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Big Pimpin’

captain big pimpDevelop your sailing instructor skills – teach your friends how to sail and refresh your knowledge! Most of the upcoming sailors learn their beginner skills form their friends in first place, and only afterwards attends sailing school! We often face the situations when somebody asks you to teach sailing! Sailors form nauticalive.com has created a product that facilitates the job. Full HD sailing lectures includes key topics and are available as a iPhone/iPad and Android app. YouTube channel, facebook and webpage. All for your convenience.

However by purchasing a phone app, you will also get a chance to use interactive tests and opportunity to use app offline- for example while you are away from the shore. Enjoy the app yourself or make it as a Christmas gift for your friends. We are trusted by over a 40000 users. Join us – together we are the perfection – visit www.nauticalive.com and press like in our facebook page.


December 19th, 2013


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