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Morbi porta molestie sem pellentesque molestie. Integer aliquam consequat purus sit amet varius. Nullam neque nisl; pulvinar nec congue a, venenatis nec massa. Mauris rutrum nulla in eros imperdiet quis mattis velit condimentum. Nullam ut massa orci, ut dapibus elit. Fusce ac pellentesque purus! Donec sit amet quam nec dolor gravida dictum eu et lacus. […]

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How do you prove that a level rating formula works? A good way would be to take two top boats from that formula set them against each other in a decent breeze and see who comes out top. The formula I refer to is the good old International Offshore Rule (IOR) and while the boats […]

You know by now how queer the ed is for Half Tonners, but this shot shows the ugly side of a rule that had rather bizarre headroom requirement. Low freeboard? No problem, just add a second story! This shot of the Andrieu designed Concorde from the Half Ton Cup by Fionna Brown. Got a comment?  

We have no idea what exactly going on here, but figured y’all could make up something pretty good. Caption contest here!  

Another month, another lawsuit, and this time, Michigan S2 7.9 midpacker Daniel O’Keefe is looking for a cool million bucks stemming from a crash at the 2104 S2 7.9 Class Championship in Macatawa Bay, Michigan.  Despite the fact that O’Keefe saw Todd Abrams Voom on port “15-20 boatlengths away,” his lawyer claims Abrams shares no […]

We often throw a number What is it features at you, sure that you won’t know. We think we have a winner here…  

They may have already been disproved and denied, but rumors of UK royalty Kate Middleton and Ben Ainslie’s flirt-fest (and Kate’s impending divorce because of it) have once again resurfaced after some puppy-dog-eyed photos surfaced of Kate’s sail with Team BAR in Portsmouth last month.  We include this story not to perpetuate a false rumor, […]

Brad Funk really is the definition of an Anarchist, marching to a completely different beat, restrained only by his own ethical compass, a love of nature, and occasional commands from the Martian overlords and vapor trail creators.  And while the Funkster may have missed out (again) on the Olympics, he made it down to Rio […]

We couldn’t resist.  Got PIB (Pussy On Board) stories?  Here’s the thread.

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