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Gunboat 5501 in Newport, RI.


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About SA

What is Sailing Anarchy?

The currently available sailing publications and web sites are often filled with stories that are something less than insightful. Oh sure you can read from some expert on how to win every race that you’ve ever entered, but the real stories about people and events in this sport are either ignored or whitewashed. When was the last time your read an Editorial that didn’t put you to sleep? Many boat reviews are nothing more than politically correct spin to ensure the advertising revenue is not jeopardized. It’s time to change all that. Sailing Anarchy will present topics, ideas and, critiques that have never been written about before. Anywhere.

But perhaps most importantly, we have a Message Board where robust discussions will be encouraged. If you have a question about anything in a review, a roundtable, or a Q&A put it up on the Message Board and we’ll get it followed up.

If you’re looking to have your comments edited or ignored at the whim of a curmudgeon, then you’ve come to the wrong place. Got an opinion? Let’s hear it. But you better prepare for a healthy dose of reality. This is where the big kids play. If you can’t stand the heat, there are other places for you of the more sensitive in nature.

This site is being produced for the love of the game, not as part of some ridiculous dot com strategy, or a “gee isn’t our sport of yachting so wonderful” philosophy. It is a forum for industry insiders and racing sailors to exchange ideas. We will be continually exploring topics that interest us, and we’ll be looking to the Message Board for the topics that interest you. We encourage your participation here at Sailing Anarchy. Where the hell else are you going to have this much freedom to say what you want? After all, that is ultimately what Anarchy is all about.


Thanks very much,
Scot Tempesta
Sailing Anarchy

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Gunboat 60 sailing in Annapolis, MD.

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