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I am really looking forward to the Golden Globe around-the-world yacht race that starts on July 1 this year. It’s a brilliant idea, I only wish that I had thought of it, and judging by the number of entries it seems as if many others also saw it as a great idea. Thirty eight people […]

The creator and director of one of our favorite short sailing documentaries ever weighs in on an issue few mariners are paying attention to, and one we will all be paying for when it inevitably goes wrong: Donald Trump’s expanded offshore drilling proposal, which was unveiled Jan. 4. The public has until March 9 to weigh in […]

The Environment The corrupt, chaotic, destructive presidency of so-called president trump will most certainly negatively affect nearly every citizen in this country (or any other, for that matter) unless of course you are an old, rich white male. And while there are a nearly unlimited amount of issues to prove this, here is an issue that […]

We get some hilarious shit via e-mail and this is the best of the week… You down with Bro P P? Dude, I mean bro! It is a totally brodacious day, and my testosterbrone is raging! When I sent in my broposal to US Sailing, I figured these brotards would not be down with the […]

We like Brian and usually agree with his opinion, but we saw the video. It didn’t move the needle for us. How about you? – ed Millions of us watched enthralled as the boats in this current Volvo Ocean Race hurtled down the Atlantic from Portugal to South Africa. The racing was intense and  extremely […]

Apparently, mother nature’s record-setting year for the strongest Atlantic hurricane and Caribbean hurricane wasn’t quite enough – she’s back to the record books with the incredible Hurricane Ophelia, which has somehow hit Category 3 strength despite being nearly in Ireland and is now the strongest Eastern Atlantic hurricane ever recorded, and thanks to a ‘sting […]

***WORLD EXCLUSIVE*** UPDATE: IT’S OFFICIAL! AC BREAKING Deep sources in both Western Michigan and Rhode Island tell us that New York Yacht Club will announce their challenge for the 36th America’s Cup tomorrow at noon.  Backed by a syndicate funded in large part by the Devos family (of Quantum Racing, Amway, and Trump supporting fame) and longtime […]

After what has seemed like months of churning, Hurricane Irma is no more. Downgraded to a Tropical Storm on her inland jaunt through Trump country, Irma’s legacy will be years of rebuilding throughout the Caribbean and Florida.  While most of the Sunshine State escaped the worst-case scenarios, we all understand that a small shift in her […]

Just weeks after seven sailors died in their bunks when the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer Fitzgerald smashed into a stand-on cargo ship, another AB destroyer – the John McCain – collided with a tanker yesterday, and another 10 sailors are missing. What in fuck’s name is going on with the US Navy?  Is the 20 million dollar AN/SPY […]

While the word ‘Mooch’ still may remind folks of the racist nutbag running the USA for the moment or the Goodfella who ran his press office for 6 minutes last month, we hope the UK yacht Scaramouche can begin to wash the smell off what is a damned good nickname.  And if they keep taking underprivileged […]


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