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It’s perhaps the fastest production 40-foot mono ever built, but in this life, nothing can ever get far from the scourge that is Macgregor! Thanks to JBSF for the shot of the Melges 40 in Dubai; stay tuned for a new M40 video coming out very soon.

Oracle, Softbank, and Big Ben have now all splashed their AC50s this week, but it’s the throwback bicycle grinders that has set the mainstream’s tongues wagging all over the world.  Will bicycle power make the difference to help ETNZ overcome the obstacles they face in just a few months’ time, and if so, will Oracle […]

There are many things to be said about this besides the total absurdity of it. This is nothing more than a chickenshit attempt at retaliation for my critique of SWYC. It is all quite amusing. The so-called misconduct is an irrelevant, ginned up accusation from last year (and one that they actually started) and is the […]

The Abu Sayyaf group has threatened to behead a German hostage unless a $100,000 ransom is paid by February 26. The hostage, long-time sailing cruiser Jurgen Kantner, was captured in November near the pirate stronghold of Tawi Tawi. In a video released last week, Kantner – surrounded by Abu Sayyaf fighters – addressed the German government, warning that the terrorists will […]

Unless Conrad Colman can figure out a jury rig and slog it out to the finish, the elusive ‘first non-fossil fuel Vendee Globe finisher’ may have to wait four more years, as today the Friwi dismasted just 300 nm from the Portuguese coast.  According to VG media, Conrad ditched the rig and saved the boom, […]

Maybe! What do you think?  

Gunboat USA’s is well-documented for the multihull sector.  Hall Spars just reportedly sent out the official notices of theirs, showing that even the world’s best racing spar builder isn’t immune.  Hathaway Reiser shows that sailmakers – even from the 1800s – can’t hold it together.  Brewer’s Yacht Yard seems to have sort-of saved itself by […]

Sailing Yacht Orion owned by fellow anarchist and two-time Thai F-18 national champ ‘Orca99′ ran aground in Columbian waters last night, and he may need your help right now! The boat hit the bricks at 14deg 24.728N / 80deg10.543W at approximately 2100hrs local time in the vicinity of the Serenna Banks. Skipper and 1 crew […]

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