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Morbi porta molestie sem pellentesque molestie. Integer aliquam consequat purus sit amet varius. Nullam neque nisl; pulvinar nec congue a, venenatis nec massa. Mauris rutrum nulla in eros imperdiet quis mattis velit condimentum. Nullam ut massa orci, ut dapibus elit. Fusce ac pellentesque purus! Donec sit amet quam nec dolor gravida dictum eu et lacus. […]

Morbi elit est, elementum quis dictum at, faucibus ut mi. Fusce urna massa, facilisis vitae fringilla eget, mattis nec turpis. Aenean massa mi, mollis eget mattis vel, sagittis ac lorem. Quisque fermentum feugiat gravida. Nulla sollicitudin suscipit pretium? Morbi id lectus sed felis consequat facilisis eu ac sem. Donec quis est ligula. Phasellus lacus ligula, […]

Oh it’s on! Kite v Moth v Nacra 20 foiler v M32. Who’s coming out on top? Weigh in here, and then we shall see who knows what’s up and who’s blowing smoke…  

Longtime SA contributer and multihuller Ron White embarks on one of the more interesting sailing challenges in North America.  I’m leaving in the morning for the Sunshine State for my third Everglades Challenge, often described as the toughest small boat race in the world.  Starting Saturday morning at 7:00 AM and running 300 nautical miles […]

With Great Lakes ice cover now at 88% – 2% more than even the cold and icy 2013-4 winter – it may seem like the hundreds of thousands of Midwest sailors will never even get soft water.  But if the lakes do thaw out before July, there’s some damned good long distance racing ahead thanks […]

A huge thanks to Gunboat skipper Chris Bailet for spending so many hours on this interview.  Catch up on the Loss of the Rainmaker with Part 1, Part 2, and the report from Ocean Crescent and be sure to read through to the end of the story for Mr. Clean’s take. SA: So they were […]

It’s a 3-way battle with just a mile of separation as Xabi Fernandez’s MAPFRE holds a slim lead over Azzam and the Dong in the last couple of hours before the Volvo frontrunners hit Auckland.  Genny and the live feed start now!  (or very soon, anyway).  Click the player and compare photos, performance stats and trivia […]

We were a little cagey about the news we posted last week that the 103-foot Banque Populaire VIII (ex-Groupama 3) had been sold to Francis Joyon for some solo action; that’s because longtime SA contributor and project manager Ryan Breymaier asked us to keep our big mouths shut for a few days at least.  Unfortunately, […]

Oracle just launched their test bed AC45 last week, and in just 5 days their maneuvers and boatspeed already look to have far surpassed the very similar Artemis 45 foiler.  They also look a hell of a lot smoother, more stable, and faster than what we’ve seen from the Luna Rossa testers months after their […]

To no one’s surprise, Lloyd Thornburg’s Phaedo^3 absolutely obliterated the Caribbean 600 race record with a 33h35m30s elapsed time, beating the previous time set by an ORMA 60 by 6 and a half hours – some 15 percent.  Brian Thompson, Michel Desjoyeaux, and Lloyd did all the driving, and when we spoke to him a […]

Paradox and Phaedo^3 are currently oblitering the existing Caribbean 600 race record while both Rambler 88 and Bella Mente are ahead of the monohull record; it’ll be over almost before it started so track ‘em all here and have a look at the people involved in the video above.  Ask or talk about this race […]

Michael Hennessey and Tristan Mouligne hit up the the irie-est race in the world aboard the Class 40 Dragon.  Results here, and more info on the Pineapple Cup/Mo Bay Race on the SORC Facebook Page. Nigel Lord Photo. Here I sit on the beach of the Secrets resort next door to the Mo Bay Yacht […]

Post of the Week I know anarchy often gets negative, but I have to give credit to several people last weekend at the St Pete NOODs who are growing the high performance sailing so many of us love. I know this not a unique story in that there are so many people in sailing that […]

Who can tell us whose boat this is? And if you can’t, then come up with a good caption, will ya?  

While the world’s sailing media is reporting an Antipodean battle between Sydney and Auckland for the right to host the “America’s Cup Qualifiers”, it emerged this morning that Sydney has most likely lost it to the Kiwis, meaning ETNZ should have the funding soon to get their challenge really rolling.  Did the Harbour ever have […]

UPDATE 1: Here’s a shot of the boat just before leaving the dock. UPDATE 2: Here’s yet another crew rescued off the East Coast this weekend, this time from a Condor 40 trimaran.  Details in the thread. Like a well-written tragedy, the story of Reg and Jason McGlashan starts off from with a feel-good, family […]

What is it, kids? Do tell.  

Over the past twenty years, thanks to the widening chasm between the super-rich and the rest of the planet’s mortals, the average size of a superyacht has doubled.  And if you think that’s something, take a look at the Triple Deuce – a nearly Titanic sized private yacht that will cost some 1.2 billion dollars to […]

We dug this post on the Hinckley Yachts Facebook Page; now that’s how to make lemonade out of lemons, and we hope you forward that one to your PR team’s Crisis Management Specialist. We’re not sure just yet how Hinckley plans to snark their way through the loss of their brand new T34, which burned […]

It’s almost halfway through the race and we still have seen precious few moments in big Volvo Ocean Race conditions; Sam G does his best to share some of them with us from aboard Dongfeng, and once again, we comment the Franco/Chinese team for keepin’ it real with Charles Caudrelier’s ‘oops’ here. Meanwhile, Team Brunel […]

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Gunboat 60 sailing in Annapolis, MD.

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