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Multihulls still haven’t figured out how to fly upwind, and that means the optimal foil shape for upwind floating is completely different from the horizontal surfaces required for downwind aerial stunts.  That’s led to complicated S-shapes, C-shapes, L-foils, and all sorts of hybrids like the Swiss Hydros foiling C, but leave it to two-time Little America’s Cup champs Fred Eaton and Magnus Clarke (along with ETNZ designer Steve Killing) to take a step back and do it the right way; with double boards per side.  This lets the C-boats keep their traditional close-windedness and uphill efficiency (Jenny Provan shows how it’s done above) while going full flight & fury downwind.

Keep an eye on the already stellar 2013 Little AC thread; every few years, it’s the most interesting discussion in sailing – at least for the techno-obsesssed, like us.

July 6th, 2013

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