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a little late to the party

Well look who woke up. A washed up has-been finally opens her mouth, but it’s only about a decade or so too late. Dawn Riley, who desperately attempts to somehow remain relevant in this sport, tries to rally the troops. Laughable.

As far as we’re concerned, this is the most interesting thing, ever, about her, and of course, our reporting the story back then is the reason she and Butterball hate us to this very day. Here’s what Dawn the Late said at some sailing conference that no one gives a fuck about: 

Dawn Riley, renowned competitive sailor and executive director of Oakcliff Sailing, challenged participants at the Sail America Industry Conference (SAIC) to change the face of sailing during her keynote presentation “Be the Force of Change-Every Day and in Every Way” this morning. The conference continues through tomorrow, June 11, at the Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina in Charleston, SC.

“We can no longer wring our hands, reminisce about the good old days, lament today’s youth’s lacking attention span, or complain about unbeatable competition for people’s time,” Riley said in her speech. “Let’s blow open the norms, take control, and change the face of our sport.”

Um, pretty sure that’s what we have said from the jump, something like 15 years ago. Where were your big ideas then? . Viva la revolucion, Yawn.


June 10th, 2014


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