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We see the new Melges IC 37 is nearing completion, and while looking over the class rules, and while there is much to like, we were struck by this:

No crew may be directly or indirectly compensated or receive financial benefit for racing in an IC37 Class Sanctioned One-Design event.

Not only is it unrealistic as hell, do they really think that rule won’t be flouted, abused, lied about and violated in every way possible? The pool of owners who will pay and the sailors who will demand to be paid is infested with any number of unscrupulous motherfuckers. Watching some of them pretend they aren’t cheating will be good entertainment. The paid sailor influx has helped ruin this sport and it will indeed be fascinating to watch this class try to meaningfully implement this rule.

Rules for NYYC IC 37 Crew Weight and Composition
The IC37 is intended for competition between amateur owners, charterers and their crews.
No crew may be directly or indirectly compensated or receive financial benefit for racing in an IC37 Class
Sanctioned One-Design event.
Charterer/Owner Driver One-Design Class – charterer or owner must helm
Encourage charter partnerships and therefore multiple helmsman opportunities
Professional boat captain is permitted to sail but may not helm, trim sails or act as tactician
Group 3 professional competitor may only compete if 100% charterer and a NYYC member
Crew Weight and Crew Configuration
Maximum crew weight under all configuration is 660 kg
Crew size of 8 or more with two (2) females required
Crew size of 7 with one (1) female required
Crew weight enforcement will be on the “honor system”, but the OA reserves the right to weigh any team
after sailing.
One youth sailor less than 16 years old permitted on-board without counting towards maximum weight,
maximum crew number or required crew composition

Must be the money.



November 30th, 2017


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