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Anyone who know Le Mans will have an appreciation for this. From our friends at Quant Boats.


February 12th, 2017

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It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Kate and Jessie on a Boat. We liked them better without the dude. Although he is hot…

Me and them. Him, her and I. Myself, she and he. Us and him. Them and me. Here we are. Two girls, one boy.

jessieI’m sitting here at my desk in Northport, Michigan. Seven inches of winsome snow lay on my deck, and they accumulate quicker than I can sort out what my next sentence will be. Luke, the man I agreed to marry, sits opposite me and researches the point at which icebergs shouldn’t be a concern in crossing the North Atlantic Great Circle Route. I’ve had my fear on boats; adding icebergs to the list doesn’t appear to be deterring my hunger to cross oceans.

It’s been just over two years since Katie Smith and I completed America’s Great Loop aboard S/V Louise. I’ve spent my adulthood making abrupt life changes in two year stints. Whether it was where I was living, what I was studying, who I was dating, or where I was adventuring – in reaching two years, some kind of fervent curiosity always led me elsewhere. Every time. By no means has this been a conscious countdown…it’s this uncontrollable enthusiasm to do, to see, to be, more than whatever I was, whatever I am. I’ve been back home in Michigan now for… just over two years.

Staying put has always been my most difficult task. If you were to query my multiple employers they certainly wouldn’t categorize my actions as “staying put”. However from my perspective these past two years have been my safest. My most grounded. My most sensible. But here I am again uncontrollably enthused about not just one, but two of my finest decisions. The first one joyously shattering my two year stints, and the second one holding me right to schedule.

I said yes to forever. I do not understand what forever means. I don’t think many of us do. But I have discovered who I want to try and understand that with. Who I want to work for that with. Who will freak out every two years with me, dropping everything, most likely to attempt something for which we are completely unqualified.

So what now? Our first test is an obvious one: to plan a sailing trip instead of a wedding. We will sail double handed from my country to his. America to England. It only seems practical for us to sign up for the first “forever” test. – Read on.


February 12th, 2017

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The Environment

A new international study has demonstrated that deepsea nodule mining will cause long-lasting damage to deepsea life. This study, led by scientists at the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) in the U.K., was the first to review all the available information on the impacts of small-scale sea-floor disturbances simulating mining activity.

The experiments evaluated were much smaller than any planned mining program, which may impact an area the size of London every few years, but they show that the amount and diversity of marine life was reduced by the action of mining, often severely and for a long time.

The oldest experiment, assessed 26 years after the impact, still leaves an obvious disturbance on the sea-floor, and both the number of animals and species present in the disturbed area was reduced. Although some evidence of recovery was found, very few types of animals returned to previous levels even after decades. -

New sources of high-quality reserves of metals are now being sought, including the huge expanses of nodules covering significant amounts off the global deep sea floor. These nodules are potato-sized rocks, containing high levels of metals, including copper, manganese and nickel, which grow very slowly on the sea bed, over millions of years. Read on.

Title inspiration thanks to Caribou Barbie, who up to the coming of Agent Orange, was the most laughably idiotic politician to exist. She has been crushed by the Tangerine Jesus. – ed.


February 12th, 2017

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Big Pimpin’

hh 55The Morrelli & Melvin-designed HH 55 from Paul Hakes and Hudson Marine takes all the best bits of the same team’s successful HH 66 to deliver an exceptionally attractive – and fast – new mid-sized package

It’s safe to say that high-speed offshore multihulls are no longer just a novelty enjoyed by a select few devotees. More and more of these craft are appearing around the world and builders are seeing a steady stream of interest and demand at various sizes for proper offshore yachts that are not only fast, but also comfortable, stable and versatile in use.

Last year’s launching of Hudson Marine’s HH 66 represented the introduction of the newest generation of offshore catamarans; the sleek 66-footer quickly demonstrated that luxurious and stylish cruising accommodation could now be delivered with an even higher level of sailing performance, the HH 66 beating more seasoned peers in the Mediterranean Multihull Cup last autumn.

This success not only prompted more business for Hudson Marine – five HH 66s have been launched, are in build or are on the order books– but also some valuable feedback to influence the next big cat in the product line, the new HH 55, due out for sea trials this month. – Read on.

Title inspiration thanks to Sammy Hagar, but since that song is perhaps the worst in history, listen to one  one much better that you’ve likely never heard.


February 12th, 2017

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Russian Billionaire’s Super Yacht Arriving Soon. Blame Trump. Words By Jason Harold. Photo Credit Getty Images.

It seems like something out of a James Bond Movie. Russian billionaire Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko is leveling up. Much like how America’s new POTUS Donald little fingers Trump went from reality star and licensing kingpin, to the MOTHER FU&*#NG LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD, Melnichenko has traded in his old, flabby, inexpensive Motor Yacht A for his new boo the Sailing Yacht A. This isn’t the first time Andrey has been in the public eye due to his luxury yachts. However, this time people are taking a good hard look at the billionaire’s new super yacht, and wondering just what in the hell it actually is. I mean the timing just seems fishy no? This behemoth of the sea is arriving in the slimy hands of Vlady’s bestie just as old Pu**sy Grabber takes office, amid a cloud of interference from Russia…Coincidence? Me thinks not.

At a price of $450 million, this is no small investment. What has caught many people’s attention is the fact that this is actually a sailing yacht. With a length of 468-feet,  it is easy to see why this yacht, basically the floating version of Anna Nicole Smith in her heyday is gaining some serious media attention as it sails from Germany to is new home in Russia. The three 300ft masts tower at a height that is even higher than that of Big Ben. As far as technology and design is concerned, there are many who are claiming this new super sailing yacht is the most advanced yacht in the world to date. We cannot confirm that it also has the capability to rig elections.

This massive ship has a high-tech control system which is accessed by a touch panel display in the bridge. This control system can take charge of anything from raising the masts to controlling the lighting on the ship. The crew can even deploy the anchor with just a quick brush of their finger, similar to how they hack email accounts.  This new innovation has been setting a whole new bar for ships all around the world.

The safety features of this ship are very impressive as well. Bomb proof glass is the material of choice for all of the windows on this vessel. With a submarine, four-car garage, and a helipad, this yacht is a transportation super house. Melnichenko will be able to explore the ocean in his submarine, arrive in style in his supercars, or be flown to his meetings in a private helicopter.

This yacht is starting to sound more and more like something out of a Hollywood production. After Arnold Schwarzenegger is done with Donald Trump’s old job, maybe he can star in a movie that takes down Vladimir Putin while he is sipping vodka shirtless on a horse, and somehow throw this ship into the fray. Hey Hollywood, I’m available anytime for ideas. I have the best brain when it comes to making movies, a brain that’s so bigly even Rosie O’donnell would be jealous.

Melnichenko pumped millions of dollars into the research and development of this super yacht. It is amazing to see what can happen when massive amounts of passion, resources, and murdered russian journalist are combined. It will be exciting to see if any of the other billionaires in the world respond to the creation of this sailing super yacht with creations of their own. Hey Steve Ballmer, that “Octopus” thing you got is cute, but it’s got nothing on Trump, errr Putin errr Melnichenko’s new ride.  For now, this yacht will continue to be the most advanced and recognizable super yacht in the world. Yacht Force One is reportedly on the way, as Sean Spicer recently told the press it will be the first yacht of its kind with this technology. #alternativefacts

With an underwater observation room, perfect for bath robe wearing and eight floors, it seems as though the interior of this super yacht is going to match the gaudy design of the exterior. With Melnichenko nearly $12 billion net worth (yes Donald, old Andrey is an ACTUAL billionaire), this yacht seems like just a fun side project for this wealthy Russian businessman. With the ability to host 20 guest and a crew of 54 – that’s one hell of a hooker to guest ratio – it is almost as if Melnichenko has created a small floating, um, village.

The future of this yacht is as bright as the future of democracy in America is dim, it currently heads to Spain for sea trials, but it’s only a matter of time until the fearsome threesome of Igor, Donny & Puty enjoy some time in the sun aboard this mega monstrosity of a ship. We certainly hope it doesn’t sink with all aboard presumed drowned.


February 10th, 2017

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Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 7.32.26 PMUnless Conrad Colman can figure out a jury rig and slog it out to the finish, the elusive ‘first non-fossil fuel Vendee Globe finisher’ may have to wait four more years, as today the Friwi dismasted just 300 nm from the Portuguese coast.  According to VG media, Conrad ditched the rig and saved the boom, and is sorting out the mess as he and his team figure out the next step.

Latest on the final few finishers in the thread, and note that Conrad’s likely to have a truly epic write-up of his saga on Facebook when the time comes.


February 10th, 2017

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Big Pimpin’

After a complicated 2016, Gunboat is back with a vengeance, and they open up 2017 with a Caribbean get-together of Gunboats that includes a head-to-head war between two of the most turboed luxury cats ever splashed!

In the above video you’ll see the beastly and beautiful Extreme H2O, the queen of West Coast Gunboats and the fastest multihull in the Transpac.  The last (and by far, the quickest) of the Gunboat 66 line, the burgundy and green mile muncher is transiting Panama tomorrow from Pacific enroute St. Maarten for some relaxing sailing and prepping at the Heineken before the battle of the BVI begins.

Double Melges 32 World Champion Jason Carroll’s all-conquering Gunboat 62 Elvis easily owns the East Coast Champ title in Gunboat land, and has put a similar amount of hot rod performance into his now-teenaged silver G62.  Carroll’s well-oiled multiple world champ, moth, and sportboat crew knows the BVIs like the back of their hands, and they’ll be looking to represent the land of Tom Brady against the interlopers from the Republic of California.

It all goes down at the BVI Spring Regatta at the end of March, where Elvis and Extreme will join the turbo 60′s Flow and Arethusa as well as Momentum and a couple of TBAs for the biggest Gunboat fleet of the season.  Extreme will hope that her extensive modifications and the racing knowledge of VPLP principals Vincent and Xavier as well as a few Gunboat ringers will give her the edge…

Extreme is now for sale, so if you’re looking for one of the fastest and sexiest cruising boats ever assembled, and you’re the kind of owner that appreciates a boat whose kinks have been worked out in excruciating details, let Nils at Gunboat know so you can schedule a closer look.

If you’re puzzled by the title of this piece, get some gangsta in ya.

February 10th, 2017

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There’s a little airfare war heating up amongst low-cost European carriers looking to cut up the US market right now, and if you’re looking to race over on the Continent this spring, now might be the time to get tickets for less than half what the usual airlines are selling for.  Norwegian Air is undercutting everyone by a long way, especially in Premium, and most of their planes are comfy new 787s with all the trimmings.  But one company even makes Norwegian look pricey if you’re a true budget traveler, but if you’re OK with a short layover in Reykjavik, you can get San Francisco-London for less than 175 bucks each way with WOW. Even with a la carte baggage charges, it’s miles cheaper than anyone else we’ve seen in a long time.  Plus, Iceland’s club scene is ridonkulous and their tall, gorgeous women are known to be super casual about sex…why not make a night of it?

*We have no stake or advertising with either of these companies, nor do we have Icelandic girlfriends.  We just like sweet ticket deals!


February 10th, 2017

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Again, under the title of what won’t people sail….Props to Captain Bastard!


February 9th, 2017

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Blue Robinson talks to Leon Sefton, head of Volvo Ocean Race TV, about the increasingly complex role of the onboard reporter

like to watchSeahorse Magazine: What are your expectations of the onboard reporters this time?

Leon Sefton: For the 2017 edition we are looking for multi-media reporters who are also good storytellers. This is a particularly difficult role to fill, given the complexity of skills the onboard reporters need to bring to the position. They have big shoes to fill, so to make the OBR candidate list the new entrants are going to have to be of a quality to knock existing people out of contention – or at the very least be on a par with their predecessors. They must be outstanding photographers, videographers, interviewers, writers, all-round modern media communicators; plus they need to be able to withstand everything that life onboard a VO65 can throw at them.

SH: Quite a big ask…

LS: It is a big ask, so we designed an application video that targeted people who want to see what lies over the horizon. People who work in media, proven storytellers, people who love this race and want to take part in something big and want to help us dig into the minds of sailors who drive themselves relentlessly – obsessively – to win. Deciding who will get the opportunity to join the OBR team is difficult, partly because we have had so many strong applications; the real test is to send the best candidates offshore, to see how they perform and we have already begun this process.

This will involve a sign-off from skippers that the OBRs are safe to go to sea in brutal conditions. While holding the right media credentials, if they also have sea miles under their belt that clearly is a positive, or the ability to impress on us quickly that with the right preparation they can get to grips with the seriousness of ocean racing. We are also mindful how people from outside our world bring a fresh perspective.

SH: And so far… Read on.


February 9th, 2017


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