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Apparently, mother nature’s record-setting year for the strongest Atlantic hurricane and Caribbean hurricane wasn’t quite enough – she’s back to the record books with the incredible Hurricane Ophelia, which has somehow hit Category 3 strength despite being nearly in Ireland and is now the strongest Eastern Atlantic hurricane ever recorded, and thanks to a ‘sting […]

***WORLD EXCLUSIVE*** UPDATE: IT’S OFFICIAL! AC BREAKING Deep sources in both Western Michigan and Rhode Island tell us that New York Yacht Club will announce their challenge for the 36th America’s Cup tomorrow at noon.  Backed by a syndicate funded in large part by the Devos family (of Quantum Racing, Amway, and Trump supporting fame) and longtime […]

After what has seemed like months of churning, Hurricane Irma is no more. Downgraded to a Tropical Storm on her inland jaunt through Trump country, Irma’s legacy will be years of rebuilding throughout the Caribbean and Florida.  While most of the Sunshine State escaped the worst-case scenarios, we all understand that a small shift in her […]

Just weeks after seven sailors died in their bunks when the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer Fitzgerald smashed into a stand-on cargo ship, another AB destroyer – the John McCain – collided with a tanker yesterday, and another 10 sailors are missing. What in fuck’s name is going on with the US Navy?  Is the 20 million dollar AN/SPY […]

While the word ‘Mooch’ still may remind folks of the racist nutbag running the USA for the moment or the Goodfella who ran his press office for 6 minutes last month, we hope the UK yacht Scaramouche can begin to wash the smell off what is a damned good nickname.  And if they keep taking underprivileged […]

Waaaa! I’m afraid of boats! The Trump family has offended many sectors of establishment Washington since their arrival in the nation’s capital, from Langley’s spymasters to mansion-dwellers in D.C.’s Kalorama neighborhood. But 30 miles north of the White House, a conflict is now brewing on the banks of the Potomac River that pits the president’s […]

The one that started it all. Not quite original, as it was butchered beyond recognition by Lief Biely, perhaps the worst designer ever, but saved as much as possible by Bill Lee. It is well worth noting that while losing on corrected time, Merlin beat Pyewacket by over 70 miles! Great shot thanks to beautiful Lolo […]

From one of thousands of America’s Cup crazed Kiwis in the forums. Be sure to check back here before racing begins on Saturday for all the latest insider info from the AC Village, where Mr. Clean has been turning over rocks for the last day and a half. Saturday am. Less than 24 hours to go. A […]

We were a little surprised at just how long it took, but El Naranjo Grande might have just made all those US-Cuba yacht races nothing but a memory with the help of sneaky “Little Marco” Rubio.  The Atlantic (and most other logically minded folks) expect Trump’s new policy to fail miserably at whatever it hoped […]

When did you ever think it was possible to have elected such a spiteful, heartless son of a bitch like (so-called) Predisent Twitler? There hasn’t been an environmental protection that the orange menace hasn’t tried to overturn and his latest is nothing other than a ‘fuck you’ to the earth’s precious whales and turtles. And […]

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