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this is not happening

And if we had told you 7 races ago that ETNZ, once up 8-1 over Oracle, would now today find themselves tied 8-8 and on the brink of maybe the biggest collapse in all of sports, you would not believe it either.

What won’t go away is the unbelievable speed advantage that Oracle has in around 18-22 knots. We aren’t sure we’ve ever seen a boat turn on the jets like Oracle did in race #2 today. A lot of people are saying the ETNZ blew it by trying to lee bow Oracle going upwind, but it didn’t matter what they did or where they tacked. There was simply no way to hold off a boat that had as much as a 4 knot edge in upwind speed at times!

If it blows like this tomorrow, this series is over. However, if it is lighter, the boats appear to be much closer in speed and it would be a much closer match. But, since we don’t know, that’s why we watch!

Thanks to Anarchist Thaddeus for the shot of Dean Barker wishing it would all go away.


September 24th, 2013

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Gunboat 60 sailing in Annapolis, MD.

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