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the walking dead

A total beat-down today by Luna Rossa leaves the obviously clunky and well off-the-pace Artemis one defeat away from going home for good in this hopefully never-to-be-seen again version of the America’s Cup.  And where’s Pope Paul? Down 0-3 and nary a word, encouraging or otherwise. Isn’t the “leader” supposed to lead? Not when you are essentially hiding from the mess you have created, we guess. How much is he getting paid, again?

We tried to watch it on You Tube, got the nice little message above instead, and then watched it on TV. A shame the racing isn’t any good, because the visuals, the arena and the boats all make for good viewing. Ken Read is doing all he can to salvage the announcing, but saddled with an over-excited know-nothing “broadcaster” in Todd Harris (“They lost four seconds on that upward run”), and a banished-to-the-water Gary Jobson (who sounds like he is gasping his last breaths – wtf?), Kenny is the lone voice of knowledge and articulation.

Oh and thank god Oracle bought a bunch of advertising or the broadcast would have nothing but incontinence and bankruptcy relief commercials…


August 9th, 2013

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Gunboat 60 sailing in Annapolis, MD.

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