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Contact Gunnar Christensen
South Bristol, Maine, USA
$ 8,000.00

If you're on Sailing Anarchy, then you're probably well aware of how fantastic these Peterson 34's are and it guts me to sell this girl. However, I've since relocated to the UK and it's a shame to have her just sit in storage and not have her out and about.

This is a good solid boat. That being said, it's been in storage for a few years without being launched, so she won't be show room pretty upon inspection, but it's a great template to work from to take a vessel from the era of bell bottoms and bad moustaches and give it your modern touches.

I'm the second owner, the first owner (and friend of the family's) purchased her to lay waste to the Annapolis area's regattas and he did so with glee with her for years. He even travelled as far as Miami and won the SORC with her. She is FAST. Since the name and colour scheme hasn't changed since day one people cruising to Maine from the Chesapeake still would say to me "my gosh, it's Moorish Idol!" and then regal me with tales of her racing history. For complete details please feel free to contact me directly.

While have had her (since 1992) she has won the around IsleboroRace, never less than a top 3 placing in multiple editions of the Dixie Bull Regatta among many other events.

But enough of that, so what's the deal with her now? Well, she is absolutely original to the day she was launched in 1978. Meaning you get all the wonderful original features that graced IOR boats of her day.

Many more current photos available now.
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