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Morbi porta molestie sem pellentesque molestie. Integer aliquam consequat purus sit amet varius. Nullam neque nisl; pulvinar nec congue a, venenatis nec massa. Mauris rutrum nulla in eros imperdiet quis mattis velit condimentum. Nullam ut massa orci, ut dapibus elit. Fusce ac pellentesque purus! Donec sit amet quam nec dolor gravida dictum eu et lacus. […]

Morbi elit est, elementum quis dictum at, faucibus ut mi. Fusce urna massa, facilisis vitae fringilla eget, mattis nec turpis. Aenean massa mi, mollis eget mattis vel, sagittis ac lorem. Quisque fermentum feugiat gravida. Nulla sollicitudin suscipit pretium? Morbi id lectus sed felis consequat facilisis eu ac sem. Donec quis est ligula. Phasellus lacus ligula, […]

There’s something special about a pretty drawing, and Francois Chevalier has long been the world’s most interesting racing yacht illustrator.  He and the Anarchists over at the ChevalierTaglang blog have knocked up not only this awesome drawing of Comanche, but all 5 of the Supermaxis contesting this year’s Hobart. They’ve even got analysis, and thanks […]

Finally, here is the full story, as only the skipper could tell it.  55 minutes of everything about the why, the how, and the what next after the shipwreck that shocked the world. Huge thanks to the M32 Series, Gosford Sailing Club, Redhanded TV, Penalty Box Productions, Morten and Team Vestas Wind, and Megan, the […]

Mr. Clean’s headed over to Abu Dhabi next week to bring you more of what a sailor wants to see, but already, SA Middle East Bureau Chief Jeff B is on the ground putting his own slices of life together with some Canon L glass.  He ain’t Borlenghi but he’s got a good eye, and […]

Question of the Week N00b ‘beezer’ asks: When someone says this is “Grand Prix” racing or a boat setup is “Grand Prix style,” what does that actually mean?  I assume it means a big boat and big bills?  Top of the line everything?  Is there a size cutoff? How do you define “Grand Prix Sailing” […]

Succumbing to the same fear that spurred the creation of what has been dubiously called the ‘biggest spinnaker ever built’ for the Perpetual Loyal, Jim Clark’s big native was seen today sporting her own monster mega-kite, an answer to the 10-degree advantaged soaking power that shot the old Speedboat out the back of Wild Oats XI’s […]

After a thrilling final Team Brunel has won the second leg of the Volvo Ocean Race. The Dutch Volvo Ocean Race boat sailed over the finish line in Abu Dhabi on Saturday morning 16 minutes ahead of the second-placed boat Dongfeng Race Team. It took skipper Bouwe Bekking and his men 23 days and 16 […]

Dongfeng Racing hangs on to a slim lead over Bouwe and the Brunel boys, with Ian Walker’s Abu Dhabi team just a few miles back with a hair over 100 miles to the finish.  And when the sun comes up in Abu Dhabi today, the Volvo Ocean Race folks will bring the last piece of […]

As expected, the Anarchists got right into the Rambler discussion after we posted “Sawtooth” the other day; we know of course that there’s nothing particularly new about Dr. Frank Fish’s ‘tubercles’ – we first reported on them back in 2008.  And there’s nothing new about them being on boats; after all, the guy who started […]

Remember when our Senior Editor was the closest witness to a multiple-death boat crash this summer on the river in Michigan?  Well, apparently there is some justice in the world, and it also means Mr. Clean won’t have to answer that witness subpoena after all. Brandon Verfaillie’s blood alcohol was over 0.1 more than an […]

Anyone understand how a brand-spanking new, state-of-the-art monohull from the world’s top ocean racing yacht designers could rate slower than a nearly 10-year old maxi?  We certainly don’t!  Here’s where Kenny originally talked about the ratings, and here’s where you can find the latest betting line on the Hobart. The trash talking is getting really […]

We’re more than a little disappointed to see that the Vestas Wind media call/press conference (all but a minute or so is linked above) was straight of last century, with only pre-approved questions asked by the moderator and nothing even approaching the many meaty subjects that real sailors care about. The only ‘new’ news was, […]

Andrew Scrivan explains why he races one of the most extreme one-design monohulls ever created.  So who buys an Ultra 30? I did, and have loved every minute of it. The feeling of sailing 8-up, hiking hard off the racks just 10 ft. from the center of the boat, and flying over the water is […]

We don’t know when we’ll stop finding the entire Vestas Wind drama interesting, but not today, and with the team finally headed to civilization, there’s plenty more to come.  To the few of you who’ve accused us of somehow whitewashing the whole affair or going easy on VOR management, we encourage you to watch this […]

There has never been a sailing video like this.  Turn it up and hug your fellow sailor.  For a longer look at the wreck and a short interview with Nico about it, click here. And of course, find the pics, videos and chat about everything Vestas Grounding in the thread.  

the real world Heartbreaking proof of why we love Chris Nicholson, with Mark Covell doing a great job getting the full story out of him.  There, but for the grace of god, go we.  Those of you seeking answers, read the latest update here, have patience or go play here.  And don’t forget: These guys […]

From the ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ department comes this tale of a nutty German and a goddamned funny idea.  Is it real?  You decide. After two years of intense preparations a project which at the beginning seemed unrealistic if not impossible will become real: With a sailing boat equipped with wheels we are going […]

Comanche’s child-rearing hips vs. Wild Oats XI’s svelte pooper as shot by SA’er ‘wildboats!”: Could there be a better illustration of what to expect in just 25 days?  Great shot and plenty more from the fanboy thread.  

Silently she glides toward the Harbour City, with one aim: Beat the mighty WOXI.  Game on.  

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Gunboat 60 sailing in Annapolis, MD.

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