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Every now and again some rich guy tries to dispute the validity of an America’s Cup challenge, and a couple of hours ago this photo surfaced to nip all that in the bud.  The photo, shot aboard ETNZ principal Matteo De Nora’s 46m Imagine, shows the Commodore of the CVS handing over their Challenge to the Comm […]

Sad to say that Doug Peterson, noted designer, passed away today. As a kid, I was fascinated with Ganbare, the boat that changed big boat sailing and set the tone for the IOR for almost a decade. Years later, when I wandered into Carl Eichenlaub’s yard to talk about Lightnings, there staring me in the […]

Dee Caffari is quite possibly the hardest woman in the history of sailing.  We don’t need to list her accomplishments here, other than to tell you she was the first – and only – woman to solo circumnavigate in both directions, including an Eastabout trip in a monster steel boat. Dee’s new challenge may be […]

Clean Report For the longest time, I was boycotting the America’s Cup.  Despite Bermuda’s proximity to the US and kind invitations for us from a number of teams and sponsors, I didn’t want to lend any legitimacy to a venue that, in my opinion, represented a betrayal to America and all those fans who’d supported Ellison […]

From one of thousands of America’s Cup crazed Kiwis in the forums. Be sure to check back here before racing begins on Saturday for all the latest insider info from the AC Village, where Mr. Clean has been turning over rocks for the last day and a half. Saturday am. Less than 24 hours to go. A […]

Instructor: “I think we can leave your PFD on the beach.” What’s yours? Shoutout to Windzone​​​​​​​ for the pic.

If you’ve got time on your hands and a willingness to live the multihull hippie lifestyle, SA’er ‘multihuler’ has a proposal for you! Check this out: A former Race 2 Alaska competitor wants to go bigger, and needs minions to assemble and prep his fleet of multihulls for a wide range of pursuits.  The boats […]

Shanghai Sailor’s nostalgic Cup piece Then And Now last week touched a nerve with encyclopedic SA’er “The Jay,” who took issue with the concept of the America’s Cup as the sport’s leading edge of development.  Check it, and join the conversation here. SS writes some great posts but when it comes to the piece from the front page […]

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