SA Legal Defense

Sailing Anarchy Is Fighting For Its Life.


For 13 years, we’ve helped to bring you the most entertaining sailing content on the internet.  Between our network of contributors, thousands of active SA Forum community members, and hundreds of companies that have supported us over the years, we’ve been able to break more stories, feature more exciting parts of sailing, and contribute to more teams and sailing charities than any other publication.

We’ve seen amazing developments in our sport since the birth of Sailing Anarchy in 1999.  Boats keep getting more exciting, while racing has seen an important evolution to smaller, less complicated boats.  The top of the sport is closer to Formula 1 than ever before, the magic of monster multihulls and round-the-world racing has reached further than ever before; even the Olympics are finally climbing out of the 20th century.

But there are still a few folks out there that think yachting should be the exclusive and private domain of theirs and a couple of their pals, and one of them – a close friend of Ernesto Bertarelli through the America’s Cup 33 debacle – decided to make it his personal goal to bankrupt us for speaking our mind.  He’s Dan Meyers, and you can read a good summary of what’s happened here, and what kind of guy Dan is here.

We believe we’re 100% in the right, and we are confident that we will prove it beyond any doubt.  We also believe we’ll prove that we’re not the first website nor will we be the last that Dan Meyers has bullied or intimidated with the threat of piles of money and firms full of nasty lawyers.  Most do not have the resources or the will to go the distance, and that’s exactly what Dan Meyers is counting on in this case.

Meyers believes he will crush Sailing Anarchy and make the website disappear by throwing piles of cash and armies of lawyers at us.  When it’s over, he thinks he’ll sit back with Ernesto and Brad Butterworth and brag about how Dan Meyers destroyed the biggest community of sailors that has ever existed. We know he’s not interested in the case itself because it’s ridiculous.  We know he’s not interested in settlement because he’s rejected every single thing we offered – even an apology – without even trying to make a counteroffer or compromise.

We met with Meyers in California.  We met with him in Newport.  We’ve apologized in person for hurting his feelings, and we’ve offered all kinds of assurances to make it go away regardless of who we think is right. We’ve done everything we could to settle the case, but were essentially told to fuck off — over and over again.  In the meantime, we’ve already spent a heartbreaking amount of money on lawyers and fees as the case has wound its way through preliminary hearings and motions for almost 3 years. Our insurance won’t cover any of it – not the trial, nor the hundreds of thousands we’ve already spent.   It’s money that we would otherwise have used to cover two to three times the events we have recently, and money we would have used to sponsor and donate to teams and events that we think good for the sport – something we’ve done since the beginning of the site.  Yet even with much of our income going to legal bills, we and our community have continued to deliver coverage from all over the world, from Opti kids to the Vendee Globe and everything in between.   We keep paying for the servers and the updates and the code fixes, and when something breaks, we fix it as soon as we can.

For 13 years, Sailing Anarchy has been free to you, the reader – and we like it that way.  But now – NOW – is your chance to give back to the community for all that entertainment.

You know we wouldn’t ask if we didn’t have to – and we never have. But we’re fighting a suit with no merit, with truth 100% on our side, and we need just one thing to win: Money.  Meyers knows we don’t have it, and he’s banking that we can’t find it.  So now it’s up to you: Our readers, our fans, our friends, our supporters.

We’ll be telling you a great deal about this case and probably even more about Daniel Maxwell Meyers over the next few weeks.  We’ve been good little mice for a long time while our attorney tried to negotiate in good faith with someone who doesn’t seem capable of any.    But that’s all over now, and we’re hoping you are all ready to help us spread the word about Dan Meyers’ past, and his campaign to destroy Sailing Anarchy.

So to everyone who would like to see more Sailing Anarchy in the future, listen:  We need every one of you to share this story on Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn, to link our donation page, to talk about it in your yacht club or dinghy park, and to email it to your crews who might not know.  We’ve updated our Facebook page to reflect our biggest priority until our future is assured.

We will account for every penny we receive to those who contribute to our war chest. We’re sorry to say that the IRS does not allow tax-deductible donations for legal defense funds, but that won’t stop us from using them.

Please contact us directly if you have any information whatsoever that may bear on Dan Meyers or San Diego sailor and Meyers witness Drew Freides regarding their general character, personal relationships, or business history.  Anything that might indicate their character or trustworthiness in either business or personal relationships can help us prove that they have none.  Feel free to go back to the early days of Meyers’ career and racing history.  The more honest the information, the better.  Documents are awesome,  but don’t hesitate if you have a good yarn.  We need all the help we can get.

Because this is a fight of good versus evil.

We have dedicated the last 13 years of our lives sharing this sport with you on Sailing Anarchy.  What’s Dan Meyers done for you besides sitting back on his superyacht, pulling on cigars and scotch with his pals Ernie and Brad, laughing about how easy it is to crush the little guy with cash and power.  If Meyers wins, SA disappears – quite publicly.  If Meyers wins, sailing takes a step backwards.  Money and fear will have triumphed over honesty and fun.

It will be up to you who wins this suit.   Meyers has proven he is fighting with nothing but his wallet.  We have the truth on our side and an army of supporters, but without your money, we lose.  It’s your decision:  Do we live or do we die?

The link to donate is below, and you can read our latest Press Release here.

Please contact us directly if you would like to discuss larger donations, creative ideas for financial assistance, or legal assistance.