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the worst yacht club in the world

“Fuck You, Ed!”

This week’s, and perhaps all-time worst yacht club is Fresno Yacht Club. Pulling an inexplicably chicken shit move, they booted the Ed and his brand new Shaw 650 from their (are you fucking) High Sierra Regatta a month before it has even started. The reason? Who knows? The  unnamed “officials” from  the hell hole known as Fresno have not bothered to provide Ed a reason or reasons for not only cancelling the Shaw entry and refunding the entry fee, but also failing to respond to e-mail queries from the Ed asking for clarity and a possible solution to whatever mysterious and unexplained issues that have been created. High, indeed.

It is such incredibly shoddy treatment for a competitor who simply wants to sail in a regatta, enters in good faith, and only asks to be treated fairly and without prejudice.

Whichever clowns from the “yacht club” located in the Most Toxic City in the Country who not only rejected an entry without explanation, feel no need to either discuss the issue before hand or after the fact, refuse to have a dialog, and think that they will not receive criticism, at the very least, are in for a surprise.

But really, what would one expect from a “yacht club” that calls home the The City Addicted to Crystal Meth?

Props to Keith Olbermann for the title inspiration.


June 15th, 2013

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