26 and we are having a charity fun race Thursday afternoon, Sept 23 to benefit the American Cancer Society’s Camp Reach The Sky, whose long tradition of serving young cancer patients and their families is something that we are really happy to be a part of. More on that next week.

West Marine is the title sponsor, but we also have Ullman Sails, Open Sailing and now both Velocitek and Driscoll’s Boatyard are onboard. We are going to have an amazing amount of giveaways, from a free haul out with a bottom paint job, to tons of the best sailing gear – Puma, Zhik, etc. Plus we’ll great food and drink, have some good hotel deals for you as well – stay tuned for that info.

Oh, Nick Hayes from Saving Sailing will be speaking, comedian Russ T. Nailz will make you laugh and we’ll have some killer local live music too. The racing will be the best in san Diego, we’ll have live OTWA coverage, bitchin’ new SA ISAF gear and…..Sign up!

courses for horses

The ginormous Sailing Anarchy ISAF (International Sportboat Anarchy Festival) regatta is coming together quite nicely and we have some good news, with a hell of a lot more coming soon. For now, the good news is that we will have two race courses for the regatta – one for the larger sportboats, and one for the dinghies! So this is where we’d just love to see some of fast small boats come race. 29’ers, Wetas, F-18’s, 505’s, A Cats and…?

Calling all Moths
We know y’all are coming to Coronado in October, so why not come tune up with us in September? The south bay is a great venue for the Moths and we’d like to get as many as possible, so come on down!

Sure there are a couple other events going on, but so what? Ours is a very unique format that lets all the sportboats compete not only as a class, but also against other classes and one thing we didn’t have last year were Melges of any size. Travis Wilson has entered his Melges 20 this year, and we know there are plenty of 20, 24 and 32’s that aren’t racing September 24-26 so come to Coronado and see if you can hang with the local boys. Our guess is that you don’t have what it takes. Prove us wrong.

sa worlds

classic sporties?

So we received this e-mail from an old friend (and we do mean old) about the SA International Sportboat Anarchy Festival regatta and it of course brings up a great point:

What about the older classics not thought of anymore as a “Sport Boat” such as a Moore 24, Santa Cruz 27, Olson 30, Hobie 33…is there no place in your debauchery for us? We might not be as flexible or as thin or stay up as late at night as the other classes invited but I feel we could contribute a certain class and dignity to what might be considered a college party rumble? Any way to have a PH class for the older Sporties?

And of course the answer is yes! In fact, how cool to have a fleet of the new schoolers and the old schoolers? Then later we can throw down at the bar and see who can really hang, and who can’t! So let’s see if we can’t get some of the classic sporties to the ISAF – it would add a great element to the event and really make this thing rock! Coronado Yacht Club says they can handle 100 boats, so get on it!

Update – we have the first Moore 24 and Sanat Cruz 27 entered…!

saving sailing anarchy

One of the things that we are trying to do with the SA ISAF sportboat regatta is to make it better and different from the usual regatta fare. Our first step towards that end is that we have confirmed Nick Hayes, author of the groundbreaking book Saving Sailing will give a presentation at our event. Nick has plenty to say about the state of our sport and this will be a superb venue for his topics. Of course there will be a rousing Q & A session afterwards – another great opportunity for the sailing community to interact in a really good environment.

Nick’s talk will be either Friday or Saturday night, Sept 24 or 25. We will get you those details asap as well as a bunch of other things that we are working on like the classes, format, hotel deals, sponsors, prizes, entertainment, and more!

In the meantime, get signed up for the event now, so that we can start to get some momentum going! E-mail any thoughts comments or questions to us as we want to make the regatta rock!…

here we go – again!

That’s right! The SA Worlds are back for 2010 and promise to be bigger and better than last year. Why? We’ve expanded the regatta from two to three days of fleet racing, we are adding new classes – like the Moths (more on that below), we have added a charity race for Thursday afternoon before the event starts, and we have some great sponsorship news as well.

For those of you who don’t know, we started a sportboat regatta last year in conjunction with Coronado Yacht Club that attracted over 60 boats in five classes, saw some great racing and just as importantly, (maybe more), had great camaraderie with a bunch of anarchists. They idea was and is to gather as many sportboats together, and let ’em all race against each other. We also had OD classes race both as a class, and within the larger sportboat fleets. It really worked well – the overall winner was the Melges 30 Nemesis (with Anarchy second and top FT 10).

This year we are looking to have 100 boats – CYC says bring ’em on! – they have the room and the facilities, SA has the juice now all we need is you! Enter your sporty, no matter the size, and we’ll sort out the classes, class breaks and everything else as we get it together. We had a great Viper 640 class, Open 5.7 class, FT 10M class, Ultimate 20 class and a 505 class.

What we didn’t have that we’d love to have this time are Melges 20s, 24s, 32s, Mini’s, Farr 30’s, more Columbia 30’s, Antrim 27’s, Shaw 6.5’s, etc., etc. The Mothies have said they’d like to come and if any of y’all from around the country, hell around the world, need an excuse to come sail in sweet conditions in San Diego in September, then this is it! Sign up here.

If you aren’t interested, please pass this on to someone who you think might be!