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Archive for the ‘video’ Category

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We were so motivated by the youth-centric feel at last week’s Melges 32 Worlds (and stay tuned for the full movie from that one coming soon) that we arranged a little trans-oceanic conversation between M32 alums Charlie and Mark and the Worlds fleet on Team Alvimedica.  Petey Crawford and the Alvi editing crew put it together into a little story.  Maybe your school kids or sailing organization wants to chat to them too; can’t hurt to ask them on Facebook...


December 16th, 2014 by admin

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Dongfeng Racing hangs on to a slim lead over Bouwe and the Brunel boys, with Ian Walker’s Abu Dhabi team just a few miles back with a hair over 100 miles to the finish.  And when the sun comes up in Abu Dhabi today, the Volvo Ocean Race folks will bring the last piece of the Leg 2 puzzle to you live. Click the link above for the countdown timer, and look for videos, analysis, and share your predictions and banter in the thread.


December 12th, 2014 by admin

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We promised to show you what newbie sailor chick Sally Fitzgibbons had to say to our Senior Editor yesterday, and here’s your delivery.  Big thanks to Land Rover Sailing, the Extreme Sailing Series, and the M32 Series for helping us put this short shoot together.  And a huge shout out to Petey Crawford for working overtime to convert some shitty iPhone video into something pretty – Sally’s looks certainly helped that, and she’ll be our Sailor Chick of the Week at least until the Hobart!

Learn more about this awesome athlete (and check out lots of bikini pics) over here.


December 11th, 2014 by admin

Article Separator

A dozen naked body-painted dancers, mermaids, and sailor-outfitted hostesses, a full steel drum band, a junior sailing auction, and every single crew partying their collective asses off despite the final race of the Melges 32 Worlds starting the next morning signals a return to the lighthearted party days that helped it become the top grand prix class in the sport.  It’s a good sign for the future of a boat that still owns the niche, and with 125 boats out there in the world and rumors of a new World Tour floating around, keep your eyes out for a resurgence.

Today’s racing highlight reel features some of the most intense action yet from the 2014 Melges 32 World Championship, produced by videostylist Petey Crawford and Penalty Box Productions.

Patience was the key for every team that held it together on this long, 3-race day, and with one final race remaining, reigning World Champion Jason Carroll (ARGO) leads Edoardo Lupi (Torpyone) by four points with all other competitors out of the running for the title. The final podium position is completely up for grabs, with 5 teams vying for the all-important bronze.

The final race will fire off at noon, local time on Sunday, and the 2014 Champion will be crowned an hour later. Follow Clean’s live commentated video on the Facebook Page.


December 7th, 2014 by admin

Article Separator

Is this just about the pefect embodiment of what a daily highlight reel should be?  Of course it is – it’s a Petey Crawford production with Clean on the mic and Gretta on the screen.  Drones, in-water helmet cams, and a rippin’ track…have at it, and go here for Carlo Borlenghi’s shots of yet another perfect Miami Day.  Live coverage from Clean all day over here, as USA vs. Italy battle gets serious on the final two days of Worlds.  Jason Carroll’s got a great little team of anarchists aboard and we’d love to see him two-peat the Worlds, but the parity here is ridiculous, and literally 9 boats are still in this one…



December 6th, 2014 by admin

Article Separator

We don’t know when we’ll stop finding the entire Vestas Wind drama interesting, but not today, and with the team finally headed to civilization, there’s plenty more to come.  To the few of you who’ve accused us of somehow whitewashing the whole affair or going easy on VOR management, we encourage you to watch this one all the way through; Frostad’s clear and honest answers and obvious admiration for what Nico and crew have accomplished during the toughest moment of their careers are just about perfect, and we’re not sure how anyone couldn’t be on their side after listening to him!

We’ve been told that SA is at the top of the interview list as soon as the team has been properly debriefed in the Emirates.  Got a question for Nico?  Post it here, and don’t bother if it isn’t really good.  The situation deserves more thought than usual.  Hardcore music lovers will know from whence our title comes…


December 6th, 2014 by admin

Article Separator

One down, four to go, and possibly the best forecast we’ve seen for a World Championship in years. US vs. Japan vs. Italy at the top, and Petey, Clean, and Gretta there to make it all look like sex on the water. Enjoy.  Results here.


December 4th, 2014 by admin

Article Separator

You might get sick of all of our Melges 32 coverage this week, but let’s be honest: It looks like five days of awesomeness in South Beach, and what else do you have to do?  Peter Crawford gives you some Pre-Worlds action along with a preview of some of the teams.

Get over to Facebook to follow the racing in real time.


December 3rd, 2014 by admin

Article Separator

No words needed.  Have a great weekend!


November 28th, 2014 by admin

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Clean Report

The last time the supremely badass RTW’er Dee Caffari and I shared an on-screen moment was during the 2012 Vendee Globe, when we sat in a TV studio together for about six hours commentating on the start of the race.  I fell in love with her incisive wit, open nature, and vast knowledge then, and knowing how much she longed for the sea when we were sat in our booth, it’s great to see her joining Team SCA for Leg 2 of the Volvo Ocean Race.  I grabbed Dee yesterday on the satellite camera for 17 minutes of open discussion about her training for the leg, the dynamics aboard the boat, what it’s like to come through the same spot she has multiple times – but with a crew this time – and most importantly to their fans, just where the girls are bleeding miles and where they’re strong.  Worth a listen for any fan of ocean racing, and required for anyone already as absorbed with the one-design VOR as we are.


November 24th, 2014 by admin

Article Separator

The competition amongst Volvo On-Board Reporters (OBR) is easily as heated as it is between the skippers, at least at this early stage, because there is an immediate payoff for those who excel.  The best of each leg gets a cool 1,000 euro, and anyone who really hits it out of the viral park will have some very happy sponsors and decades of solid work ahead of them.  Given the importance of the OBR role, the commitment that VOR have thrown behind them, and the likelihood that the next 8 months will be – let’s say ‘instructive’ for the future of sailing and the media – we’re paying close attention.  And so should you.

Today’s VOR piece comes from the 2 meter tall, slightly insane cameraman Stefan Coppers (Team Brunel).  We had fun with the gangly, wild-maned Dutchman in Cape Town, and he promised to give us something we saw precious little of in Leg 1: Humor.  So for our OBR video of the week, we’ve got a little giggle for ya – click on it above.  There’s more good news today as well; over here is a gyro/steadicam look at a full gybe as requested by many of you and answered by the poet of the bunch, Dongfeng OBR Yann Riou.  We also note that Team Alvimedica is (thankfully) back to releasing a raw, daily ‘Boatfeed’ especially for the more educated fan; check out today’s here.  Also, there are now TWO teams who have their own apps.  Team SCA’s is here, while Brunel’s just got launched this morning over here.


You all may not know that the Volvo folks only run a portion of the videos coming off the boats; in order to really stay on top of what’s happening in the Indian Ocean, you need to follow the teams as well.  We’ve found our VOR mornings to be best served by opening a window with the following tabs in it.

Abu Dhabi Youtube

Alvimedica Youtube

Brunel Youtube

Dongfeng Youtube

MAPFRE Youtube

SCA Youtube

Vestas Youtube

VOR Youtube

Watch Log


November 24th, 2014 by admin

Article Separator

Clean Report

We’ve got far too many videos from my ten-day stop in Cape Town to put them all up here, but despite the fact that they’re all shaky ‘Clean Cam’ clips, the interviews finally get you sailors what you really want:  In-depth discussions of what’s working and what’s not, what’s fast and what’s not, and what their real problems and advantages are.  So enjoy, and be sure to head over to our Youtube playlist for the stopover, don’t forget there are a few more (including an exceptional chat with VOR sail loft manager Nathan Quirk) over on Facebook, and of course you all owe it to yourselves to catch up with the latest and greatest on the Leg 2 thread, though you might want to skip to Page 6…

The Big Show

Mark Covell and play-by-play guy Niall Myant have started feeling their oats in the broadcast booth and I’ll be taking over Knut’s spot on the chase boat along with the incredible Skip Novak for color, but here’s what you really want to know:  It will be BLOWING DOGS OFF CHAINS.  In fact, it already is.  In double fact, it hasn’t stopped since I got off the plane.

Please stay tuned for the team-by-team form guide that’s on its way to you as soon as I can get off the water, and keep your eyes out for the (far too lengthy) analysis of pretty much everything you could want to know about the VOR; 30 hours of air travel on Friday should be just enough time to finish that one.  Live Stream begins at 1750 local time/1550 UTC/1050 EST/0750 PST, and we’ll be online for at least an hour; longer if the near-gale conditions and possibly huge seas will allow.  I can guarantee you one thing: It’s gonna be a hoot.  We’ll change this link to the replay when it’s available, usually a few hours after the end of the broadcast.

The Crush Goes On

Team SCA Skipper Sam Davies may be a  couple of years older than the last time she enthralled me with her brains and skills, but she’s still as open and interesting as ever to chat with.

Pit Boss

At 37 years old, Nick Bice has spent the better part of his adult life on the Volvo, first as a racer and then as a shore manager.  Now he’s running the Boatyard, perhaps the most important piece of the puzzle in the Volvo’s quest for sustainability.  This is an awesome 18 minutes with one of the most charismatic dudes in the game.  Enjoy it.

Race Boss

Grizzled ocean racing and race admin vet Jack Lloyd has already lost part of a finger to this race, but he’s not about to lose any of his teams to pirates.  We get the full story on how the Exclusion Zones work, what military support is available to the fleet, and much more in yet another good chat with yet another guy boiling over with character.

Language Gap

With Iker Martinez heading off to deal with business back home, the French press was left to sort out what happened during MAPFRE’s first-leg implosion.  We grabbed Iker in a romantic spot to get the real deal from him, and as usual, he was an open book. Find out whether Iker and Mich Dej came to blows on the run down the African Coast (spoiler alert- they didn’t).


November 18th, 2014 by admin

Article Separator

Will Ian Walker get back on form and run away with the Cape Town In-Port Race? When Bouwe told the press that he didn’t take the in-port seriously, was he serious? Will the girls start showing their talent? What happens when you sail a VO65 with just 7 crew? And most importantly, will Knut Frostad throw Mr. Clean in the water during their on-water commentary together?

Find all this out and more with a couple of hours of beautiful racing in the shadow of Table Mountain.  And don’t forget about the Leg 2 Start this coming Wednesday, when you can listen to Clean and the team once again as the fleet heads off for some Soouthern Ocean fun. That’s 19 November at 1750 local/1550 GMT/1050 EST/0750 PST.

UPDATE: Thanks for your patience. We’re not happy with this delay at all and we can say confidently it’ll be a lot faster next time. I’ll have my thoughts on the race and some more inside news and gossip over the next few days as the Leg 2 Start approaches. Thread or Facebook for it.

November 15th, 2014 by admin

Article Separator

In this battle of the latecomers from an angle we may be the first to have, the two final entries in the VOR fight it out mid-Atlantic, with Chris Nicholson luffing the Spanish a couple of weeks into Leg 1.  Did MAPFRE foul Vestas?  You make the call.

Meanwhile, MAPFRE’s DFL has already produced some major casualties, including the world’s most successful solo ocean RTW’er.  You heard that right, Michel Desjoyeaux gets the flick from MAPFRE along with French navigator Nico Lunven, and Spanish sailing journo Pedro Sardinia says there was plenty of drama between the French star and Spanish skipper, and q quite unbearable atmosphere on boad according to Sardina.  Thanks to Geronimoll for the translation of the original Spanish piece here.

You should already be on the Leg 2 thread here if you’re looking for the latest news.  Want to know something special about any of the teams or this edition of the VOR?  Post up and Mr. Clean will get the answer for you on the ground in Cape Town – he arrives on Wednesday.


November 11th, 2014 by admin

Article Separator

Leg 1 of the Volvo is over, the Rhum fleet screams towards the Caribbean, some Midwest college action, remembering the memories, and much more in this week’s edition of Video Anarchy.

The King of the Atlantic

it was a different Banque Populaire Maxi that Loick Peyron took to the ultimate record smash, but today’s accomplishment is almost as good; the affable Francais and SA fan is just a few hours from breaking the absolute Route Du Rhum record, more than a hundred miles ahead of the bigger, faster boat he once skippered!  Peyron needs to average around 15 knots to break the Lemonchois record (of 7d aboard a boat he was only recruited to sail a couple of months ago, and with Michel Desjoyeaux and Franck Cammas flailing around in their own pursuits lately, Peyron cements his legendary place as today’s king of the Atlantic.  The Route Du Rhum thread just keeps getting better and better, especially now that Anarchist “Laurent” is back putting English translations on the best videos from the course like today’s note from Loick; thanks Laurent! The latest page of the thread is here, or read from the beginning here.

Heart of Darkness

The last time we got excited about a sailing movie was when Peter Weir brought Patrick O’Brian’s incredible Master and Commander to the big screen with the help of at least one Anarchist rigger.  The movie was badass to sailors and mostly well-received by critics, though it never got close to making up the USD$150 million it cost to make – part of the reason we haven’t seen another big budget nautical movie in the intervening decade.

But now there’s a new one, and it’s based on the scariest fish story of all time.  Heart of the Sea is directed by one of the best of the generation, adapting a spectacular book written by a guy who once won a major Sunfish championship.  You can learn more in the thread, but for now, just click “HD” and turn the sound up.  This one is worth it.

Final Fourth

It’s full of clips that any real Volvo fan saw days or weeks ago, isn’t really targeted at knowledgable sailors, and occasionally forgets that it’s telling stories about a race rather than a cruise, but the fourth installment of Volvo’s Life at the Extreme TV series continues to improve on earlier episodes, even if only in fits and starts.  If anything, it’s a great show to share with non-sailing squares – students at school or your friends, families, or whomever has shown an inability to really comprehend what you do on Saturdays and Wednesday nights, or why you always have bruises after some of those long weekends.  For our part we don’t expect to embed these for you after this one – there’s just better stuff coming from the teams and VOR and we prefer to highlight that.

We’re not particularly bullish on cable TV and we don’t expect to get bowled over by the race’s American TV ratings now that NBCSN is running the series, but we’re not at all sure it matters.  With over a million Facebook fans and a monster news, social media and video footprint right now, it’s clear the investments they’ve made in staff, one-design boats and communications are paying.

The race’s biggest problem is the typical Sailing Anarchy reader, because they need you.  It’s your support that keeps interest up between races and it’s yachtie brand-loyalty that sustains interest in this race over the decades.   But you know too much, you expect too much, and it’s impossible to keep you happy, which is why we tell everyone that the Ocean Racing Anarchy forum threads are really the best tool to follow the race.  Let the Anarchists curate the information coming out of the boats and race HQ for you, and follow along there yourself.  Relive the leg 1 thread here, and be ready for Leg 2 by subscribing to the thread.  Check the short Leg 1 review reel here.  Those of you coming over to Cape Town for the festivities, the schedule is here.

The People’s Skipper

Whitbread skipper, sailmaker, and everyone’s favorite Cork character Joe English died last week, and we salute the Irishman with this short film following Joe and wife April’s journey with the early-onset Alzheimer’s that eventually took his life.  If the film (or Joe’s memory) touched your life, consider donating to The Alzheimer Society of Ireland.  Thread here.

Big Fish/Little Pond

Our friend Sarah Sloan over at the Michigan Sailing Team hits us with a little news from the Big Ten Team Race last week in Ann Arbor; scores and details here, and thanks to U of M sailor Zachary Frankel for the movie.

Six months after the Worst Winter Ever and the resulting perpetually froze lake caused the University of Michigan Sailing Team to postpone and reschedule the Big 10 Team Race regatta, six teams from the MCSA came to Ann Arbor to compete for the top prize (in this case, a giant jar of Halloween candy and their name on an impeccably polished trophy).

In an uncharacteristic display of charity, Michigan Weather decided to provide us with exceptional fall weather and wind Saturday and Sunday. The University of Michigan, the University of Wisconsin, Northwestern University, Marquette University, the University of Notre Dame, and the Ohio State University sailed all day under blue skies and with a blowing breeze. Michigan ended the day undefeated in first, and everyone returned back to campus for a night of relaxation and warm showers.

Even though there was a decrease in temperature and wind speed on Sunday, the level of competition was still incredibly high, with the day ending in a sail-off between the University of Michigan and the University of Wisconsin. Michigan won the final race, but subsequently lost off the water when a protest brought to the judges went in the favor of Wisconsin, who clenched the top spot for the weekend.

It seemed, however, that everyone drove away Sunday afternoon feeling victorious. UofM isn’t going to name names, but we overheard members of another team claiming they haven’t had as much fun at a regatta as they did at Big Ten since they were freshman. It’s hard to stay upset about your performance on the water when you put your accomplishments in perspective; how many college students can say they got to spend the weekend on the water with the coolest kids across the Midwest?


November 9th, 2014 by admin

Article Separator

Yes, they have! Watch the finish with Genny Tulloch and Mark Covell, live above.  And thanks to VOR for doing it.


November 5th, 2014 by admin

Article Separator

We’re not shy about our love for carnage, and the new VOR media system’s tool allowing ‘last minute’ capture of painful moments is pure gold.  Unfortunately for our friends on DongFeng, they get to use it first.  And unfortunately for the supplier of the boats – a/k/a the Volvo Ocean Race – one of the strongest parts of the boat just broke.

So what broke, exactly?  While port is necessary for a real post-mortem (analysis being somewhat difficult at 25 knots of boatspeed), DFRT boss Mark Turner told us five minutes ago that it appeared to be metal fatigue at the aft-most padeye; the one that both the masthead zero and the A3 sheet to.  It’s a piece of steel that should be strong enough for a decade to lift the boat from, and with the above video showing no abuse at all to the part, the other teams, VOR (and more importantly, the roving Boatyard) could be more than a little nervous right now.

The snapped padeye immediately led to the destruction of the starboard wheel, lifelines, stanchions, pushpit, and sheeting strut, and plenty more.  Only luck prevented any injuries and a lot of further damage.  And you know what?  Caudrelier’s merry Chinese/French band is back to sending it, and they’re just a few miles out of the lead!  Know what else?  They could have stayed completely quiet and hoped that their competition had the same problem – a definite possibility given the one-design nature of the boat, and no one would be the wiser.  Massive props to Caudrelier, Turner and the team for showing their character and quality.

Is this our new favorite team?  Watch the video.  And if our title doesn’t make you laugh, that’s not our fault.  Watch this for a little understanding.

UPDATE:  Great new video here from the SCA girls, putting a brave face on a tough first leg performance.  And a great chat between Ken Read and the race leading Ian Walker as his Abu Dhabi 65 goes down the mine.  Laugh at our Senior Editor along with Walker @12:08.


November 3rd, 2014 by admin

Article Separator

Couldn’t be at the biggest sailboat show in America?  Don’t fret; like all boat shows in North America; there wasn’t much to see for the average racing enthusiast.  Sometime around 2008, when the economy was in full implosion, the Annapolis Show was more or less taken over by the only companies with money to spend – the big cruising manufacturers.  Enthusiasts get their ‘first looks’ from the web these days while racing manufacturers tend to save their real secrets – if there are any left – for the METS, Paris, or Dusseldorf So now the show is dominated by fat, slow boats and the people who love them – especially the folks at Cruising World, who are like royalty amongst the Annapolis crowd, using the show to get all their advertisers in one place for their 2015 sales book.

While there was almost nothing actually new in Annapolis, there were still a few interesting things to see from both randoms and friends of SA.  We didn’t get everything we liked – for instance, we missed the crazy Swiss guy 3-D printing models of your boat from existing CAD files (though not particularly new), and the wind didn’t cooperate either for an honest test of the MxNext or our Gunboat tests – but thanks to help from The Rev Petey, we’ve got nine videos from the show, and the best are embedded below.  Don’t miss interviews about new products from Zim Sailing (high-quality dinghies built in USA), Ganz Eco Energy (tough, efficient solar panels), and SailMon (best instrument displays ever) here

Gunboat 2.0

Folks tell us we have a love affair, but we don’t give a shit, because we love everything about them.  Peter Johnstone has not only created an entirely new genre of high performance sailboats, he’s created a brand that is now reaching into exciting new communities with some very hot new boats.  Extreme snowboarding legend Travis Rice is now cruising his Gunboat now, while dot com boomers like Carolyn and Chris Groobey and a pile of confidential Facebook veterans are easing into the new 55 series, and digital entrepreneur Rob from Vermont commissioned his new G60 with the first rotating rig on a Gunboat.  They’re fit, friendly, and none of ‘em shies away from a good party. Gunboats still seem to be getting some of the older performance monohull crowd on board with the 55 as well, guys like the NYYC Commodore, for example.  Things are busy in Wanchese, and we couldn’t be happier for this modern American success story.

During what was meant to be our ‘test sail’ window in Annapolis for the newly launched G55 and the Spring-launched G60, we ghosted along at 5 knots under a big furling downwind sail in a hair less of breeze, sliding up the bay on the incoming tide.  So rather than shoot some uninspiring light-air sailing, we talked to Carolyn Groobey aboard Gunboat 55 #1, which she and her husband are sailing to be ready for their 55 #3, scheduled for imminent delivery.  She’s a great chat and the video above is an interesting look at a part of the new generation of semi-retired cruisers.

Our staff videographer got the chance to deliver the boat to North Carolina over the weekend in 20-40 knots of breeze and hurricane-driven following swell, and we’re looking forward to some excellent delivery stuff featuring Petey himself, as well as the Groobeys, Gunboat staffer Lauren Bataille and boat captain Chris Bailet.

Aero Space

I admit to being a little distracted during this interview with RS Sailing’s Riki Hooker thanks to his physical and vocal resemblance to Office Space‘s Ricky Gervais.  He’s funny as hell too, and very excited about the more than 400 orders RS have already taken for the 66-pound Aero.  We have no idea whether it sails well (though there are plenty of first-hand reports in the forum – and remember to take everything with a grain of salt) but it looks sexy and quick, and the price compares well to anything else in the market.  Learn more about it in my chat with Riki above.

3 out of 3

You know the old saying about “stronger, cheaper, lighter – you can pick two out of three”?  Dave from Samson talks about how the new Warpspeed 2 manages all three in the update on one of our favorite lines.

Watch This Space

We have a hard enough time keeping track of one watch, much less two.  Ronstan’s figured out a way to make something functional that looks good enough to wear to dinner.  Clean gets Moondawg to explain.

Rodeo Clown

There’s no question that conventional drysuits make us all look like a bit of a clown no matter how incredibly functional they are, and the PNW kiteboard guys at Ocean Rodeo have a solution.  We love to see new blood in the sport, especially coming from the young, hip part of things, so check out what they’ve got.

Reel Big Fish

Challenged by Oakley at Harken, Mr. Clean stepped up to the pedestal to win the final day of the show by a whopping 18 hundredths of a second over the runner up.  It’s funny because it’s true.


October 23rd, 2014 by admin

Article Separator

Things are still pretty chaotic at Volvo Ocean Race HQ but the content is certainly flowing in from a fleet that’s all still within sight of each other hundreds of miles down the track. The Leg 1 Start coverage may not have been inspiring but at least it wasn’t embarrassing, and you should watch it here if you haven’t.  And for those looking to really embark on the VOR adventure, click the player above to check out the first episode of Life At The Extreme – the weekly series Volvo is banking on to attract millions of new fans to the race.  We’re not at all sure it’s the right path to follow (especially if the series relies on the British version of Twiki for the voiceover), but it’s a creditable half hour of documentary TV introducing the key players on many of the teams.   Producers continue to struggle to get these pro sailors to show even the remotest enthusiasm or humor when they’re on camera, but that’s a universal problem that time and good interviewers can hopefully solve.

It’s no easy task for a fan stay on top of the disorganized stream of info coming from the fleet, and the most complete index for all of it might just be the Leg 1 thread in Ocean Racing Anarchy. The forum-adverse can hit the VOR Watch Log here and the ‘new article’ link here for an easy content dump, and we encourage everyone to check out past SCOTW’s daily show The Inside Track on this playlist.  For the best place to see the raw boatfeeds, subscribe to Pierre’s Vimeo page.

There’s already been some good carnage; Brunel had to cook up a repair for a snapped spinnaker sheet outrigger, Tony Rey crushed some ribs, and there’s a few more human and non-human breakages, though our favorite story so far comes with a side of sashimi.  From Brunel:

Jens Dolmer is looking restlessly around. The boat is not sailing to his liking. His eyes dart nervously back and forth. Suddenly the Dane pulls a large a serrated knife from his pocket and runs to the aft deck. Behind the boat is a fishing line with a giant tuna at the end, fighting for his life. In the distance a Moroccan fisherman in a tiny rowboat balled his fist! With a quick movement Dolmer cuts through the thick fishing line.

Helmsman and gastronome Laurent Pagès cannot believe his eyes. “Two days,” he calls somewhat disappointed. “For two days we could had eaten delicious tuna.” He shakes his head. However Dolmer looks happy. He does not like fish and the boat runs harder.

Oh yeah – the VOR’s tracker has been universally panned, losing a great deal of functionality from the past two editions while getting a cartoon look.  There’s an alternative over here until they get their shit together, and if you don’t mind using more CPU than a copy of Planetside 2, hit up the Virtual Eye tracker.


October 15th, 2014 by admin

Article Separator

More busy times in the land of the video editor, and we’ve got 5 good ones for you to start your week off right.

Getting To Know You

It’s gratifying to see so many sailing videographers finally focusing on individual people; it’s the kind of character-building we’ve felt has been missing from the landscape for the better part of a decade.  The characters are there – the sport’s full of ‘em – and this video from Ben Hartnett is an absolutely gorgeous and innovative way to get to know UK-born Aussie Olympic Finn sailor Oli Tweddell.  Watch closely – it might make you a better sailor, too.

Show and Show

Olympic 470 Dutchie and longtime SA devotee Kalle Coster showed off possibly the hottest racing product at the Annapolis Boat Show to Mr. Clean and Petey; here’s a 6 minute look inside the best-looking race display on the market.  Keep an eye on Penalty Box Productions’ Vimeo page for more videos from the show dropping on Tuesday morning, including our first-sail on both the Gunboat 55 and 60.


It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the awesomely close one-design racing we’re already seeing in the Volvo Ocean Race, but we ought never forget that they are competing on a forbidding and potentially deadly field.  If there’s one thread running across all of Waterlust’s videos, it’s humility, and this VOR vid from the Waterlust team is a beautiful look at that humbling ocean.  As an aside,  we thank VOR TV for fixing many of the problems that plagued the in-port race during their much better race start coverage.

What A Long Strange Chip It’s Been

Petey Crawford takes a soup-to-nuts look at the breezy E-Scow Blue Chip Regatta last month on Lake Pewaukee Lake.  It’s got carnage, kids, drones, and Jimmy Spithill helming one of these classic surfboards; a strong buildup to next year’s 50th anniversary Blue Chip.  If you’ve been a Mystery Guest before, mark your calendars – they’ll be inviting every one of you to come along for the fun in September 2015.

Back Of The Pack

While the top boats get the prettiest videos, we love to check in with the rest of the fleet, and this video from 30th place Hyper Viper at the 34-boat Viper 640 North Americans has plenty to make you smile.  Congrats to Brad Boston, Curtis Florence, and Chad Corning for the win.


October 13th, 2014 by admin

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Gunboat 60 sailing in Annapolis, MD.

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