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and it won’t be the last

John-PodWe noticed our old ‘friend’ John Podmajersky III is back in the spotlight again; if the name is unfamiliar, we direct you to some fun facts about the man who famously sued the Chicago Yacht Club to get his name on a race trophy, and whose name became a noun describing any litigious asshole in the sport; for instance: “You remember that port-tacker who pulled a ‘Podmajersky’ on you after he t-boned you?  How’s that case going?”

Well, Pod’s been quietly building his real estate fortune and even more quietly sailing Etchells, but this week his name popped up again in court, and nothing seems to have changed in more than a decade.  Instead of suing a yacht club, Pod is now suing his younger sister in a bitter battle, accusing her of returning home to turn their parents against him so she could get a bigger inheritance. He says Lisa even barred him from their mother’s memorial service last fall and refuses to tell him where her remains are kept, and Pod’s pleading says Lisa was behind their parents removing him as manager of the family real estate business.

It’s sordid stuff that could only ever be an issue for you if you get in a collision with him.  Or he wins a trophy. Or he enters your regatta.  Or…


June 17th, 2014

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