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 Anchoring is easy.  95% of the time, all you need to do is drop the pick, let go a pile of line, and back down.  But what about the other 5%?  Unknown holding ground, a crowded anchorage, tidal swings, williwaws, a storm; any one of these issues can turn your boat into a pile of matchsticks.

Longtime Anarchist and longer-time world cruiser Evans Starzinger shared a Powerpoint presentation with the Cruising Anarchy forum that addresses all these problems; whether you’re a racer thinking about cruising, a racer thinking about anchoring, or a cruiser looking for knowledge from one of the foremost cruisers in the world, we encourage you to first read the thread,  download the document, and then get back in the thread to ask Evans for details.  Another great resource from the kinder, gentler Cruising Anarchy forum, brought to you by BoatSmith.


August 14th, 2013



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