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Morbi porta molestie sem pellentesque molestie. Integer aliquam consequat purus sit amet varius. Nullam neque nisl; pulvinar nec congue a, venenatis nec massa. Mauris rutrum nulla in eros imperdiet quis mattis velit condimentum. Nullam ut massa orci, ut dapibus elit. Fusce ac pellentesque purus! Donec sit amet quam nec dolor gravida dictum eu et lacus. […]

Morbi elit est, elementum quis dictum at, faucibus ut mi. Fusce urna massa, facilisis vitae fringilla eget, mattis nec turpis. Aenean massa mi, mollis eget mattis vel, sagittis ac lorem. Quisque fermentum feugiat gravida. Nulla sollicitudin suscipit pretium? Morbi id lectus sed felis consequat facilisis eu ac sem. Donec quis est ligula. Phasellus lacus ligula, […]

Big Pimpin’ Sailing Anarchy is pleased to welcome Whitecaps Marine Outfitters as the newest sponsor of our site and our Gear Anarchy forum. Whitecaps has been providing sailors with a great selection of foul weather gear since 2006 and has recently undergone a major makeover with a new website, new owners, and new Brands.  We […]

The Puget Sound racing community continues to drift along in shock at the loss of affable and experienced 46-year old Star sailor Jay Berglund (and the sinking of the Harmony 22 Gizmo, the boat he was on) during a race this weekend in the South Puget Sound.  Three Sheets NW has a touching feature on Berglund, […]

Haven’t we screamed for years how absolutely fucked ISAF is? Open Letter to members of ISAF Council: As you prepare for the ISAF Annual Meeting next week, and knowing that you have something like 215 submissions to consider, it is time to take a pause and give serious consideration to the state of the Disciplinary […]

An exclusive for you Anarchists from one of our all-time favorite sailors, Bouwe Beking onboard Tean Brunel in the Volvo Ocean Race… Nearly two weeks on the water, time flies. Are we happy? Yes, we have 9 content inmates on-board teambrunel. Now don’t get me wrong, this jail is not bad at all, but we are missing […]

Speaking of Moths… The Wazsp looks like a moth, it will measure as a moth, it still has wings and foils in the same positions, it will be like a current moth to sail, except maybe simpler with less adjustments, but there are differences which make it cheaper to build, simpler to rig and more […]

Earlier this week we asked you to tell us what the inside game of a modern build is, now we ask the same thing of something not quite as modern, but one which now has a new lease on life. Do you know what it is?  

Being There I’m here in Bermuda up the rig of an IOD and wondering exactly how I got here. Well, a year ago, after being caught in an unfortunate house fire, I was lying in a hospital bed in a coma and on a respirator. My family was saying their goodbye’s as it wasn’t certain […]

Deep and dark. But what is it?  

ISAF CEO Jerome Pels got the flick today, just two weeks before the ISAF AGM. Something is up with that, and as usual, everyone inside ISAF ducks for cover. No wonder this sport is on hiatus…Could this have something to do with Pels’ application to run the next America’s Cup?  Since this is ISAF, don’t […]

Couldn’t be at the biggest sailboat show in America?  Don’t fret; like all boat shows in North America; there wasn’t much to see for the average racing enthusiast.  Sometime around 2008, when the economy was in full implosion, the Annapolis Show was more or less taken over by the only companies with money to spend […]

While the weather didn’t cooperate to make our lives easy during our test sail window in Annapolis, Anarchist ‘gone’ went and did some of our work for us, with a good comparison after test sailing the two sexiest monohulls to hit the racing scene in years.  He sailed both the Farr 280 (which just hit […]

While the title of this piece may be an unavoidable paradox (like violent relaxation or crazy brilliant, both of which also can apply to most bowmen), one of the first-ever registered members of SA claims he has finally found the answer to the grumpy bowman with this technologically advanced, feature-rich foredeck hatch kite bag.  Who knows if he’s […]

So who can tell what happened here? A glimpse from  final event of the Seascape 18 Monocup series. Thanks to Anarchist Sawyer.  

You guys always know everything, all the time, right? And in a brave new world of seemingly nothing but mulihulls, all the time, of every size, shape, purpose and price point, here then is a new one. Do you know what it be?  

We’re not sure how long the webcam will hold up, but for the moment we have the rare luxury of watching a hurricane as it rolls into Bermuda.  Our thoughts are with all the Anarchists on island – stay safe.  Click the pic to see the live camera, and now for the PSA from SA […]

Cat 4 Hurricane Gonzalo visited many of our favorite sailing destinations yesterday, and Antigua, Anguilla, St. Martin and St. Barths are all reeling.  Despite accurate forecasts days ago, dozens of yachts were tossed onto land in SXM and sunk in its lagoon.  It wasn’t just boats damaged, either – the 120 knot winds tore roofs […]

Things are still pretty chaotic at Volvo Ocean Race HQ but the content is certainly flowing in from a fleet that’s all still within sight of each other hundreds of miles down the track. The Leg 1 Start coverage may not have been inspiring but at least it wasn’t embarrassing, and you should watch it […]

While it’s a little early to burn your bras in support of Team SCA, the pink ladies have most certainly answered any questions the world may have had about their ability to hang with the men of the VOR.  That’s thanks to a brave call from Libby G to split from the fleet toward the […]

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Gunboat 60 sailing in Annapolis, MD.

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