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One of those quietly fascinating threads that could only happen in the Sailing Anarchy forums has been gathering steam since the end of 2013, and at over 20,000 views and nearly 1200 posts, it’s become Gear Anarchy’s most viewed thread, because it is a comprehensive resource for cordage testing information that’s uncluttered by manufacturer puffery and glossy brochures.  We’re not saying that the ‘official’ numbers are wrong – we’re just glad that Evans Starzinger, Brian Toss, and a pile of other smart guys are making and breaking hundreds of knots and splices in dozens of materials entirely because they want to improve the information available to the public.

The thread starts here, and we humbly suggest you pack a lunch.  And be sure to check out Evans’ website to see where he’s coming from, and Toss’s because, well, he’s awesome.



March 31st, 2014

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Gunboat 60 sailing in Annapolis, MD.

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