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weed kills

Big Pimpin’

You know it does, and it ought to be outlawed. But thanks to our liberal environment, where the evil weed is allowed to multiply, it affects our lives, often with disastrous effects.

Oh sure, some places don’t have much of a weed problem, but have you ever been to San Diego, for example? Weed is everywhere! You can hardly find a boat that doesn’t have some weed on it. Usually on the rudder. Sometimes the keel. And when we say weed, we mean kelp, eel grass, plastic, even lobster pots.

And whatever can catch on your rudder usually will.¬†You have to get it off (now!), and the boat hook just ain’t gonna do it. Enter our friends at Camet International, who have developed this bitchin’ 46″ carbon kelp stick, especially for the smaller boats like J/70, Melges 24 etc. Got one for the Shaw 650 and it clears kelp off the rudder in an instant, and has this handy tether to keep you (me) from dropping it overboard.

Gotta a J/70 going to Key West? Buy two, get 10% off!


October 9th, 2013

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