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Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 4.16.10 AMAs much as we appreciate a little freedom, we’re on board with what some may say are draconian measures to regulate quadcopter activity in US airspace released last week and set to go in effect tomorrow to spoil Santa’s surprise.  The new FAA rules require mandatory federal registration and marking for every UAV over a half pound and flown anywhere in the US, including the several million forecast to be sold this Christmas season.  Leaving aside the implications of what is essentially still a free-for-all despite mid-size UAV’s being perhaps the cheapest and most efficient terrorist weapon ever, we’ve already seen a drone crash into a racing boat at a world championship while its owner stayed silent when the call went out to claim it.  Something’s gotta give.

Our unique sport is uniquely situated to benefit from these great little bits of tech, and while the slightly annoying new registration requirements will be almost impossible to enforce, we agree with FAA that they will at least provide something of a ‘culture of responsibility’ for the tens of millions of drone owners already buzzing around out there. Plus the online registration takes five minutes and at five bucks, it’s dirt-cheap – and free if you register the first month of the program.  Fail to do it and get busted, and the fines can be as much as a quarter of a million bucks and prison.  Commercial users and non-US citizens, you’re shit out of luck – it’s back to the crazy-ass long form paper registration system for you.

UPDATE: Wanna blow UAV’s out of the sky safely?  How about this little number?


December 20th, 2015 by admin

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For whatever reason, a watchable, long-form sailing documentary is something of a unicorn.  Folks say they’ve seen them, but evidence is…well, hard to come by.  Sure, you can find some Gary Jobson sleep aids here and there, but clever, professionally done, enjoyable hour-plus long sailing films just don’t really exist.  So, with huge thanks to Chris Fretz for the explanation below, here’s that unicorn – wrapped up in the E-Scow Nationals movie.  Enjoy, and share with a passionate junior sailor you know.  And for best results, share it to your big screen and watch in 1080p.

Boats that are fast enough to waterski behind and families sailing together across multiple generations may seem like incompatible ideas. But they come together nicely in the E-Scow, a 28-foot keel-free, high-powered rocketship popular in Midwest lakes and Eastern bays.

The class’s annual national championship regatta is both a high-level competition and a large-scale social reunion, as friends and families who have sailed with and against each other for decades come together for three days of intense racing and world-class partying for sailors from seven to seventy-something. It was the E-Scow class’s unique spirit that regatta organizers aimed to capture when formulating the media plan for the 2015 E-Scow National Championship, held in September at Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club in Beach Haven, NJ.

It seems like every major regatta these days raises the bar with social media coverage, live trackers and real-time streaming of the racing from drones.  It is definitely an exciting time with new tools and technology capturing the sport we love.  But Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club took a different tack when they hired documentary filmmaker Peter Slack to film this year’s Nationals.

No stranger to sailing, Peter grew up on Barnegat Bay in New Jersey racing scows. When he wasn’t on location filming for NatGeo or Discovery he was often on the water taking stills of the fleets that race on the bay.  Peter and his crew arrived in Beach Haven on September 10th along with 59 teams from as far as Grand Lake, CO, Lake Minnetonka, MN and Augusta, GA.

The regatta concluded on September 13 with a dominating performance by Jeff Bonanni, Maggie Condon, Matt Goetting, and Mike O’Brien sailing “Limelight” for Toms River Yacht Club.  They turned in a 1,1,1,1,2 and dropped a 5 for the win.  Full results here.  The regatta was an overwhelming success for the competitors, the class and the volunteers at Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club who made sure that the entire event was as fun as the racing.

Peter, on the other hand, was just getting started.  With several handheld cameras, time-lapses cameras, drones and onboard point-of-view cameras rolling over 4 days,  there was a lot of footage to work through.

On Dec 6th, Peter premiered his finished film to a packed house at Toms River Yacht Club.  We couldn’t be happier with what he has done and how he has shown the sailors who make up this great class.  This would not have happened without the support of sponsors and donors and for that we are thankful!

For the best reasons we ask that you set aside about 90 min, get some popcorn and a drink, maybe two, and enjoy the 2015 E-Scow Nationals .

December 14th, 2015 by admin

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A breezy day on Sydney Harbour meant some mast-washing for Pierre Pennec and the Lino Sonego X40 team today; Sydney’s time zone is perfect for live action for US West Coasters, starting at 0030 ET/2130 PT today.  We don’t know who’s winning the season or, frankly, which teams are racing, and the X40 broadcast is usually pretty weak, but with a solid forecast for tonight (Saturday afternoon local) and more chances for carnage, we’ll be taking a look.



December 11th, 2015 by admin

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Update: Californian George Szabo sure has a nose for money – he grabbed the $40,000 first place booty. Mr. Clean will have his take on things tomorrow..

With World Champions and Olympians already knocked out of the final round, the stage is set for some high-stakes drama in front of the Nassau Yacht Club for the final day of the Star Sailors League Finale.  11 advance to the one-race quarters, 7 to the semis, and just 4 boats in the final shootout for the biggest share of the $200,000 purse – a cool forty grand.  Imagine the cost of a single piece of weed on your rudder today!

Watch it all right here.


December 5th, 2015 by admin

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Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 9.23.33 AMEven if you know how this massive anchoring how-to video ends, it’s still a must-watch.  Title shout to one of the all-time classic anarchists.


December 4th, 2015 by admin

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Decent breeze forecast for the morning action on Day 2 of the Star Sailors League, and organizers are buoyed by the multitudes of SA’ers checking in – yesterday nearly 30,000 keelboat fans watched some of the action! We hope to see y’all back here for some more, starting at 1100 EST.   and we hope to see more of you back today.  Action starts at 1100 EST.


December 3rd, 2015 by admin

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Former VOR Dongfeng media crew Yann Riou picks up where he left off as one of sailing’s visual poets, this time aboard the maxi Trimaran Spindrift 2 as she continues her assault on the Jules Verne Trophy.  It’s a beautiful, English-subbed look at the kind of work these bad boys do when things calm down, complete with aerials from the on-board drone.  And don’t forget – Francis Joyon and crew are going for the same outright round-the-world record as Bertarelli/Guichard on S2, and the two boats are almost within spitting distance of eachother!

Don’t bother with the official trackers – SA’er “Volodiaja” has built his own “Universal Tracker” complete with all sorts of tricky functions; follow the two fastest ocean-racing sailboats on the planet right here. Talk about it in Ocean Racing Anarchy.

November 30th, 2015 by admin

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Clean Report

We took a whirlwind tour through the world’s most important boat show in Amsterdam last week, and our only regret is that we didn’t stay longer at the Marine Equipment Trade Show.  In the three years we’ve taken off from November’s marquee industry event, it’s exploded in size and scope – and for the sport we all love, that’s a very good thing, because METS may be the most accurate barometer in the world for the health of sailing globally.  And if that’s the case, we’re in for a hell of a decade – in just three years, the number of attendees has nearly doubled, and you may remember that the METS doesn’t allow public entry – every one of those 24,000-odd people is in the boat biz or a special guest of an exhibitor.

The number of exhibitors has also mushroomed up to over 1400 from literally all over the world; instead of a couple of exhibition halls, there were about 12 massive spaces filled to overflowing with products and service providers touting everything from infrared engine-room monitoring cameras to new fender systems for marina walls.

We were mostly unimpressed with the number of truly innovative new products, but that’s not a bad thing; rather than a lot of dreamy new toys, there were dreamy new companies from dreamy new lands – another positive sign that the sport’s providing new opportunities in new places.

We had enough time to pick our own ‘best in show’ as well as to grab some interviews with the sport’s movers and shakers.  Here’s the video guide, and no, we don’t care if the sound isn’t up to your standards.  If you want the info no one else has, this is your only option, and we can guarantee a much bigger effort for next year’s METS.

Outside looking in; entrance and intro to the METS

Oceanvolt’s new App and remote management for their electric propulsion/storage/generation systems

The obscene display of jewelry that is the Superyacht Pavilion

A quick look at SOS Marine’s new emergency MOB retrieval system.  Good shit.

The guys at Forward Sailing WIP have some seriously sexy helmets and armor.

One of our Best In Show choices – Rope Eye’s “Spiderblock”

A fascinating chat with Diab Composites engineer Valerio about the new Divinycell ‘anti-slam’ core, including a chat about Hugo Boss structural issues and the future of high-speed monohull construction.  Part One.  Part Two.

The kiwi hippies at Seabin Project need your help to clean the world’s harbors and bays.  Required listening.

A quick look at the DAME award winning PFD strobe, as well as the much more interesting new Rig-Sense gauge.

Two products Americans might never otherwise see despite their cleverness – the Ino-Block high-load block and the “Nub”.  If you want the latest and greatest as seen on the Mini/Class 40/Open 60, clicky.

With IRC and HPR proving dismal failures in the US and ORR struggling to get out of the box, it’s time for a new player in Grand Prix rating rules, with Key West 2016 ringing in the new year with ORC in America.  Learn all about the rule in this 20-minute chat with Dobbs Davis and Matteo Polli.

They kept trying to kick me out for shooting the “no photography” DAME awards hall.  I shot it anyway. 

BONUS VIDEO: The “Sailor Girl” Nic Douglass shot VOR Boatyard boss Nick Bice giving a talk about the shared boatyard concept.  Good stuff here.  Check Nic’s feed for more from METS and wherever the hell she is this week.

November 25th, 2015 by admin

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We love sailing whether it’s on land, water, or ice.  So how about a combination?  These Class 5 sand yachts certainly look like a complete blast as they rip the beach apart at 30+ mph in Wijk aan Zee, Netherlands.  Wanna know more?  Ask the guy who shot it.


November 25th, 2015 by admin

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Try as they might, French marketeers just don’t have a handle on the art of the publicity stunt.  Brian Hancock mentioned it the other day, and now the video is in of Julbo eyewear and Franck Cammas becoming the first humans to foil around the Horn. While they accomplished their goal, is it wrong for us to be completely underwhelmed?  ‘Cause we are.

We also wonder what it says about the Flying Phantom that Cammas chose to go with the Nacra 20 FCS instead of the boat he helped to develop.  Was the FP not up to the task for the first stunt we’ve ever seen from the Man in Green?

Hey – at least they added their names to the record books – and got a nice big spread in GQ-France.  Clicky above for the video.


November 23rd, 2015 by admin

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