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Environment The Coast Guard warned mariners that 70 cargo containers fell off of a cargo ship Saturday night, about 17 miles off Oregon Inlet. The cargo ship Maersk Shanghai told the Coast Guard by radio that it lost about 70- 73 cargo containers due to high winds and heavy seas, according to a Coast Guard […]

Back Again! Seems like it has been a long time since i sat down to write one of these for Sailing Anarchy and one thing is certain, I am stoked to be doing it. Our topic this time is the San Diego to Puerto Vallarta Race on the J-125 Timeshaver (yes back again). This bi-annual […]

Whaddaya got, genius?  

From Anarchist sleddog Everyone who knew Sir Durward Knowles has a different version.  But I think we’d all agree Durward never had a bad day on the water. His smile and wry sense of humor was infectious. Bahamian Durward Knowles was already a sailing legend when we first met in Newport Beach in 1959. Knowles […]

Two sailors are dead and several others deeply traumatised after a well-known West Australian yacht overturned in windy seas off Mandurah. Police are still trying to piece together what happened to Finistere, a three-time Sydney-to-Hobart yacht skippered by popular Fremantle yachtsman Ron Thomas, late on Friday. The Davidson 50, taking part in the Port Beach […]

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