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Big Pimpin’

Vakaros recently partnered with top A-Cat sailor Bailey White to test their advanced Atlas racing instrument on his foiling Exploder. The A-Cat’s high speed and fast acceleration push the limits of an instrument’s accuracy and responsiveness, making it the perfect test for the state-of-the-art Vakaros Atlas. With 18 Hz GPS, inertial sensors and advanced data processing, the Atlas delivers real-time performance feedback unlike anything else on the water.

“The challenge historically has been low power draw and [having a] really vivid and clear display in sunlight. The Vakaros Atlas kills that. It’s just incredible in terms of the way the system looks…the numbers were going up and down in what felt like real-time.”

– Bailey White, US A-Class President

Vakaros is also proud to introduce their first distributor: Rod Favela of Vela Sailing Supply. Rod’s enthusiasm and willingness to share his experience make him a great ambassador for the sport and the Atlas. Pre-orders for the Atlas will continue to be available from the Vakaros website and will soon also be available through VelaSailingSupply.com.



July 10th, 2018