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If for no other reason, anti-tobacco advertising rules suck because they took away the most perfect title sponsor ever; the early days of what’s now the Stena Match Cup was sponsored by snuff (‘snus’, locally or ‘dip’ here in the states) tobacco maker Swedish Match, and logically called the Swedish Match Cup.  Most USAnians are revolted by the stuff, but that feeling only lasts until you see the perfect ’10′ Swedish girls tucking a pouch between their cheek and gums.

History lesson aside, the Marstrand stage of the WMRT is the baddest of them all.   A course strewn with hazardous rocks and watched by tens of thousands of sailing enthusiasts in a nature-made stadium is just about the perfect spot for some match racing.

Follow along from your desk; We’ll have the live stream for you right here throughout the week.  Title comes from a very American song about snus.

July 3rd, 2013

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