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he’s got your polars right here

GP 26 Hull 3 @ Annapolis ShowSo we have some pretty interesting news very soon about the Jim Donovan designed GP 26, but in the meantime we thought y’all would get a kick out of this from the GP 26 thread.

Clearly this could apply to any boat! Props to Heriberto…

Highly scientific GP26 polars for people who can’t really be bothered to read through threads. Print and tape these in the boat:

5-8/powered up
10-12/hullspeed depowering
12-14/hike bitches!
16-18/really wet
18-22/try not to get knocked down
22+/switch to bigger boat

0-2/Keep boat moving
2-4/reduce wetted surface
4-6/hot angles
6-8/this is more like it
8-10/I love this boat
10-12/glad I have a string on my hat
14-16/Oh shit, we have to gybe already!
16-20/Wish I wore a drysuit
20+/Lana? Danger zone.


June 7th, 2014

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