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video sunday

It’s been a while since we did one of these; today’s is a lot of fun though.  A taste of France, a taste of Wisconsin, a taste of Germany, a taste of Red Bull, and tilting at windmills.


The New Warren Miller

Sam Greenfield’s got it: The tone, the creativity, the fresh look, and the passion for the sport.  Fortunately for all of us, he’s in France covering the Tour de France a la Voile, and here’s Episode 1.  We’re calling it “Je Suis Sam” (Sam, I am).


the other lake geneva

Sorry Star Class; while we dig ya, the A-Scow takes the cake as America’s coolest 100-year old design.  With spinnakers the size of a Melges 32 and a boat 1/3 the weight, nothing flies quite like the biggest surfboard in the sport.  And no one captures them like Petey Crawford.


at a medium pace

Drones in the air, high-tech tracking in the ether, multiple cams on the water, and Andy Rice on the mic…it should be fabulous but somehow, the folks producing Kiel Week’s videos can only get to mediocre, and we don’t quite understand why.  Still, 5O5s hauling ass around a steel grey german background is pretty classic stuff.


bullish market

Ellison’s Grand Cup Experiment might be wiping out into the seawall, but media windfalls like Top Gear and Red Bull might just save it.  Here’s RB’s first foray into the AC video world, and it’s good – good enough to get 3 times the usual views for an AC Uncovered episode in just a few days.  Nice work for the mainstream fan.


lean on me

ETNZ sponsor Toyota wants to get sailors into their team; will their “Lean With Us” promo work?  Not sure, but it’s clever – that’s enough for us.


June 30th, 2013

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