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What do World Sailing and Dolt 45 have in common? Both are total dicks, bloated, dirty, irrelevant, greedy, out of touch,  arrogant, and soon to be replaced!  

More than 60 US trade groups on Wednesday launched the ‘Americans for Free Trade’ coalition to take on the fight against the Trump administration’s trade tariffs – and the hard-hit recreational boating industry is among them. Reuters reports that following months of behind-the-scenes lobbying, the coalition vows to take the fight public as a result […]

Apparently able to fuck up anything, at anytime, Twitler’s visit to France (besides being embarrassingly awkward and a total waste of time) even ruined sailing. USA! USA! USA!  

Remember our humorous story about the rich rooskie and his corpulent “A Yacht”? The A may very well stand for A-hole as approx $16 million is still owed to the builder. Not paying his bills sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Or maybe it’s just a small accounting mistake… One of the world’s largest yachts has been […]

Russian Billionaire’s Super Yacht Arriving Soon. Blame Trump. Words By Jason Harold. Photo Credit Getty Images. It seems like something out of a James Bond Movie. Russian billionaire Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko is leveling up. Much like how America’s new POTUS Donald little fingers Trump went from reality star and licensing kingpin, to the MOTHER FU&*#NG LEADER OF […]

Get the fuck out of the way, little people. Vladimir Putin and his bitch, Commander Orange Hitler, are going to gladly run you over, chew you up, and spit you out. Photo thanks to Anarchist Ann.  

Oh I can already hear you right wingers crying about this article (like I give a fuck what any of you racist, misogynist homophobes have to say), but in just one day, here’s what your Orange Hitler has already done. Say goodbye to any concern for the oceans. One can just imagine what other disasters […]

I have been a huge supporter of women in sailing since I read a book by Clare Francis titled Come Wind or Weather. The book recounts her experience as the first female skipper to participate in the Whitbread Round the World Race. Clare Francis was the skipper of ADC Accutrac, a Swan 65 that participated […]

on board the tide waits… In our part of the world, knowing what you are doing on major public holidays is easy. From onboard the 1986 IOR goodie, Trumpcard. On Boxing day you go to Hobart and on Good Friday you go to Gladstone. That however is where all similarity between the Sydney to Hobart […]

Trust us, we are as tired of posting shit like this as you right-wingnuts are of reading it. But if the Whore in the white house wasn’t selling out our environment to every big business and polluters he can think of, we wouldn’t be doing this. But because he is, and because we care about […]