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Michigan iceboat superstar Ron Sherry says if everyone lived like Jan Gougeon, the world would have a lot more fun.  On his death, Ron put together the following story to celebrate the man.  Remember that Jan’s memorial party is on the 27th in Bay City, MI, and for a unique memorial for the rest of […]

Community Lordy Lordy look who’s Forty – Gougeon On Saturday, August 22nd, about 350 Colleagues, Friends and Family of Gougeon Brother’s WEST SYSTEM / PRO SET Epoxy gathered on the grounds of the original boat shop to celebrate the 40 year anniversary of the company’s inception. In the story below Meade reflects back on history […]

Every now and again, someone comes along to make us realize that we overuse the word ‘legend’ on these pages.  Unfortunately, today Jan Gougeon is the teacher; how else can you describe someone who’s done so much for sailing over the course of his long life? Like Aerospace super-innovator Burt Rutan and racecar tinkerer Colin […]

build it, and be quick about it! Here’s how ya build an i550. Well, if you are Meade and Jan Gougeon from West System that is! They will have the little rocket racing in the Everglades Challenge starting March 8. Jump in the discussion if you wish…

big pimpin’ Fix It Anarchy From our friends at West System… In a sailor’s lifetime the odds of breaking something on a boat is right up there with death and taxes. Meade and Jan Gougeon have made living building, racing, breaking and fixing all forms of sail powered crafts. Jan Gougeon describes the perfect race […]

"Gentlemen, Start Your Engines" A great shot from the Gold fleet start at the DN North Americans held on Lake Pepin (a wide spot on the Mississippi south of the Twin Cities in Minnesota) this week. Here’s a great shot of Jan Gougeon looking good. Great photography from Dallas Johnson!

Go West, Young Anarchist Sailing with the Gougeons For the Great Lakes Multihull Championship this year, I had the opportunity, nay, the honor, to sail with Multihull pioneers and legends Meade and Jan Gougeon. As an E-Scow sailor, I jumped at the chance to hop on a hot dog Multihull. But I felt like I […]

Meade Gougeon, founder of Gougeon Brothers Inc., a world renowned manufacturer of marine epoxy, and a multiple times champion, passed away at age 78. Since 1971, Meade and his brother Jan have been leading the way in formulating craft epoxy resins and in showing us how to use them. Even more than their West System® epoxy […]

A big welcome back to the front page for one of Anarchy’s OG sailor chicks; yogini and spiritual guru Hellion!  She joined one of the very few long-running mixed-multihull events in the US last weekend, and here’s her report: WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I’ve taken that step toward the Dark Side.  Multi-hulls, trimarans, high speed, firehosing and adrenalin. What […]

community year ’round For the past 15 summers, the sailboats of the Saginaw Bay Community Sailing Association (SBCSA) have been plying the Saginaw River in downtown Bay City, Michigan, just a few miles from Lake Huron.  During Bay City’s heyday as a lumbering and shipbuilding center on the Great Lakes, the river in Bay City […]