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more of the same?


Reader Riff

So the America’s Cup is going mono-hulls again, but is it really? Foiling boats don’t use their hulls for displacement, but rather just for take-off and landing. Just like planes use their wheels, but we don’t call planes “cars”, so why care if it is a foiling mono-“hull” or foiling multi-“hull”… the hulls don’t count!

If the new rule states that they SHALL sail in displacement mode upwind and then MAY foil downwind, then we have a challenge that relates to the sailing community that the rest of us live in….

Or else they will be nothing more scaled up Moths, a technical feat easily solved with altitude control computers/hydraulics, but boats that will not trickle down to us, and yes, more of the same.

– Anarchist Roger



October 12th, 2017


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