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“Are you sure this is how the AC guys do it?” What’s yours?  

You guys are far too good at this game for us to say anything about this pic other than that it is a very interesting part of a new boat’s systems. What boat? Well, that will be part of your answer, won’t it? You think you can figure it out from this drawing?  Post your […]

There are always some heroes that you would long to meet. In the sailing world peole like Dubois, Fisher, Read, Knox Johnson, MacArthur, Golding from various elements of our sport all spring to mind. Paul Elvstrom, however, was always top of my list from a very early age, but sadly, now that can never happen. […]

White Island Race report. Marshall Law. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory!! After a hectic few months fitting in major mods to the Marshall and putting her all back together, we rocked up to the White Island start line, the first time the boat had been sailing in about 4 months! The forecast sounded […]

I can totally appreciate that many (most?) people have a contrary opinion on this subject, but I am going to bring it up here again if for no other reason than it’s good to talk about things. Take a look at this pic of Seb Josse racing in the Vendée Globe. He is in the […]

Look at this picture. It is of  Sébastien Josse, the latest Vendee entry to bite the dust. Note that he is not wearing a life jacket and no tether. That amazing footage of Alex Thomson on Hugo Boss also showed that Alex didn’t bother to clip on and his deck was awash. Sure seems irresponsible […]

As many US Sailing Team fans will already have noted, Managing Director Josh Adams has left for greener pastures, (though he is assisting with the transition to new leadership) while today,  two-time Aussie gold medal crew Malcolm Page was named new US Sailing Team Director. A college dinghy and team racer who came to the […]

Clean Report Finally, we get the answer to the all-consuming question of whether or not Hugo Boss is carrying a spare foil.  If so, how will he fit it and when?  If not, how will he deal with ‘ol’ stumpy’? How does Alex feel about getting passed by Armel Le Cle’ach for the lead (while […]

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