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Snipe Women’s Nationals July 15-17, Jubilee Yacht Club, Beverly MA!


May 5th, 2016

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Big Pimpin’

youthyouthWin a 1-year Junior MUSTO Sailing Sponsorship-The #sailorsearch competition offers sailors aged 21 and under the chance to compete for campaign support valued at £5,000.

The winner will also get the exciting opportunity of 1-on-1 training support from a MUSTO ambassador and gain valuable promotional exposure via MUSTO channels.

All sailors are welcome to apply: helms, crews,dinghy sailors; inshore and offshore racers. Go!


May 5th, 2016

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sail art

It’s about damn time we had a little art around here! Thanks to artist Björn Malm.

Title inspiration thanks to 10cc.


May 5th, 2016

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crushed itUpdate: Another World Record (still to be ratified) for Lloyd Thornburg and his crew. From Bermuda to Plymouth in 5 days 11 hours 57 minutes and 17 seconds… Previous record was over 14 days. They smashed this one. Crew onboard for the race: Lloyd Thornburg, Brian Thompson, Simon Fisher, Pete Cumming, Sam Goodchild and Paul Allen.

Nearly a dozen years ago, a British dentist and a couple of mates set out on the 50-foot trimaran Mollymawk and knocked 14 hours off of Eric Tabarly’s then 30-year old reference time from Bermuda to Plymouth. About the time that you read this, Lloyd Thornburg’s MOD 70 Phaedo^3 should sail into Plymouth and absolutely obliterate Mollymawk’s record of fourteen days and change, looking set to drop the reference time by nearly two-thirds. Having departed Bermuda on April 29, the bright green MOD 70 has been absolutely crushing it ever since, continuing to put up huge maxi-trimaran numbers in a relatively small, cheap and user-friendly package.

Poised to complete the 2,870 mile crossing in around five days, this will be just another broken record amongst broken records for both Thornburg and the now venerable MOD 70 design. With the MOD 70 class nearly dead on arrival due to piss-poor management, Thornburg and other MOD 70 owners have proven that it ain’t the boat’s fault as the former OD trimarans have gone on to enjoy their best days once being put out to pasture, essentially fucking their way into the record books at every turn like the studs they are.

Just a couple of weeks after Tom Siebel’s MOD 70 Orion displaced Steve Fossett’s nearly ancient record in the Newport to Ensenada (a race that our infamous Editor nearly won overall, losing by less than half a minute), the MOD 70 and other quick multihulls continue to prove their merit, making anything less exciting than a modern racing multihull seem exactly that… less exciting.

With American-owned MOD 70’s continuing to break records around the world and even old, turboe’d ORMA 60’s like Tritium Racing being pulled out of the shed, dusted off and modified to foil, we’re ultra stoked to continue to see this recent development of big, fast, offshore record-breaking multihull sailing in America. Big ups to our boys Lloyd Thornburg, Brian Thompson, Simon Fisher, Sam Goodchild, Paul Allen, Pete Cumming and Fletcher Kennedy for a job well done!


May 5th, 2016

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Day Three of the Star Sailors League rolls on, live from Hamburg, Germany.


May 5th, 2016

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Hawaii’s Robby Naish is one of the most accomplished and famous sailors that many Anarchists have never heard of. A legend in board sailing sports, Naish is a multi-time World Champion in a variety of disciplines of both kite-surfing and wind-surfing. A true innovator and entrepreneur, he’s built a hugely successful business empire that remains on the cutting edge of the kite boarding market; a thriving segment of the sailing world which has been revolutionized in recent years by the addition of foils. So it was no surprise to us when we scrolled through our social media feed a few days back and first saw the now-viral video of Naish’s new foiling downwind standup paddleboard.

In the hands of big-wave surfer and pro paddleboarder Kai Lenny, Naish’s new creation has just completely revolutionized another segment of the sailing world. Lenny, while seemingly dancing across the ocean fully on-the-foil, is achieving speeds previously thought unimaginable in a game that prides itself on innovation and constant development.

Top sailors have long trained on and loved these wind and human-powered machines; at just a couple of grand serious ocean voyages and cross training potential can be achieved on ultra-sexy, all-carbon race craft. A sport where the preferred conditions are sending it downwind in big breeze, ‘down winding’ combines downwind driving skills, tactics, fitness and agility., It’s a favorite of a lot of the America’s Cup guys, including 2-time champion helmsman Jimmy Spithill, who last year paddled in the ‘Transpac’ of downwind paddle boarding, the infamous 32-mile Molokai to Oahu race.

As some of ultra-high performance sailing and foiling’s biggest cheerleaders over the years, we’ve promoted the hell out of innovative one-designs like the GC32 and made it a priority to shine a spotlight on classes like the Moth, covering the ‘Little Cup’ and the international explosion of kiting and now foiling kiting. We knew it was only a matter of time, and we’re over the moon to see downwind paddle boarding step into the foiling era. The smile on Kai’s face tells it all. Wind-powered, fully-foiling, game-changer fast and fun as shit? Sign us up.


May 4th, 2016

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100 1On behalf of the AMERICAN MODEL YACHTING ASSOCIATION (AMYA), I would like to congratulate the members of the Central Park Model Yacht Club (CPMYC) for their successful day in the park for their 100 Year Anniversary Celebration! Commodore John Tucker, Vice Commodore Bruce Richter, and other members of the CPMYC made it their duty to host 1000’s of spectators, members and non-members of the AMYA and myself throughout the day (April 23, 2016)in beautiful Central Park.

With special guest speakers from the City of New York’s Parks Dept, and members of the Kerb family, who sponsor and paid for the Clubhouse after a devastating fire years ago were on hand to be honored. Throughout the day everyone was entertained with racing International One Meters(IOM’s), Vintage Model Yachts, and later a free for all display of over 25+ boats on the pond ranging from 26” long up to very classic J-Class boats that can be in size of 96” long. Being able to view

Classic Schooners sailing next to ultra-modern IOM’s next to now available “Ready To Sail” (RTS) type RC boats was s sight to behold. Skipper’s ranging in ages 9 years old to almost 85 years of age on the same pond, on the same day, on the same tack was a refreshing feeling knowing that our Radio Control Hobby can span the entire demographic of folks in which age has no limit. The CPMYC will be constantly adding pictures and videos of the days festivities on their website.

New England Model Yachts, also in attendance to further supply the Vintage class boats have also posted pics on the this link.  We here at the AMYA ….  are so proud of the Central Park Model yacht Club and applaud their positive long standing in the great city of New York’s Central Park and wish them another 100 years of success. As for me, it was a great honor to attend this event and represent the AMYA and will always be one of the highlights of my Presidency!!!

Good Winds!
Sailing Anarchist – Ray Seta
AMYA President


May 4th, 2016

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Let us be the first to invite this bimbo to swim a lap or two in Shit Lagoon and then let’s see how smug she is…

When is it time to panic about the Olympics?

It’s true, things are not pretty in Rio de Janeiro, even as the Olympic torch arrived Tuesday in Brazil, with three months until the opening ceremony of the Games.
There’s the raw sewage in Guanabara Bay, slated for sailing events. The doubts over whether the subway line connecting the Olympic venues will be finished in time. The horror of the collapse of a recently built $12 million seaside bike path (two dead, three injured), calling into question the integrity of the other structures the city has built for the Games — for which, by the way, ticket sales are still hovering at only about 62%.

But panic?

Well, the Zika virus is spreading, with some delegations debuting “Zika-proof” uniforms. The city’s notorious crime rate looms large, and Amnesty International has called attention to the death toll from police crackdowns in the favelas, or shantytowns.

All this while the country remains embroiled in economic recession, a corruption scandal and political drama, most notably impeachment proceedings against President Dilma Rousseff.
But let’s pause a moment. Read on if you must.


May 4th, 2016

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The Star Sailors League hit a new high this week, with 90 teams racing the SSL City event in Hamburg Germany for a share of the $100,000 prize purse.  In a big nod to series creator Michel Niklas’s vision, young racers are kicking ass after one day – Connecticut crew Josh Revkin sits in first place, while Luke Lawrence and Ian Coleman hold third.  Full news over here, and today’s racing begins above at 1000 local time (CET).

May 3rd, 2016

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super 30 logo

Shots will be fired across the bow of PHRF-San Diego this weekend as the first Super 30 class start will be featured in the Cortez Racing Association’s Opening Day Regatta.

The Super 30’s will be racing under KMSi and boats are getting measured and rated for this and future events and we look forward to the same kind of racing we all enjoyed at the first Sailing Anarchy Regatta! The Ed has jumped in with his Melges 32 Anarchy. Shouldn’t you too?

If you are interested and want more information contact Chris Winnard (AKA Snapper). Contact details are in the NOR or PM him here.

NOR link
Entries so far


May 3rd, 2016


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