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gallows humor

Question of the Week

I have metastisized kidney cancer, recently found, and am in my first round of “targeted therapy”.  As much as this sucks, I’m determined to keep my sailing projects going.  What I’m looking for is Anarchists who may be in similar straits, and your methods of coping.  What are your sailing “bucket lists” and are you getting them done before you’re done?

Since I’m posting this in SA, and have kind of a twisted sense of humor, any gallows humors is welcome.  I’m not interested in goopy sympathy, or how (insert religion or belief here) can help me.  I am interested in remission, but since the physical form of that isn’t guaranteed, am in the process of “remissioning” my life, and sailing will be a large part of that.

Thanks in advance.

Don’t plan, do.


January 21st, 2014


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