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tactical sailing

what does sailing anarchy mean to you?

With thanks to the Minister of Multihull Propoganda, add your own thoughts in the thread.  

As much as Scoot and Clean can be complete fucking idiots, the community here has been amazing through the years. Here’s what it means to me.

Waaaay back, in the original forum, Solo emailed me a link to it. I don’t think I actually physically met him at that point, but our friendship took off from there. That was what 12 years ago, I reckon? I’m spending this weekend with him and his family as part of my family’s vacation.

At that time a lot of industry big players were openly posting. I remember friending one (who I won’t name) who was going threw a nasty divorce and talking him off the cliff and simply providing a fresh prospective to what he shared as his view of life at the time. I remember it because I could feel his frustration and pain and I think I may have relieved it a bit.

A while later, I became friends with a local to me. My wife spent last weekend with his wife for a girl’s weekend. He and his wife are my son’s god parents. He is one of my best friends today. He lives 1 mile away from me. Hadn’t met him before SA.

Yachtwoman. The old school will remember her, is still a close friend of mine, although we’ve met once and she’s lived on 2 different continents since we met. We’re still solid.

I was lucky enough to be in the right business at the right time to help the Ocean Planet 2002-2003 campaign which brought me to England to work as a team member of Bruce’s shore team. Met lots of Anarchists on that trip! I still go back and forth with to this day. Sorry I missed you Ash last week….

When I was between jobs, I found my tiller torn off my boat. Money was really tight. Ned in Hawaii told me to mail it to him, he took my broken wooden laminate tiller and sent me back a carbon beauty!

I’ve had people over the years join me on Wednesday night series, cause they posted an interest while they were visiting Boston.

During a business trip to San Diego, I met up with Scooter at SDYC. He hosted me and we had a blast! He had just picked up his FT, along with a vicious bar tab I left him with….. (You’re still a douche for not giving me a lift back to my hotel, you douche!)

SA hooked me up when the Extreme Sailing Series was in Boston a couple of years back. I got a ride sailing with a bunch of Brits in the final race on Boston Harbor on the 4th of July! That felt weird…… We/they won! Main sheet Girl would have been a great wing man, if I were single! (She would be laughing at this)!

So, yea, it’s easy to shit on the gate keepers here for their antics. Where’s the value of this site to you?

If you don’t know, we are under legal attack from one Dan Meyers who lives a very different life than the rest of us. We can’t compete with that kind of money in any circumstances, but with the support of the community, we can at least defend ourselves in a court of law. Do what you can to help. – ed.


June 30th, 2013

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Gunboat 60 sailing in Annapolis, MD.

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