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Local Knowledge

So this year we’ve had our 35th annual south-dalmatian regatta, which is sailed in three 20NM stages. The regatta sails through the southern adriatic, and is considered to be the most beautiful regatta in the adriatic. It’s sailed in the first weekend of August, and it is sailed in winds of 5-15 knots maximum, so usually lighter, more extreme boats benefit in these conditions.

We sailed on board our boat “Arhimed” or “Archimedes” in English, which is a 950kg 28ft open prototype with a canting keel, came in at 6th out of 74 in real time. Archimedes sailed in the smallest length class, and swept through the competition.

Also, just recently, on the 26th of september, we’ve sailed Mrduja, the most massive Croatian regatta with 185 boats on the starting line and came in 8th in total (real time), by far first in our class, beating 50ft full racers. – Anarchist Lovre.


October 6th, 2015

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foggy notion

Now this is a trip. A German Frers designed day sailor that has some very interesting owner incorporated design features. Check out the article here.


October 6th, 2015

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Big Pimpin’

ganzWhat would you do with an extra 12 watts of solar power? Like running your stereo all day without having to start your engine, keeping your boat afloat by running your bilge pump all year.

The team at Ganz Energy wants to hear your ideas over in the Gear Anarchy forum now. The best idea (chosen completely arbitrarily) will get a new 12 watt marine grade solar panel sent to them!

Remember these panels are just about indestructible and can be mounted anywhere! Jump on over and let’s hear your ideas about how you would use the solar power provided by Ganz.


October 6th, 2015

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How cool is this? – Anarchist Roelof.


October 5th, 2015

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hero to zero 2Update: They floated and pulled the Hero out of the water. Looks like Hero to Zero and back to Hero!

Sea Hero, an NM42 out of Niagara-on-the-Lake Sailing Club (Niagara, Ontario), struck a rock off of Fort Niagara (Lewiston, NY) at the mouth of the Niagara river on Sunday, October 4th and lost her keel. She turned turtle about 10 minutes after the strike and eventually sank about 300m off of Fort Niagara.

Thanks to quick response by other club racers and the U.S. Coast Guard, all souls aboard were rescued with no injuries sustained. Luckily for all it didn’t happen the day before where winds on Eastern Lake Ontario were 28kts sustained with gusts of 35kts! Wear your lifeys, kids! – Anarchist Sean.

More here.


October 5th, 2015

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Big Pimpin’

C Sprit is an aftermarket carbon bowsprit that is easy to install, use, remove and stow. Take the C Sprit quiz:

How does the boat in this video pull away from the fleet so quickly after a downwind start?


a – Nifty sailing

b – Dumb luck

c – Trick photography

d – C Sprit advantage

We’ll be at the Annapolis Boat Show Oct 9-12. Come see us at Tent A-32 (Doyle Sails)


October 5th, 2015

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why is it.png

This one is about as odd as they come, but we don’t think it will take too long for you to figure out the what.  But why in hell would anyone build something so turd-like?

Let us know here.

October 5th, 2015

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IMG_9852_1920x1080The outright sailing speed record they own is in no danger of being broken, but Paul Larsen and the Sailrocket 2 folks are wheeling the orange girl out of the shed for a go anyway.  It’s not an official record attempt, but the breeze is on in Weymouth; is 70 knots in the cards?

Full details on Larsen’s blog here, and the ongoing discussion of Sailrocket continues here.


October 5th, 2015

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SCALOR15-RT0136Whether it was a case of the girls doing way too good a job of delivering value for their sponsor or simply continuing fallout from the corporate perk scandal that claimed the scalps of numerous top SCA executives, the Swedish paper giant has officially turned over the keys of the Volvo 65 to Knut Frostad and ended their sailing sponsorship as of Friday.  According to executives we spoke to, the program exceeded every ROI metric available, and with the new CEO a trimaran sailor and longtime SA reader, we hoped for more.

The girls have split into separate groups as they hunt for sponsorship for a host of different projects, and we hope and expect them to pop up at the Vendee Globe, the next VOR, the World Match Racing Tour, and possibly the Extreme Sailing Series, as well as scattered throughout the offshore fleet.  Adios, girls, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us – and tens of thousands of little girls around the world -  something special to cheer for.

Here’s what they wrote on Facebook:

The whole team would like to thank each and everyone of you for the amazing support over the last three years. We couldn’t have done this without you. The squad will continue the momentum that Team SCA has started with the ultimate goal to find a new sponsor. Thank you for sharing this journey with us ‪#‎weareteamsca‬ ‪#‎justthebeginning‬

Also, a fond farewell to SCA’s Team Doctor, Antonio Zoido, one of the nicest, smartest, and most helpful people we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.  He died suddenly on Sunday.  RIP.


October 5th, 2015

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Pat Rynne’s Waterlust videos have brought some of the most beautiful parts of our sport to the world over the past few years, and we’re lucky to call him a friend and occasional co-conspirator.  Few understand just how far Pat goes to pursue his passion, but an incident last week puts it all into perspective.  Our thoughts go out to Pat’s partner Fiona (who just underwent surgery and is in recovery) and the rest of their injured crew. You can share your support over here.

Dear friends,

Last Saturday while filming in Iceland, our amazing team of Fiona Graham, Laura Graham, Jennah Caster, Jenny Adler, Greg Owen and myself were involved in a motor vehicle accident. We were driving on a straight and paved road along the coast in the western part of the country and were hit by an extremely strong gust of wind deemed a ‘microburst.’ The force of the wind powerfully flipped our 6-person caravan off the road into a nearby marshland. We were driving slowly, at around 25mph at the time of the accident. We had been monitoring the weather throughout the morning and had not experienced winds that impaired our driving ability until this moment.

The camper did at least one full rotation and came to rest right side up off the road. The wind in this gust was blowing by my estimates in excess of 70 knots, tearing the camper structure off the frame of the car and blowing it out to sea. This is why the crash site appears like a high speed crash with such high levels of destruction. From what I can tell, the wind was accelerating through a small topographic feature that created the gust. I can’t be certain, this is just my assessment.

Immediately after the accident it was unclear who was injured and who wasn’t. For the first minutes we couldn’t find everybody amongst the debris. The details of what transpired over the next 30 minutes are not important, but in summary we determined that Greg had suffered a head laceration, Jenny had suffered a head injury, and Fiona had severely injured her back and was unable to move from the position she had landed when thrown from the vehicle. Laura, Jennah and myself escaped without substantial injury.

While waiting for an emergency response team to arrive, we stayed with Fiona and protected her from the swirling debris that were flying violently about the wreckage. It felt like we were in a Tornado. It took about 30 minutes for an ambulance to arrive and during this time it was unclear whether Fiona was bleeding internally. For all involved, these were the scariest moments of our lives as we thought we were losing her. An ambulance arrived and it was determined that Fiona needed to be emergency evacuated by Coast Guard helicopter to Reykjavik for immediate medical care.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 9.28.52 AMThe Coast Guard crew arrived after another 30 minutes and performed a skilled landing in the extremely gusty wind nearby. I was able to accompany Fiona on the flight and she was incredibly brave. Once in Reykjavik Fiona was attended to by a large team of medical experts in the cities primary hospital. It was quickly determined that Fiona has fractured her Sacrum and partially crushed her Pelvis. The Sacrum is the bone that connects the spine to the pelvis. The nature of Fiona’s injury is that the fracture is unstable, meaning she cannot not move without further endangering her spinal chord and neurological functions. During this evaluation period it was determined that much of Fiona’s neurological function is in tact. She can move her legs, toes, etc. However, the unstable condition of her bones meant she was at constant risk of further injury.

From Saturday to Wednesday (yesterday) Fiona was immobilized flat on a bed while her condition stabilized in Iceland. During this time we sent her CT scans and X-Rays to family and friends in the United States for review. We were extremely lucky for her case to be forwarded to an expert team in Boston who all agreed that Fiona required immediate surgery to stabilize her bones. Unfortunately this surgery is so complex that few surgeons around that world can perform it, and the hospital in Iceland was not suitable to perform it.

During this time Laura and Jennah were absolute rockstars, helping Fiona manage her pain and organizing all the logistics related to recovering our property from the accident. Volunteers walked the accident site and found more or less all of our belongings. For scale of the wind, one man found some of our wallets and phones 700 meters downwind from the wreck.

After days of logistical planning we were able to secure Fiona a flight on a commercial flight to Boston yesterday. The airline was extremely helpful and essentially folded 9 seats down such that a stretcher could be fixed above it. During transit she could not be moved from a laying down position without risking her spinal chord. Every time we moved her from one stretcher to another was extremely painful for her, but she handled it with absolute poise and courage. We arrived last night in Boston and were met with an emergency medical crew to transport Fiona from Logan airport to Massachusetts General Hospital. This transport went incredibly smoothly despite arriving from a foreign country. We are incredibly thankful for everybody’s efforts in facilitating this.

We are currently in Mass General where Fiona is scheduled for surgery tomorrow (Friday). The surgery is complex but we have one of the best specialists for this injury in the world performing it. She will be given a variety of screws and plates to stabilize her sacrum and pelvis and provide her the stability she requires to recover. Fiona has been brave beyond words through all of this, but this final major hurdle is understandably very scary for her and all of us that love her.

I apologize for sharing this information in such a crude manner as Facebook. We didn’t want to communicate this to friends publicly until we knew the full extent of Fiona’s injuries and the path forward to her recovery. Our best case scenario is that she will make more or less a full recovery without any neurological damage. It’s unclear whether this will happen or not, but her early tests suggest it is possible and we’re happy and thankful to be in that position given the severity of the accident. As with everything so far, we will cross each bridge as we reach it. We are thankful for the strength and love from both the Graham and Rynne families and feel confident that we can tackle whatever lies ahead.

Fiona will be incapacitated for some time and will not be able to read texts or emails on her own for approximately a week, maybe more. I am happy to read your notes to her, so feel free to pass them onto me either in this message thread or via direct message to me or email ([email protected]). I won’t be answering phone calls from anybody besides family during this time because I need to stay focused on being with her, so please stick to email or Facebeook messages for now. Down the road I will be sure to connect with you all in person, by phone or through email once I have time. In the meanwhile, please be patient.

There is nobody else in the world that has more strength, budding positivity, or determination than Fiona. This is one of the many reasons we all love her so very much. I know she can fight through this and win, and we’re going to do whatever it takes to get there.

much love,


October 5th, 2015

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