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From our loyal advertisers, Front Street Shipyard. This cat looks pretty impressive!

We’re partnering with one of our favorite designers, McCollough Yachts, on a new performance catamaran concept. The Windfall 58 strives to work smarter not harder. Utilizing innovative features such as leeward lifting foils, end-plated sails, and a canting rig this 58 will sail right past 66′ and 68′ boats that are currently considered performance cruising catamarans.

Advanced foil design brings comfort as well as speed to the Windfall 58. Both the leeward lifting foils, and the T-rudders, decrease vertical accelerations and pitch amplitude. This means that passengers on board are more comfortable than displacement catamarans, and faster speeds can be carried into difficult sea states.

The combination of leeward lift foils and straight daggerboards protects upwind performance, particularly in light air.  The leeward lift foils can be fully retracted at low speed. This allows drag to be minimized, and places the Windfall 58 in the optimum configuration to build apparent wind speed. With sailing modes that can quickly be adjusted from exhilarating to peaceful, the Windfall 58 is a great fit for experienced owner-operators. Alternatively, with a professional crew the Windfall 58 can tear through an ambitious regatta schedule.


David McCollough from McCollough Yachts will be with us in our booth at the Newport International Boat Show this week, September 14-17. Please stop by and learn more about this new design. You can also see more renderings on our website.



September 13th, 2017


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