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phaedo lolo

Incredibly, the mod 70 Phaedo just set the fastest time to Hawaii, ever, in just over 3 days and 16 hours. Lots of money and lots of talent in this program. Photo thanks to Lolo Seabiscuit.


May 16th, 2017

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bodner blow 2.png

When it rains, it pours and when it blows, it blows the dogs off their chains in San Francisco.

Things started off pretty heady for the first St. Francis Yacht Club Friday night slalom race of the season on May 12th as the puffs hit 30 knots & 4-6′ breaking swell buried the 2nd downwind slalom mark, set a few hundred feet of Crissy Field. A dedicated group of wind junkies, half of which were on extra small bump and jump or wave gear, jumped at the conditions to carry on a tradition that has been going strong since the early days of windsurfing in California. Photo credit @lyrahcolvin

Downwind slalom racing, especially in a big breeze is one of the most spectacular to watch & one of the most exciting disciplines to compete in. At 1 min before the start, it’s a chaotic symphony of windsurfers jockeying for position as they scream towards the starting line set just off Anita Rock on the San Francisco city front. Like clockwork, the fleet blast across the starting line in an all-out sprint towards the 1st gybe mark, hitting speeds of 25 knots and flying across the chop all within a few feet of each.

The first to arrive quickly lay down their sails to de-power while carving around the mark. In an instant, they are back on the new gybe going deep across the troughs of breaking swell. A few get knocked down, while the rest hold it together. It’s a full obstacle course as several fleets of inbound ocean racers cross at the exact time the fleet gets ready to round mark 2.

Chaos erupts as the yachts broach in a hellish 30 knot+ westerly puff and the mark is buried in the breaking rollers coming in the San Francisco Bay. A few boards go down, just to save themselves from what would otherwise be an impending death sandwich between the fiberglass hulls. Those that emerge, do so by the skins of their teeth, threading the fine needle of control and all out balls to the wall, hold it together for your life windsurfing.

Two more gybes to go and its all over.

The fleet rips back towards the east end of Crissy Field where there’s a slight relief from the 4k flood tide ripping across the course. Even the racers on 4.5 m wave sails effortlessly carve around the mark in stiff 25 knot breeze and quickly make their way towards the last gybe mark set in an all out furry of wind and waves. Positions change as rapidly as the wind but the top racers are able to maintain control and consistency in their maneuvers around the course.

bodner blow 1.pngOne more ‘OMFG reach’ and the 2-1/2 minute race will be over.
If you can avoid stuffing the nose of your board in the breaking swell and round the StFYC B buoy- set just in front of the club, the race is over. If not, you’ll have to watch the rest of the fleet fly by as you try to muster the energy water start to make it across the finish line in dead fucking last (DFL.)
When its all over, everyone heads back upwind for another shot at redemption.

You’re only as good as your last race and for the rest of the fleet who didn’t score a bullet, there’s victory to be had or lost once again. 4 more races are run as the breeze settles down to a reasonable 20k and the flood builds and flattens out the course. Photo credit @petergrendler.

I have the duty of race committee this evening with 2 other racers as the only way this series works is by volunteering 1 of the 4 race nights towards race management. You get to see how and why the series works by actually taking part and running it. The marks don’t set themselves, nor does the start or finish go off without the help of 4-5 person team.

By the time its over, the fleet looks like its returned from a naval battle with broken sails & twisted carbon but there’s a slight twinkle in the eyes of these wind junkies- ready to do it all over again tomorrow.

For the full report- including the Sailing Anarchy sponsored Crissy Field Slalom Series, check out the USA-4 Windsurfing blog. – Steve Bodner.


May 15th, 2017

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hawaii seven oh

By the time that you read this, Lloyd Thornburg’s all-conquering MOD 70 Phaedo 3 should have gybed over to port and be hauling ass towards Diamond Head and, with any luck, another world record. With Lending Club 2’s  2015 record of 3 days 18 hours firmly in their cross hairs, Lloyd and his crew of gangsters are well on their way to breaking the outright Transpac record from LA to Honolulu.

Having officially started their record attempt at 21:45 UTC on Friday – 1:45 pm in California – the team essentially has until sunrise on Tuesday morning in Honolulu to break the record. By our rough math, they’re currently sitting about six hours inside of record pace. With strong tradewinds forecast to be solidly pumping until Wednesday night, breeze shouldn’t be a problem. Mai Tai’s are on ice and petrol’s in the welcome wagon. When we know more, you will too.

Tracker Link

Facebook page



May 15th, 2017

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Part 2 of an idea that seemed like a good one, and then didn’t. With this installment, now you can be the judge!


May 14th, 2017

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52 blueIt was not my plan to write about TP52s for this month’s issue but not to mention the collision between Sled and Gladiator in race two of the 52 Super Series Miami Royal Cup when you just witnessed the damaged boats coming in is difficult.

The TP52 organisers cover all the bases… so naturally round two of the 2017 Super Series in Miami had perfect conditions with Azzurra, pictured left, taken by Ingrid Abery, winning comfortably to take the series lead as the fleet heads to Europe. Peter Holmberg is now driving Ergin Imre’s Turkish entry Provezza which after a fourth in Key West maintained her consistency to finish third in Miami in spite of being the only boat in the top six not to win a race

Ever since September 2010 the first beat of the final race at the MedCup event in Cagliari, when All4One failed to duck Bribón and crashed into her, we have not seen a crash of anywhere near this magnitude. The Gladiator-Sled incident is amazingly similar to the one in 2010. In Miami the waves were bigger, Sled was travelling a bit faster and landed more on top of Gladiator – in fact, she did not even break her bobstay whereas in 2010 All4One had her bobstay slicing through Bribón as a wire through the cheese till the bobstay finally gave way.

The impact this time was such that the runner winch with half its pod came off the deck of Gladiator and Sled kept going far enough into her for her bowsprit to just miss the legs of owner/driver Tony Langley and rip the starboard steering wheel from his hands. This was only the boat’s second race, after changing ownership and going from Interlodge to Gladiator.

A bad day at the office for both teams is an understatement. Read on.


May 14th, 2017

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anarchy leaves

Good friend Brian Janney putting the finishing touches on The Mighty Anarchy as she gets wrapped up to be sent on her way to her new owners in Ohio. Originally bought by the Ed for a two-year program, it was cut a bit short by the retarded mast breaking incident.

The Melges 32 is the most incredible boat to race, and years later, it is still the fastest 30’+ sport boat anywhere. We loved almost everything about it and feel incredibly lucky to have owned and raced this boat hard and fairly successfully. Lots of amazingly fun times and unreal camaraderie was shared with some fabulous human beings on this boat. But, as with many things in life, we are closing one chapter and opening another.

Check back in the next couple days to see what that is…


May 14th, 2017

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new york

Another cookie-cutter Mark Mills 37-footer has been chosen by The Greatest Yacht Club Ever Known To Man as “The Boat” for a regatta sponsored by a mid-tier luxury watchmaker.  The Greatest Yacht Club Ever Known To Man has bought the first 20 boats. How nice for them.

Headline thanks to the Sex Pistols.


May 14th, 2017

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Screenshot 2017-05-12 21.20.04Too many kids stoked to race sportboats, but not enough boats!  That’s what the Mystic River Mudratz are facing with their successful youth Melges 24 program, and that’s why they need your help.  If you have an older Melges 24 and you’re looking to sell (or you will benefit from a nice tax write-off) and you want to support a great program that’ll keep kids in sailing forever, get in touch with the Ratz.



May 12th, 2017

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Words fail. Props to Anarchist Frithjof from Germany.


May 12th, 2017

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Big Pimpin’

bente intAfter a successful time with Bente24, our team decided to come up with a new anything but average family cruiser – the BENTE39

Officially introduced just a few days ago, she has gotten lots of attention with her looks. The boat has kept the lines influence from the 24ft , keeping the dodger as a fixed sprayhood. Equipped with a double rudder system, guided by a central tiller and twice inverted bow design, she promises to be a very quick and able performer, delivered in a modern, tidy design.

39BEN look with lots of sail area and light weight- likely not  a race boat, but simply a modern fast cruising boat, according to Alexander Vrolijk. ( R & D BENTE GmbH )

With pre-orders already open, and a price point that may surprise you, the BENTE39 prototype will be presented at the Düsseldorf boat show next year, with first launch editions expected in Fall 2018.


May 12th, 2017

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