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Archive for the ‘video’ Category

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Artemis Racing skipper Nathan Outerridge could have been one slip-and-fall away from turning the tide on the quick Kiwis and moving on to an Oracle that he clearly feels would have been an easier test, but he’s good natured and honest about it in this 10 minute long interview with Mr. Clean on the pierside in Bermuda.  Clean finally brought some good questions to an island that’s seen weeks of fluff from the vast majority of reporters on the ground, and his subject – also the guy commentating if you watched NBC or the NBCSN app in the states – is one of the brightest and most accomplished sailors in the sport.  Learn about Nath’s feelings on his loss, whether Artemis will challenge again, Nath’s opinion on the speed difference between the two AC boats, and Burling’s mental toughness as the young Kiwi goes into tomorrow with a 4-1 lead. That and more in this 10 minutes with the flying Aussie from Lake Macquarie.

June 24th, 2017 by admin

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Racing in Rio may have been completely overshadowed by mass protests, a wave of murders, the Zika epidemic, and a government in shambles, but if you missed the story of Santi Lange and his crew Ceci, it’s one you want to catch up with.  From losing part of lung to cancer to winning Olympic Gold after two-plus decades of attempts, Santi is a legend – and this piece from The Olympic Channel is a well-produced look at his battle.  Above is just a trailer – the full 10 minute mini-doc is over here.


June 23rd, 2017 by admin

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Big Pimpin’

If you like sailing with and against the best of the best in the world’s best sailing destinations, have we got a boat for you!  More from their first-ever regatta in Porto Cervo at the Melges 40 Facebook Page.

June 21st, 2017 by admin

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A couple of hilarious sailors from the New Plymouth Yacht Club give us the funniest moment of the AC yet as they watch Emirates Team New Zealand streak off to two straight wins on Day 1 of the America’s Cup.  Burling and his crew outclassed the Aussie afterguard on Oracle in both starts and all the way around the course, and neither finish delta (around 30 seconds in the first race and closer to 90 in the second – big margins for these boats) showed just how much faster the New Zealand team is in the 7-10 knot range around the Great Sound.

We’ve all seen this show before: A great Kiwi design dominating the early rounds, but can an older Jimmy Spithill still pull a rabbit out of his hat?  And will the breeze ever come in, presumably equalizing the designs somewhat?

One comment about the nationally televised (free-to-air) NBC coverage of the AC opener: It was beautifully shot, well-directed, and overall, damned good.  Rather than sticking with the older, staler studio team the international feed used, NBC brought in Nathan Outteridge and Chris Draper to talk about what’s actually going on in those beastly boats and call the action.  Producers even waited for the first race to end before running 5 minutes of commercials…well done, broadcast TV!  We’re not optimistic on the ratings, but we can definitely recommend you catch tomorrow’s racing on the tube – it’s the final day that a real network will be broadcasting in the USA before it returns to cable TV and the awful NBCSports Live app.

If you don’t get the bicycle reference in the title to this piece, you’re young. Or we’re just old.

June 17th, 2017 by admin

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The Sailor Girl is front and center in Bermuda with AC Race Director Iain Murray to find out if the weather forecast for the Match is as shitty as it was for the 4-day driftathon that was the Red Bull Youth AC qualifiers.  The Big Fella gets into gear selection, tactics, and more in this short piece from Nic, and you can go here to get all her interviews – and her live commentary of the racing – instead of the commentary crap peddled by the commentary team.

In other news, several million Kiwis and Aussies, most of Europe, and half the tiny number of Americans that are watching are pulling for the Kiwis, who have pulled almost even amongst oddsmakers despite the numerous advantages owned by the US team.

Our guess?  At least one good t-bone, a couple of capsizes, and ETNZ takes it home after a  7-3.

In the US the AC racing is finally on a real network today at 1300 ET – big NBC has it free and live for today and tomorrow only before next week’s return to the ratings bonanza that is NBCSn.

Up-to-the-minute updates in the Live Racing thread.


June 17th, 2017 by admin

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Clean Report

In what might be the ultimate metaphor for Russell Coutts’ management of the America’s Cup, we received yet another advertisement on Monday disguiseed as a press release.  In it, ACEA touted their amazing new media boat platform – the strange-looking XO powerboat, which would provide ‘unequalled dignity’ (or some similarly worded crap) for the handful of media granted accreditation at the event.  More non-news from an event that seems completely incapable of producing anything interesting at all (other than the racing) despite having some of the most interesting racers and yachts to ever compete on the water..

Something about the boat looked familiar though, and after a couple of hours trolling through the forums and Facebook, I found out why: Because an Official Media Boat loaded with Official Accredited Media had to be beached on a launch ramp after sinking in the savage waters of Bermuda’s lagoon just a couple of weeks ago!

Watch the boat sinking here.  And if you’re a sponsor looking for exposure, a prospect for an XO boat, or anyone thinking of getting on an ACEA media boat, beware!

June 16th, 2017 by admin

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Red Bull’s “Raw 100” is the kind of outside-the-box thinking we dig, and they pulled together a team of folks who’ve frequently graced these pages  – Matt Knighton, Sam Greenfield, and Javier Salinas – to get funky with Oracle’s AC50 in Bermuda. No slo-mo, no music – just some of the tightest and most interesting shots and sailing sounds you’ll ever get.  How many drones did Sam wash in order to get the shot from underneath the flying hulls?  We’ll never tell.

We can tell you that regardless of how you feel about 4 full-time grinders or the Cup in Bermuda, these boats are pretty goddamned insane – as is the video.  Enjoy.


June 15th, 2017 by admin

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The world’s toughest inshore race is nearly over, at least for the Burd Boys and their competitors aboard the Big Broderna (F-31 trimaran).  They’re neck-and-neck with around 50 miles to the finish of the 2017 Race2Alaska, and our old friend Morgan is on the water covering it.  Track ’em here, and chat about it in the thread.

June 15th, 2017 by admin

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The Sailing Anarchy Yacht Club tries out its new multihull safety ‘boat’.

June 13th, 2017 by admin

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The buzz in Bermuda is that the Kiwis are not just ready; they’ve rebuilt their boat stronger than before, and both Emirates Team New Zealand and Softbank Team Japan sit on 3-1 scores going into a busy day on the Great Sound.  12-16 knots will greet the four teams at 1 PM East Coast time, and Barker and Burling can both wrap things up by taking two of the three races scheduled today.  For a great look at how the team came together to handle a huge ‘fix-it’ list to be ready for yesterday’s called-off racing, watch this Vodafone vid.

With Barker sailing a stellar regatta, ETNZ’s decision to take on Big Ben before the BAR team figured out how to get rid of their case of ‘The Slows‘ is looking smart indeed, and if Outteridge and Percy can’t get their shit together, the storyline for the Louis Vuitton Cup is compelling, indeed.  The upstart Japanese with the legendary Kiwi skipper taking on the behemoth he once bled for, and which canned him after the debacle in San Fran.

Will the pretty blue boat make it a match?  Will Burling get manhandled again on the start line?  We don’t know, but the racing is damned good and we’re certainly gonna watch.  You can, too.

June 8th, 2017 by admin


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