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App of the Week

screen568x568If you buy one iPhone/iPad this year, this is the one.  For just $2.99, Starmap 3D+ provides you with an absolutely foolproof way to find every star, planet, comet, satellite, and constellation you could ever want to see.  Using your iDevices’s compass and accelerometer, the app lets you point your phone at the sky and labels everything in your view.  Punch in a star if you want to find it, and you’ll get arrows taking you to exactly the right spot.  Fire up your telescope with the kids and use Starmap to make you seem way smarter than you are.  Glance at it on a first date and let her think you are a master navigator rather than just a masturbator.  And of course use it for your celestial navigation if you are one of the nineteen people left on Earth who knows what that means.

We spent about 2 hours outside last night with a pile of 3-4 year olds just exploring the sky with this thing, and we’re excited to do a lot more of it soon.  The first paid app we’ve bought in six months is worth every penny.  Video explanation here, and find it in iTunes here.

Title shout to NIN, of course.


April 21st, 2014

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