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J/70 Women’s Keelboat Worlds Preview There is a precise word to describe how we feel regarding your visit – honored.  Honored that you have chosen our little oasis as the venue for your prestigious championship. The peña that backs our club house and watches over the lake has witnessed four generations of friends become family. […]

The Isle of Wight is an historic and almost mythical place for sailors.  From Cowes week which started in 1826 to what is now known as the America’s Cup and its origin in 1851, the sailing tradition there is long and storied.  We were already planning a trip to Europe this summer, but when asked […]

From our loyal advertisers, Front Street Shipyard. This cat looks pretty impressive! We’re partnering with one of our favorite designers, McCollough Yachts, on a new performance catamaran concept. The Windfall 58 strives to work smarter not harder. Utilizing innovative features such as leeward lifting foils, end-plated sails, and a canting rig this 58 will sail right past 66′ and […]

The first sailor sickness has been reported due to Rio’s sewery water, though according to London Bronze Medalist (Laser Radial) Evi Van Acker’s coach, she caught it back in July training on the bay.  He also thinks Evi’s dysentary has contributed to her poor results thus far.  The Belgian OC said “she has not fully […]

In her quest to sail across the ocean and conquer new hearts, it seems the world’s biggest replica Viking long ship has found an enemy she can’t do anything about; the US Coast Guard’s red tape.  Mike McPhate has the story from the New York Times; we begin with an excerpt: When a Viking ship, […]

The Rio countdown continues, and the latest bit of prurient news for those waiting for the action is a gem.  According to The Daily Beast, the IOC has ordered 450,000 condoms for the 10,000+ athletes in the Olympic Villlage for the month and change they’re on the ground. That’s around 40 rubbers per olympian, and […]

With 3 weeks left to go until the insanity begins, the bookmakers have done their work, and the Olympic Sailing odds are in! For non-wagerers, numbers following names are how much you’d earn if you bet a dollar on the team. We dig the guys and gals US 470 shot; 7 to 1 on both […]

Rick Warner’s ORMA 60 Arete (ex-Sopra) shattered her 2015 BYC-Mack record by more than an hour, beating in everything by a long, long way (as she should).  With the speedy old Windquest mothballed for the race (some of the DeVos clan will be racing cats in Harbor Springs next week), Arete was in another time […]

He is quite possibly America’s most influential sailor over the past decade, quite definitely the smartest man in the sport, and one of our all-time favorite people, and we’re stoked to share the news that Stan Honey been named the recipient of the 2016 Magnus Olsson Prize.  Honey is just the third recipient of the […]

Jesus Renedo grabbed this stellar look down Rambler’s leeches yesterday at the Euro-season opener for big boat racing in Palma. Results and news here, and more from Jesus here. Title because nails.