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With the recent tragic losses of two great Corinthian sailors as well as those who been lost this year where the news was reported here, I felt compelled to respond as one the original’s here. The bashing from the FP , is not entirely new here, and clearly our site would not have existed or continued to grow exponentially over the years if not for interest and considerable $$$ income potential from the leaders in the sailing industry , pros , and most of all the Weekend Warriors who are passionate of our way of life!

The shit fights in the forums over the years are celebrated and epic among those of us who joined in 2000 and the members joining this very day! It is SAILING ANARCHY, what better way to be remembered! We go to sea and it is our way of life, my friends who don’t respect it , others think it is crazy risk. What is significant though is, that SA is responsible for regenerating the passion for the great love sailing at all levels over the recent years.

I spent most of my life in uniform , defending our great country on the high seas. Today, I sail weekends with an awesome group of friends, very generous owners, and get to take occasionally with me my kids and introduce to them the passion of our sport. When we lose a fellow sailor it is reported here more widely and timely than any other site, it hurts. Once more I am truly amazed at how far our crazy little site has come in thirteen years, to where now my kids are checking in! Great job, Ed. don’t change a thing, looking forward to my kid’s posts in the forums!

Peace out,
SR. Chief, member #8.


June 24th, 2013

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Gunboat 60 sailing in Annapolis, MD.

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