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: Annapolis, MD, US
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: $34,500.00

Moving to something different so it is time to sell my Viper 830 Wanda.
This is a chance for you to get a really powered up sportboat for a very reasonable price. Boat comes with a Triad trailer and a full inventory.
Wanda has been modified from standard in a number of ways: Kite retrieval system for string drops with a sliding canvas cover and an internal kite sock - solid FRP cover for distance racing. Carbon reinforcements of bow around the prodder tube to allow for flying A0 with prodder at full extension. Dual backstays allowing for a squaretop main. Adjustable forestay with under-deck purchase system. Convertible stanchions so you can have either standard height Dyneema lifelines to adhere to ORC cat 4 reqs or sail with low hiking lines depending on venue and safety requirements. Custom OB bracket that swings up with the OB so you can leave it in the cockpit without having to detach it. Hydro-Turf foam nonskid in entire cockpit. Jibtracks moved to deck and inhaulers added. 2:1 main halyard, self-tailing jib winches.
Sail inventory includes: light/med jib, heavy jib, storm jib, pinhead main, squaretop main, A0, reacher(a5), AP(a1.5), Runner kites. Jibs and squaretop main are carbon Doyle Stratis.
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