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Advertising on Sailing Anarchy

Sailing Anarchy has bullied its way to the top of the Internet sailing world with great content, wildly active sailing forums and gobs of traffic. SA offers great visibility, value and opportunity to advertisers who are interested in putting their products and services in front of the most active sailing audience on the globe! Here is what a few of them said about advertising on Sailing Anarchy:

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“We have been with Sailing Anarchy since 2003 and the ROI is above the other advertising campaigns we invest in.

Definitely the place to be if you are in the sailing industry.”

Juan Mauri
Mauri Pro Sailing

“At APS we pride ourselves on being on the leading edge of everything performance sailing and that includes our association with Sailing Anarchy. Whether you’re a professional sailor, in the industry, or weekend rock star looking for “as it’s happening” reporting and coverage of sailing you turn to SA. APS is proud to be a supporter of Sailing Anarchy and its unique community of our fellow sailors.”

Rob Beach
Director of Marketing
APS – Annapolis Performance Sailing Ltd.

“In today’s advertising world, you have many options on where to spend your advertising dollar. Getting great exposure for your dollar is a must. SA gives us that exposure. SA is one of the new wave sailing sites that is read world wide with a diverse readership and readership opinions. You may not agree with every post or thread, but it’s diversity is the reason it is so popular. We use it and it works.”

Farley Fontenot
Quantum Sails

“Sailing Anarchy is the quickest path to the vocal minority and key opinion formers at the high end of sailing. We really do not advertise, and most of our business comes from ‘word of mouth’. Much of that word begins at Sailing Anarchy.”

Peter Johnstone,
President, Gunboat

SA is an important marketing tool for our company. Compare to advertising or other marketing activities SA is simply the best and most cost effective way to reach our target group in the western hemisphere. I strongly recommend SA.

Calle Hennix,
Oceanlake Marine AB, Sweden
Founder of the SeaCart 30.com Trimaran Class

“Advertising with you has been very good. No other sailing site comes close to generating as much traffic on a consistent basis. The synergy between the news page and the forum and the vibrant community it has established makes your site quite unique. I honestly don’t think we would have been nearly this successful so far if it was not for our advertising relationship with SA. Both the exposure and the candid feedback on our products have been invaluable We owe a lot to SA and I hope to continue supporting the community for a long time.”

Alec M. Stewart,
Velocitek, LLC

“We are very satisfied as a Sailing Anarchy advertiser. While the impact of the internet continues to grow, it is important for us to know that our ads are reaching active and involved sailors. The responses we get from SA leave no doubt that the money we spend with SA is money well spent.”

Butch Ulmer, President
UK-Halsey Sailmakers

“Advertising on Sailing Anarchy is very rewarding because unlike print advertising I see immediate and traceable results. Advertising on SA has led to a significant increase in traffic to my website, and features on the site always result in a healthy spike in visitors. Visitors to the SA website tend to be well informed and passionate about sailing, so this is an important community to connect with.”

Hogo LeBreton
LeBreton Yachts

“The interesting thing about exposure on Sailing Anarchy is the international response. We have not advertised overseas and we received inquiries from the following Denmark (A lot!), Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, South France AND Japan! And this is just from an article that was published on Sailing Anarchy! We will begin advertising shortly.”

Tom Weaver
Eastport Yacht Company

Get in touch with us to find out how your company can be a part of the sailing revolution! Send emails to The Editor, choose “Advertising Opportunity” for the subject.

Thanks very much,

Scot Tempesta
Sailing Anarchy

Instructons on hosting your own Ad image.

We have many advertisers that do so and it is easy.

  • Do you or someone you have access to have ftp access to your website?
  • Do you or someone you know, know how to upload files to your site?
  • Do you or someone in your office, administer your site?

If the answer is yes, then I assume you know the folder name where you keep images. You can make a new folder for the SA images or just use a name that makes it easy to find and update. I would use something like sa_index.jpg. So the url would be something like http://www.website.com/images/sa_index.jpg. Any path structure and file name you choose is fine as long as it does not change. IF it does change you must let me know.

The URL is what I would use as the image source.

When you are ready to use a new image for your ad you just rename the old one and call the new one sa_index.jpg and upload it. The new ad will be be displayed on the SA home page. The link I will have to change if you ever want it changed.

Pretty simple stuff. You only need to make sure you stay within the image size constraints.