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can you imagine?

That SA has forever changed the way this sport is covered is beyond question. Prior to us, it was all lollipops and sunshine. Now seemingly every a-hole has an opinion, although they are mostly as retarded as you would think, coming from the dopes who spout them.

But how about if sailing was like golf (the lamest sport on the planet), where nary a negative word is ever heard, and if it is, the utterer of such a word pays dearly for such betrayal. Thanks to Sports Illustrated, take a look at what happened to such a poor fellow. What a pathetic commentary on Golf, power and free speech. Don’t think there aren’t plenty of weenies in our sport who pine for the day that sailing is just like this….

If you want to do something ridiculously unpopular, take on Tiger Woods. You’ll be called a racist, a moron and, worst of all, a hack. Brandel Chamblee, who won one PGA Tour event in a 15-year playing career, learned that lesson the hard way.

Chamblee is an insightful, articulate, stat-wielding analyst for Golf Channel who for a decade now has been both lavish in his praise of Woods’ golfing accomplishments and (at times) almost comically critical of his ever-evolving swing. This year Woods has given him a bunch of fresh material. Read on.


November 9th, 2013

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