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how it’s done

We always love hearing these stories, but they seem quite rare, especially when it comes to pros. 

  • Saturday was about 8 to start, pretty shifty as it always is much before noon.
  • He wins the first race by a couple of hundred yards.
  • Second race – nowhere to be found. He finished 21st. Turns out he broke his headstay a minute before the start, started 4 minutes late.
  • Wins the next race.
  • 4th in the 4th race.
  • Wins the fifth – leading at the end of the day with a drop.
  • Very light on Sunday. Marginal as to whether or not they should have sailed.
  • He got tangled up with a hacker, fouled him, bad start as a result. Finished 12th, third for the regatta.
  • So I figured he was going to be a bit bummed, and I’m sure he was for a while. I didn’t go over to the boat while he was putting it away…figured I’d let them put their boat away.
  • And here’s the point – he goes to the trophies, and was the first guy to clap for the winner, and the loudest.

Class act. Who is it? And where?


August 16th, 2013

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