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How awesome is it to see (rare) pictures like this??  Very encouraging to see, (although that bottom!!!) Yet if this sport fails to diversify in ways illustrative of this shot, it is doomed. It just cannot continue as the sport for white guys –  and who the hell would want it to? Well, you Trump […]

Big Pimpin’ In the boatbuilding business a good reputation is hard won and easily lost, and Baltic Yachts’ reputation is as solid as every boat it’s ever launched. It’s not a yard that has ever resorted to trumpet-blowing PR fanfare, it’s a yard that has, for 45 years, remained quietly focused on developing innovative techniques […]

European dealers cancel US boat orders in anticipation of tariffs Industry leaders on both sides of the Atlantic appeal to TrumpEuropean marine trade associations warned last week that retaliatory action proposed by the EU in response to import tariffs imposed by the US on steel and aluminium has already resulted in cancelled orders for American […]

Is there anything the Orange Criminal can’t fuck up? Canada-US trade war heats up as Canada announces C$16bn in new tariffs on US-made goods, including powerboats, sailboats and inflatables. The government of Canada announced late Thursday that it will impose more than C$16bn in tariffs on a variety of US-made goods in retaliation against newly […]

NMMA makes full frontal assault on Trump tariffs The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) in the US is taking an aggressive, multi-front stand against a series of new tariffs on aluminium and imported marine products introduced by the Trump administration. NMMA president Thom Dammrich penned a blistering editorial on the international finance website,, while […]

The Environment This makes us very happy. Following California’s lead, more and more states are calling bullshit on Dolt 45 and his evil bitch Scott Pruitt’s notion that more offshore drilling is somehow a good thing. Never forget that these two despicable traitors don’t give a single flying fuck about the waters that many, many […]

Having a look at the entry list for Charleston Race Week, and in the VX One class, we saw the best boat name/skippers ever! You don’t want to go to the Room with that asshole – all he does is lie…  USA 69    Alternative Facts      Stormy Daniels / D. John Trump    […]

The Biz By now it is abundantly clear that the treasonous liar pretending to be president is not only a fucking idiot, he has no idea what he is doing. Tariffs? Even his enabling republican fellators are horrified. This Russian loving, anti-American tool makes George W. Bush look like JFK. Not to worry, Robert Mueller is […]

Despite King Orange’s attempts to end Cuba’s growing relationship with Americans (and the resulting disappearance of all the other Cuba races this year), Chris Woolsey and the SORC folks decided to run the third edition of the Miami Habana Race again this year, and some 21 yachts showed up for another great race on one […]

I am really looking forward to the Golden Globe around-the-world yacht race that starts on July 1 this year. It’s a brilliant idea, I only wish that I had thought of it, and judging by the number of entries it seems as if many others also saw it as a great idea. Thirty eight people […]


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