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one and done

Jesus, is it Groundhog Day? We’re sure we’ve seen this movie before…ETNZ wins the start, sails away, controls the entire race, wins. As an added twist, instead of someone breaking, the wind then gets over 20 and everyone goes home, wondering just what exactly has become of this entire show. If you had been told a couple years ago that this would be the result of all the promise, hype and bluster, you would not have believed it.

Now we aren’t saying that the actual Cup isn’t going to be awesome, because it very well may be. But shouldn’t the “playoffs” make you psyched about the title game? This is the exact opposite, trying to gin up enthusiasm for embarrassingly lopsided thrashing taking place between ETNZ and Prada. Won’t it be great if it blows “too hard” for like the next 10 days in a row, snuffing out whatever flicker of enthusiasm remains? It would somehow seem fitting.

And seriously, to all you “experts” who are bitching about our editorial commentary, shouldn’t you really be looking in the mirror in order to find the real culprits of this fiasco?


August 24th, 2013

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Gunboat 60 sailing in Annapolis, MD.

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