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bumped up

We have sent out about 500 stickers to y’all in our need a bump? contest and it is cool responses like this that make it rock.

I read sailing anarchy every morning before I start my ‘daily grind’! Here are some pictures of the GP 14 racing dinghy my dad and I have spent a yer restoring…. She is a 1955 boat, no 1274 built by Bell woodworking co and she was found abandoned in a factory unit for 30 years In Worcestershire England. She was rock solid apart from the two holes in the bottom where someone tried to lift her up with a fork lift!

So …a couple of patches later 2 coats of epoxy on the bottom (and 9 coats of paint …subtle ‘Rescue Orange’) Along with diagonally laid stripy sapele Deck fitted onto an oak and tulip wood king plank and…

We have re-born ….THE GENERAL LEE!! Sad I know but with some sexy graphics on the side at least we may raise a smile from all the losers spinning ‘round the cans’ in their plastic fantastic bathtubs….

Anarchist Ralph
Ps don’t forget ma’ sticker!!!


November 10th, 2013

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