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The Biz

SHANGHAI, China – In exciting news for the disabled sailing community worldwide, the S\V14 organization are proud to announce that Fareast Yachts will produce the S\V14 at their production base in China and in a remarkable offer, will supply the first one thousand S\V14’s at a subsidized price of US$ 3,000 for the base boat ex works Shanghai. Fareast Yachts have also agreed to keep this price fixed until the end of 2019 after which the price correction will be no more than the material cost, and capped at the official inflation rate as published for the People’s Republic of China.

“This is an unprecedented development none of us saw coming”, says Mr. Alex Simonis who was in Shanghai to sign the agreement on behalf of the S\V14 organization with the CEO of Fareast Yachts, Mrs. Demolar Du.

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April 9th, 2018

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Tonemai is the Terrace-on-sea version of the Wally80, the successful design that carries the signatures of the top racing-yacht naval architects Farr Yacht Design for the hull lines, and of the renown Lazzarini Pickering Architects for the interior, resulting in a stylish cruiser with exceptional volume and superb sailing performance.

Tonemai’s spacious interior is coupled with large exterior social areas including two separate cockpits, one amidships and one aft, and sun lounges throughout the deck.

Down below, the salon is aft opening onto the Wally Terrace-on-the-sea to provide for the inside-outside living. The owner and guest quarters are forward, and both guest cabins have two twin beds, which is unique for a yacht of this size. The galley, crew cabin and engine room are amidships concentrating the weight in the centre to increase the stability of the yacht under sail.

Tonemai is in ship-shape conditions: since her launch in 2004, she has been constantly refitted and upgraded. Additionally, she comes with a complete sail inventory, including racing sets, ready to go to the starting line of the acclaimed Wally Class. More here.


April 9th, 2018

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Really good video from life aboard Team AkzoNobel…


April 9th, 2018

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You know, there was a time when advertisers used to love to feature sailing in their ads. It was cool, romantic, exciting and it made perfect sense. But not so much anymore. What the hell do you think happened? Weigh in!

Video thanks to Anarchist Serge


April 8th, 2018

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Big Pimpin’

A designer’s dream and a builder’s vision seem to have recently coalesced rather nicely to create the Agile 42, a brand new high-performance, all-carbon luxury cruiser from the Netherlands.

Successful entrepreneurs are hard to please. They’re demanding, uncompromising and don’t easily settle for second best. They’re also the market that Tim van Daal, CEO of VMG Yachtbuilders, and designer Maarten Voogd decided to target with a new brand, Agile Yachts, of which the Agile 42 was the first example to be launched last winter.

Voogd is one half of the design partnership Simonis Voogd, formed with Cape Town-based Alexander Simonis in 1991. Voogd and van Daal have been friends for over 20 years and both are based in the town of Enkhuizen on the Ijsselmeer, which is where they hatched the initial plans for Agile Yachts.

Agile: adj, able to move quickly and easily. The name is a promising start but how would they go about satisfying this exacting clientele?

‘We were thinking about what kind of boat we should build to target a new generation of successful professionals between 40 and 50 years old,’ says van Daal. ‘What kind of boat would they want? It was quite an organic process, starting with talking about what we like ourselves…’

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April 8th, 2018

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Let’s face it, for dummies like us, electronics can be a bit perplexing. We liked this post on that subject from our Fabulous Forums… 

I have expedition (on a toughbook), but was wondering how I would go about connect it to an external GPS. I have a b&g GPS and radar on deck which attaches to a chart plotter.

Can I use the same GPS and run a wire to the computer, or should I buy a separate one? Also do you guys have any suggestions for the model GPS to buy?

Jump on in if you can help


April 8th, 2018

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Anarchist Mark sends this brilliant pin end start by True ciggies. Smoke True, and you be a winner!  This from October 11, 1981 from the L.A. Daily News comes proof of Big Tobacco’s campaign to get them young.


April 7th, 2018

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Pimp, Inc

The world of racing instrumentation is filled with devices that only do one or two things, and don’t do them very well. Low-performance sensors inhibit accuracy and undermine trust. Fixed digit displays limit functionality and force you to buy a new product for every new feature.

In response, Vakaros designed the Atlas: a no compromises, all-in-one, racing instrument, combining 18 Hz GPS with a magnetic compass and IMU. The large graphical display is customizable and delivers unmatched readability, even in full sunlight. The Vakaros app makes it easy to update and configure the Atlas, connect wireless sensors and upload data to the analytics platform.

The Most Accurate Instrument on the Water
The Atlas is built around the highest performance GPS, inertial, and magnetic sensors available. Data from these sensors is processed using an advanced sensor fusion algorithm to combine their outputs- reducing measurement noise without introducing latency. At the start line, where meters and seconds count, the Atlas is second to none. Accurate speed, heading and position ensure distance-to-line measurements can be trusted. The Atlas makes time-to-line a reality, using an advanced machine learning algorithm to predict real-time acceleration and performance, making it possible to nail the start.

Ready to go anywhere
Lightweight (180g) and waterproof, the Atlas is designed for use on boats ranging in size from a Moth to a Farr 40, and runs for days on its internal battery. Constructed from anodized aluminum and Gorilla Glass and assembled in the USA, the Atlas is ready for wipeouts, waves across the deck, and pretty much anything else you can throw at it.

Pre-Order now ​ to receive the Atlas at a one-time introductory price and get beta access to the Analytics platform (Q4 2018).


April 6th, 2018

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I believe we’ve committed way more dont’s than do’s…. Huge thanks to very talented Sarah Steenland.


April 6th, 2018

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For many of the mainstream, the moment Akzonobel completed the podium interest waned but there are two boats still racing for the finish. The leg has been no less challenging for them, indeed both have suffered from breakages.

It should however be remembered that so often this event either in its current name,  or as it was formerly known the Whitbread Round the World Race, victory has turned on a disaster or the aversion of a disaster.

For example, Heath’s Condor, a fancied yacht in the second ever Whitbread became perhaps the first high profile loss of a carbon spar in an ocean race. Or had Ceramco not lost her stick on leg 1 in 1981 would Connie Van Rietschoten be remembered as a 2 time winner – many think not, Chris Dickson on Tokyo going very nicely in the Atlantic when the boat came very upright, very quickly with the rig over the side.

Even the mighty Steinlager 2 when a runner fitting exploded mid Atlantic having won all 5 legs up to then might have been just another instance of close but no cigar for the great Peter Blake had Brad Butterworth (yes THAT Brad Butterworth) not thrown Big Red into a crash gybe and saved the day allowing the New Zealand team to go to record their unique clean sweep.

Coming right up to date, in the last race the Southern Ocean leg started with Dongfeng in the top spot on countback and those who were following at the time know what happened 250 miles short of Cape Horn. Ironic that Mapfre’s enforced pit stop was so close to Dongfeng’s downfall last time round.

The damage to Mapfre’s overall race hopes will end up less damaging than they could have been with the sad loss of John Fisher resulting in a DNF for Scallywag and their diversion to Chile I sincerely welcome their return to the race in Itajai as I hear they have put on a relief crew and are hotfooting it to Itajai. Add to that the other DNF of Vestas after their stick went over the side.

Last I heard they were still in the Falklands having set off and having to return due to sail drive problems – the only motive power they have after all. Time will perhaps be really right for them, hope they make it.

We should have sympathy for the teams that have had troubles which if you look back at the over the years has impacted on some of those on all of the boats except I think Dee’s boat. Heavens Bowwe (ah- you thought I had forgotten him didn’t you) even had to abandon a boat (Movistar) when she started sinking in the North Atlantic.

We all wish the 4 teams on the water still god speed to Itajai, yacht racing is a tough game, crossing oceans, especially the Southern Ocean makes it even tougher. Me? Well I’m actually quite happy in my role as a keyboard captain!

See ya on the water.

Shanghai Sailor

Title inspiration thanks to Linkin Park. – ed


April 6th, 2018



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