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From Trogear, a supporter of us here at SA….

We received a call in 2016 from Michael R., a Navy sailor who purchased a B-25 specifically to bring US PATRIOT Sailing, a non-profit sailing program with a mission to help Wounded, Disabled, and Combat Veterans through competitive sailing, to San Diego. He was looking to add an Asymmetric spinnaker to the training mix to make the mechanics of spinnaker work easier to execute, especially for the physically challenged Veterans sailing on his boat. The Trogear bowsprit was an integral part of the plan.

“The Trogear sprit and an Asym reduces the amount of gear and the need for able body crew to work on the bow, but still keeps the boat competitive,“ said Michael. “ A mobility challenged Vet can sit in the pit, rig the Spinnaker, set the bobstay and Tack lines, prep the spin sheets on the winches, tail the spin halyard, release the Jib halyard, then grind the spin sheets or adjust the bobstay. The whole evolution requires one guy on the bow to feed the tack, then go to the mast to jump halyard, then get back on the rail. This opens the bow/ mast position up to a Wounded Vet because he or she doesn’t have to juggle a 9.5’ Spinnaker pole, sheets, guys, topping lift, all while the boat is heeling 10+ degrees, and trying to hold on. So instead of 2-3 guys getting involved with the spin prep while approaching the Windward mark 1-3 minutes out, the pit can do 90% of the work and task the bowman once pit is ready, which should be 10-20 seconds from hoist – both of these positions can be physically wounded veterans,” Michael, explained.

In the process of working with Michael to outfit his B-25 “Spirit” we learned more about the US PATRIOT Sailing program, their mission and the lives they have impacted. It is uplifting to hear about how Veterans who are established sailors help others access our healthy life-sport to find positive ways to deal with the new realities of physical and mental wounds.

Often after service ends Veterans are suddenly without access to the TEAM environment that is so fundamental to military life. Sailing can provide a similar team experience where veterans navigate dynamic challenges; experience healthy adrenaline and excitement, calm and peace and camaraderie – all in one event. Sailing builds on the camaraderie and discipline that are paramount to military life.

Also, these Teammates stick together. Imagine sailing with a crew of strangers once or twice and then having them drive an hour to bring you your groceries and to cheer you up each day as you recover from surgery just a month after meeting? They instantly work together as if they have all known each other for years.

The Program Works: Michael pointed out that twenty-two veterans commit suicide every single day in the USA – more than double the rate of civilian suicides.

We haven’t heard much in the way of personal profiles of woe, but in conversation we quickly learned how US Patriot Sailing’s program has directly inspired several Veterans to regain hope and focused purpose – preventing further tragic loss. Several Veterans recently expressed that their personal stories would have ended differently if US PATRIOT Sailing had not welcomed them onto the Team and opened the door to sailing. Other Veterans, who started as volunteers, have recognized their own symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) only after helping others who were being treated for TBI. Through the camaraderie of common bonds they speak frankly about life, transition out of the military, common struggles, and laugh together about things most would find stressful. In the end, they help each other work through problems, while still holding each other accountable to be their best- as they did when they were in uniform.

Most of the Teams are all Veteran crews sailing in San Diego, Annapolis and Virginia Beach, but they also travel to national events and sail offshore. To support their aggressive schedules, US PATRIOT Sailing owns a Farr 30 (which they raced over 100 days this year on the East Coast )and a B-25 in San Diego. But their real impact comes from a network of over 20 supporting skippers nationally that allows the program to support more than 100 Veterans weekly!

“We are very pleased to see US PATRIOT Team San Diego sailing with the Trogear this fall. It’s great to see how well our sprit fits into the needs of the program – a program that is making a difference,“ said Henry Dokonal, Trogear inventor.

US Patriot Sailing, a 501(c)3 non-profit, was founded in 2014 and relies heavily on the veteran community for volunteer staff and outreach. A donation of equipment and /or funds is always greatly appreciated and can be made by contacting:

Veterans – looking for your next challenge? Find out more here.


October 15th, 2018

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Now that is one hell of a drop in!  It can’t have ended well for 1207, could it? Tons more shots here. Thanks to Anarchist Jaime for the heads up.


October 15th, 2018

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As sailors we often think that we are participating in a sport that many people don’t follow or really even understand. There are no Super Bowl size crowds at regattas and no huge ratings on TV so I guess that there is some merit to those feelings. Well that may be true here in the US but our friends in Triest, Italy didn’t get the memo. Every year on the second Sunday of October they hold a local regatta called the Barcolana – well its full name is Barcolana Autumn Cup Regatta, but most refer to it simply as the Barcolana.

Last year the regatta attracted a record 2101 boats and it looks as if this years fleet was about the same size or larger. It’s mayhem out on the water as just about every yacht from the surrounding area shows up for the race which has been held every year since 1969. The first year “only” 51 boats from yacht clubs of Trieste took part in the race, but year after year the Barcolana has become more and more popular attracting international crews and world-famous sailors.

The course is a 15 mile quadrilateral with the start off the coast in the Gulf of Triest. The first leg takes the fleet offshore for 4.3 miles before leaving the first mark to starboard. Then there is a short leg, less than a mile, before rounding the second mark and heading back inshore again. After rounding the third mark and honoring a fourth mark the final leg of the race course takes the yachts to a finish line  positioned in the Dam of Porto Vecchio – Diga del Porto Vecchio – in the waters off Piazza Unità d’Italia.

The regatta is not only about the size of the fleet but also about how many spectators come to town to watch the racing – and presumably some bumper boat action. The race organizers estimate that in addition to the 25,000 or so competitors an additional 250,000 people come into town to enjoy watching sailboats sail around a short course. So if you are starting to feel as if no one gets your love of sailing head over to Italy and feel their love, at least for one day on the second Sunday in October. Photo thanks to Studio Borlenghi.

– Brian Hancock



October 15th, 2018

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People’s foiler?” They said “Yeah I hope so but we’ll believe it when we see it.” Well, 18 months later Fulcrum Speedworks has delivered 180 UFOs to every continent on the planet besides Antartica and only appear to be speeding up. It kinda looks like the kids from RI have actually got it and broken into the mass market foiler business for good.

How could you not with an American made carbon and glass foiling cat that’s fun for beginners, exciting for intermediates and does downright insane mode for experts, that retails for $7600 that launches off a beach and goes on top of a Prius? I mean jeez what’s not to like? In a sport that doesn’t change much it’s been amazing to watch.

On the subject of change, we’re proud to announce Fulcrum Speedworks as our new top sponsor for Sailing Anarchy. In the words of the company’s president Dave Clark (27) “Oh you want me to buy and ad?? I’ll show you a freakin’ ad!”.

Check out the vid which really gets to the core of what the UFO is all about and why so many people are getting them and taking flight. Christ, this looks like something an old fuck like me could do! – ed.


October 14th, 2018

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There is a beauty and timeless quality to history when one comes face to face with it. One of the unfortunate aspects of our sport, hell, of life itself, is that the present becomes the history before you even know it has happened.

That is why it was such an honor, joy and simply the pure privilege of meeting, listening to him speak, sharing a few laughs, and enjoying the glow and positive vibes of historic yacht designer Ron Holland.

Mr. Holland came to a landmark in San Diego’s Point Loma, Fiddler’s Green Restaurant, run by one of San Diego’s own legends, Steve Rock. I was fortunate enough to be invited to Introduce Ron before his book signing and talk. that’s Ron and I pictured here.

Anyone who knows Ron, his boats, his place in the sport will be be surprised to know what an incredible man he is. Failing his version of High School, Ron struck out in the world of boatyards, parlaying one “Improbable” opportunity after another, until one day he asked “How do I become a yacht designer?” Getting unsatisfactory answers, Ron just went ahead and became one, and the history that he and so many other design greats, Doug Peterrson, Bruce Farr, German Frers is simply the stuff of legends.

We spent three hours with Ron, and ho9nestly, it could have been twice that. Funny, articulate and so full of the energy and love for this sport that so many of us have for this sport, to this very day is a testament to the man.

Now, do yourself a serious favor and order his book. It is a history lesson from one of the true greats in our sport, chock full of anecdotes, characters, adventures and a life of designing some of the greatest boats ever! – ed.


October 14th, 2018

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Seems ripe for some good fun. Thanks to Anarchist Michael for the timely shot of this 13′ Skiff from down under… Have fun!


October 13th, 2018

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The Environment

We are happy – but hardly overjoyed – at the signing of a bipartisan effort by the House of Representatives who just passed the Save Our Seas (SOS) Act. According to The Nature Conservatory,

The SOS Act begins to address the marine debris problem by reauthorizing the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Marine Debris Program. This program is the “tip of the spear” for the U.S. government in confronting the ocean plastic waste problem, both at home and abroad. Reauthorization of the program will help ensure the stability of funding in the Federal budget process.

The bill also calls on the Administration to get the State Department more fully engaged in international efforts to address this global problem. With more than half of the estimated eight million metric tons of plastic entering our ocean each year coming from a handful of developing countries in southeast Asia, we simply cannot solve the marine debris crisis alone.

The overwhelming bipartisan support for the SOS Act in the House (and the Senate, too!) is a rare triumph for Congress. It would not have been possible without the incredible leadership of Rep. Don Young (R-AK) and Rep. Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR), the co-chairs of the House Oceans Caucus. Coupled with the similar efforts in the Senate by Senators Dan Sullivan (R-AK), Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) and many others, Congress has taken a modest but very important step forward in tackling this problem.”

But if you were looking for leadership or inspiration or even a modicum of decency or understanding about this huge global issue, you most certainly didn’t find it with our so-called president. In his typical negative, accusatory tone, Trump criticized Japan, China and other countries for dumping a massive amount of garbage that has drifted ashore on the U.S. West Coast.

“Every year, over 8 million tons of garbage is dumped into our beautiful oceans by many countries of the world. That includes China, that includes Japan, that includes many, many countries”  Trump said a “vast,” “tremendous” and “unthinkable” amount of garbage is floating to the West Coast, causing a “very unfair situation” as the United States is charged with cleaning it up.

Only this vile xenophobe would blame and attack other countries, while acting as if the US wasn’t completely complicit in this environmental disaster.

For once, could this son of a bitch simply pretend that he has a shred of humanity? Pathetically, I think we all know the answer. Read more about this bill here.

And of course there is a thread.


October 13th, 2018

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…wades in the puddles as the remnants of the hurricane pass before the rest of her unveiling… – Anarchist Steve.


October 12th, 2018

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Anyone who has done any research into fracking at all, knows it is an unnecessary, destructive and alarmingly harmful “technology”, used to blast even more oil out of our already horrifically abused planet.

So yes we think that, given that Ineos, a company that is such a large player in the dirty business of fracking is a major sponsor in a sport that should accept advertising from virtually anybody but companies like this is simply not right.

What’s the message? It’s cool to destroy the planet while overpaying for some pros to zip about in odd boats to win an odd cup that no one, outside of a fraction of this tiny sport, gives a single flying fuck about?

Hell, Formula One banned cigarette advertising (as did almost everyone), so this should really be a no-brainer. Again, what’s the message – that cigarettes aren’t good, but fracking is? Then why not let Japan sponsor a boat with their pro-whale slaughter position? We can envision their logo…..

It’s yet another black eye to a sport that, thanks almost entirely to the fuckery of World Sailing, can hardly use another one. But the truth is that people will whore themselves to nearly anything if the price is right…

Environment groups are calling for the sponsor of Sir Ben Ainslie’s Portsmouth-based sailing team to be banned from the America’s Cup. Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth say raw plastic material manufacturer Ineos is “environmentally destructive”.

They have delivered an open letter to World Sailing president Kim Andersen urging the governing body to disassociate itself from the sponsor. World Sailing said boats need to comply with its advertising code. The code states “anything advertised shall meet generally accepted moral and ethical standards. Any advertising which is political, religious, racial or propaganda shall not be displayed”.

It currently does not include any other advertising restrictions.

World Sailing, which is expected to sanction the 2021 America’s Cup in due course, is responsible for developing racing rules of sailing and regulations for all sailing competitions.

Anti-fracking protester Joe Corre with campaigners who delivered a letter to World Sailing president, Kim Andersen. The open letter, delivered by anti-fracking protester Joe Corre and campaigners dressed as a dolphin, penguin, seal and seagull with plastic bags over their heads, asks World Sailing to consider the “implementation of an ethical and environmentally friendly sponsorship policy”.

The letter ends: “Under World Sailing’s own code of ethics, a core part of ‘the spirit of sailing’ is a love of the natural environment. Read on, courtesy of the BBC.

And there is a thread, where sailing cavemen are singing the praises of fracking. Holy fuck are we one dumb collective motherfucking people…


October 12th, 2018

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Ron Holland, one of yacht racing’s true innovators in yacht design, is coming to San Diego, this Saturday, Oct 13. From 1 PM to 4 PM, Ron will be signing his new book, “All the Oceans: Designing by the Seat of My Pants”.

Ron drew his first boat at 19 years old, and really never looked back. For us racers, his 40′ IMP has to be considered his greatest boat ever. The boat won nearly everything it entered on both the national and international stage.

But that boat hardly defines him, his body of work, his experiences and his stories will take you to places that we can only dream about.

Come join Ron Holland at Fiddler’s Green Restaurant in Point Loma for a fascinating talk from one of the true legends in our sport.

Oh, and speaking of legends, I’ll be introducing Ron, so you certainly don’t want to miss that disaster waiting to happen!  – ed.


October 11th, 2018