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A female-owned super-multihull program is bound to have different priorities than the usual sausage-dominated affair, but we salute Dona Bertarelli’s spending her time and money on anything she likes — so long as she continues to keep awesome racing boats in action.  Here’s the new word on the new colors for the new Spindrift II maxi – otherwise known as the world-record-obliterating Banque Populaire V. First race: August’s Fastnet.

The design was Bertarelli’s domain and she took special care to design Spindrift 2, as she had done previously for Ladycat and Spindrift. “This was the work of the team with conversations between Yann, Christophe Schmid, our graphic artist and Jean-Baptiste Epron. The implementation of the design was carried out largely by Léo Lucet, Antoine Carraz and our technical team, who have been actively involved so the result met with my expectations. It was about finding a harmony between three boats in the team, so that at first glance one can recognise their stable. I also wanted a clean design, that was both elegant and unconventional for such a huge boat. The colours black, white and gold were already decided. These colours define us well ; black: competitiveness, determination, commitment, strength, surpassing yourself; white: purity, wisdom, discipline, team spirit, sharing ; and gold: the elegance, femininity, passion, the exceptional, originality, great feats, the colour of victory…”

July 2nd, 2013

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Gunboat 60 sailing in Annapolis, MD.