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Contact david wilson, m. d.
: 361-244-0705
: Corpus Christi, Texas, usa

The following sails came off a Santana 35:

1)Kevlar Heavy #1-(Luff 39’ 4”; Foot 20’ 7”; Leach 37’ 7”; LP 19.9’) Quantum Fusion X material, #6 luff tape; oldest sail I have but used relatively little, material is in good shape and shape is still good, no delam; comes with zipper launch bag. $450.00

2)Mainsail Dacron UK(Luff 40’ 4”; Foot 14’ 2”; Leach 42” 8”)--heavily used but serviceable and recently repaired. $300.00

3)Spinnakers-(Luff-39.0”; Foot and SMaxW-23.0’)-0.5-3 years old, 0.75 4 years old and 1.5 1 year old; all in excellent shape. The 1.5 oz that was used in windier conditions to protect the other spinnakers. They come with launch bag turtle. The 0.5 is a light air spinnaker cut for reaching; the others are running spinnakers. $575.00 each.
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