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no to dago

We read that the the Port of San Diego Board of Commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to support local bids to host the America’s Cup in 2017 (and the Summer Olympics in 2024). We can only hold our heads and scream No!

Oh sure, “Amerika’s Finest City” is a fairly pretty place, but is also a pretty fairly awful place to sail. And sailing is what really matters, right?

It is great if you like light air, kelp, ocean bump and little else. There is only one place to race these things in Dago – sorry, the bay is too small – and that is in the ocean, but almost no matter where in the ocean you choose, problems are encountered: Drag the course south and Mexico becomes an issue. Drag the course West and you have to go so far out that you are no longer really close to SD, and drag the course north and you might as well be in Mission Bay. Hobie Cats, anyone?

And how the hell are you going to foil in 7 knots of wind with a clump of kelp of your t-foil? San Diego is a terrible idea, even for rocket-fast multihulls. Frisco, Hawaii, sure. Dago, no.


February 12th, 2014

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Gunboat 60 sailing in Annapolis, MD.


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