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Morbi porta molestie sem pellentesque molestie. Integer aliquam consequat purus sit amet varius. Nullam neque nisl; pulvinar nec congue a, venenatis nec massa. Mauris rutrum nulla in eros imperdiet quis mattis velit condimentum. Nullam ut massa orci, ut dapibus elit. Fusce ac pellentesque purus! Donec sit amet quam nec dolor gravida dictum eu et lacus. […]

Morbi elit est, elementum quis dictum at, faucibus ut mi. Fusce urna massa, facilisis vitae fringilla eget, mattis nec turpis. Aenean massa mi, mollis eget mattis vel, sagittis ac lorem. Quisque fermentum feugiat gravida. Nulla sollicitudin suscipit pretium? Morbi id lectus sed felis consequat facilisis eu ac sem. Donec quis est ligula. Phasellus lacus ligula, […]

We’ll be the first to tell you that we think the BBS is kinda bullshit; a whole lotta people running around at the helm of what was once one of the world’s major regattas who are absolutely sure that vanilla ice cream oozes out of their anal openings.  Is there anything about it that is even […]

Hint: They are both the same length. That’s all we got. You?  

From Spookie’s owner Steve Benjamin:  At approximately 12:45 pm today while sailing upwind on port tack in the second race of the Storm Trysail Club’s IRC Championships of Long Island Sound, SPOOKIE’s rig failed just above the lower spreaders. There was about 14 knots of Easterly wind and severe seas at the time. SPOOKIE’s normal […]

Reader Rant You know…this whole J70 thing is truly….Sailing Anarchy at its best. A boat design/marketing company that hasn’t said shit about someone pimping their rudder design and building a non-compliant rudder. A class that hasn’t said anything. An owner who hasn’t said anything. A pro, an Olympic medal winner, who hasn’t said anything. If […]

Like a Ferrari 250 GTO or an original M3, nothing will ever quite approach the perfection of the original SA Tensiometer c. 2006, but B-Squared bowchick Whitney Prossner comes pretty close.  This one shot at the end of the penultimate race day of the J/70 Worlds, where Clean once again proved he should be trimming […]

For sure it has more than one hull. Got anything else?  

Seriously, WTF? Lyn Hines sent us pics of the weirdo from ‘frisco. What Is It?  

A coiled-up fireball of enthusiasm and intensity and one of the smartest sailors you’ll ever meet, Matt Scharl defies labels; the 43 year old commodities trader and math wiz is also a fitness freak and adventurer – and he looks about 20 years old.  Despite his financial acumen, Matt spends much of the months between […]

Question of the Week California Anarchist “EarthBM” wonders about the mysterious world of catamarans, and if he’s got the question, many more do, too.  Here’s the 2014 version of a question that’s been asked for decades. I don’t want to start any tribal wars, but I have a simple boat design question. Why do multihulls […]

Clean Report Terry Hutchinson’s surprise departure from Artemis Racing a year and a half ago was overshadowed by Big Red’s tragic accident a few months later, but we’d always noted how incredibly quiet Hutch was after getting the flick.  An article in his hometown-ish Baltimore Sun gave a clue as to why a short time after […]

UPDATE:  This morning at 6:20AM the fabled Wedge in Newport Beach is checking in with 20-25 foot swells and occasionally, a 30-footer! Now go be safe, people. for those of you going in and out of channel entrances please pause and make certain you are between sets before you make the charge in or out in […]

It’s not like she isn’t still very much alive,  just perhaps a bit disappeared from the sailing scene.  The Ed thought she was his GF, until he found out she didn’t know that! Who is this lovely lady?  

Monday sucks.  And Tuesday is only slightly less sucky. These videos might be the cure.  Today weve got high performance boats, low performance boats, crashes, flooking around, and kids – lots and lots of kids.  Welcome to Video Anarchy. Mac Art A little production value can do wonders to transform some basic GoPro video into […]

If we told you that in the same week the genius brain trust behind the America’s Cup both A) told San Diego they want 10,000 free hotel rooms if they are to bless Dago with the right to “host” The Cup, AND B) launched an effort to re-brand the America’s Cup, you would have thought […]

AC Breaking As the world waited for Le Roi Russell to announce his entry list for the LOCATION TBD America’s Cup, we learned that the delay had nothing to do with whatever the AC spin said; our insider tells us that at least one team asked for a delay to shore up their finances and […]

It may look a bit like vaporware from a futuristic basketcase, (and it certainly isn’t going to win any ‘Prettiest Yacht Awards’) but in fact this is nothing of the sort; it’s a 53-footer from the desk of ultra-fast BMW/Oracle/Team USA alum Paul Bieker, it’s already under construction at Gold Coast Yachts in the Virgin […]

Good christ, you have just got to appreciate the beyond laughable attempt to build a “boat” here. Unless it was ton by 12-year olds, they should be put in a mental institution. Although we do like the window…. The best news? It is available for charter….in Egypt! Jump in the thread here  

AC Dope It is pretty interesting to see sentiment turn against Oracle. Not surprising,  given the amount of fuckery that Coutts and company have embarked upon so far in this AC merry go round. Yeah – as much as I wanted Oracle to win the last one so they’d stay with the big cats and […]


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Gunboat 60 sailing in Annapolis, MD.

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