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creep of the week

We find it both amusing and pathetic when some people hate us so much that they write to our advertisers, bitching about us and essentially telling the advertiser not to advertise with us. We never quite understand the mentality to run and tell mommy to make the bad man go away Just like a TV show that you don’t like, or a song that you can’t stand, you simply turn it off. If you don’t like us, don’t read us. Yet these same whiners continue to read every word we publish, and some actually attempt to take food off our table. What is the goal, to force us out of business? This particular creep, who goes by at least two names, one of which is Tom Baffico, and can be reached at 650 836-9508, sent out the retarded (and unedited) ┬árant below. Hey good times, right Tom?

Do you believe it is appropriate to be associated with Sailing Anarchy? Recently they described the death of a fellow sailor as being \”washed up\” when he was found on a beach after drowning. Today they describe the death and injury of passengers the Asiana flight as \”crash and burn\” and insinuate this is another reason not to attend the America\’s Cup in SF. Have they no respect for the families of those were hurt of killed in this plane crash?

These people do not support sailing (last week they ridiculed the Fresno YC for one of the finest regattas in the state because the editor was denied entry), their are juvenile in the approach to reporting and I do not understand why any business would advertise with them. I expect more out of the yourselves. Tom Baffico.


July 17th, 2013

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Gunboat 60 sailing in Annapolis, MD.

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